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Cheli On Friday, December 30, 2005

Sorry I never got around to posting yesterday :) I was tired and then we went to see some of Doug's old friends and ended up staying there for 3 hours :) Here's the update

Had the 3 hour today.. guess they will call me with the results.. my arm looks wonderful LOL I bruise so easy :)
Finished with the test early so wandered over to the U/s section of the hospital and they took me back early. River is wonderful :) His fluid levels are good. W got a couple pictures of his face and as soon as we can make it to Wal-Mart to get them scanned I'll post them :) River isn't as big as we were afraid (which is good) they estimated his weight at 5 lbs 4 oz.
Then I got home and checked mail and I had gotten some of the diapers that I ordered :) OMG these are SO cute. YAY!!!
And I got a confirmation call today from the Childbirth Educator confirming me for the class on Jan 3rd (happy Birthday to me :)) I can't wait
Cheli On Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Well this appt was much more informative :) First the good stuff. ...My BP is 111/63. I've gained the 1 lb I was told yesterday. I'm measuring 35 weeks not 36. River's HB was 136. They gave me an Rx for a glucometer which we got filled (but now have to go back to Wal-mart because they didn't give me the lancets as well). I met with a dietitian briefly. And they want me to come back for a 3 hour just be certain tomorrow morning. I have to be there at 8:30... it's 45 minutes away with out rush hour traffic.. should be fun ;) But I also have an ultrasound tomorrow too WOO HOOO. I have to start NSTs next Thursday because of Ciena's birth.. and then after the 3 hour I'll be doing it twice a week plus my weekly appointment.
Now the not so good news... they did a pap on me the last time I was there and it came back abnormal. She explained what the pap is done for and how there are 200 different types of viruses that the pap screens for.. from basically low risk to high risk.. I tested for one of the high risk. So they want to schedule a (I can't even remember what she called it) but basically it's a biopsy to see if that's truly what it is.. if that comes back positive then I'll be diagnosed with cervical cancer. Oh the fun..
I will update tomorrow after my ultrasound and 3 hour. Do they give results immediately from the 3 hour or are those sent off as well?
Cheli On Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey All,

Well I THOUGHT we were almost ready diaper wise for River.. now I'm not so sure.. I mean we have a good start but we need almost double of what we have... We have 16 fitteds (which are basically the inside of the diaper) everyone says that a newborn goes through about 10 of them a day.. which mean I'd have to do laundry every day.. I'm going for every other day so they don't wear out as fast.. which means if I have 2 days of dirty I need to have at least half a day of clean.. so I need to have about 25 fitteds.. 9 to go...

Then it says we need to have 2-3 covers for every 6 fitteds.. so 8 to 12 covers.. we have 9. So a few more covers and we should be good.

We got a couple of AIO's which are All In Ones.. basically just like disposables only you don't throw them away when they are dirty.. these are supposed to be really good at night.. if they are really good we'll buy more of these..

Everything I've bought is supposed to go up to 15 lbs.. everyon says that even if says 15 lbs it usually fits to almost 20. That would be good....

In other news.. we are switching doctors.. again. There is a doctor that is closer then where I'm going now and he specializes in high risk/ gestational diabetic pregnancies and he is willing to take me this far in pregnancy. I have an appointment with him next Tuesday. It means I wont' be delivering at the hospital I thought I was but I don't think the hospital I am going to be delivering at is a bad one..

I'm 33 weeks.. 7 weeks go or less.. YAY!!!!!!! Come on little man bake faster!!!!!!

Cheli On Tuesday, December 20, 2005

OK So I had to post some pictures of what is supposed to be coming our way... I will take another pic when they all get here :)

Cheli On Monday, December 19, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Doug has an interview tomorrow afternoon with Comcast.. we are really hoping he gets it. It's good pay, good perks... hell it's pay. I know he really wants AOL but I am beginning to wonder if they are ever going to call back. We went up there last week to find out why they never called him or anything and they said that they had requested his file from the home office and that the wrong file had been sent so they are waiting on his file to be sent and then someone will contact him. He is stressing about not working.. and I'm stressing a little bit too but I don't blame him for anything going on. He and I are both doing everything we can at this point (unfortunately there isn't much I can do). So if everyone could keep fingers crossed for him tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.

The pregnancy is going well.. as far as I know. I'll be 33 weeks Tuesday/Wednesday (depends on which due date you go by). I got a call from the doctor on Friday.. they got my second glucose one hour screen back and surprise surprise it came back that i have gestational diabetes *rolls eyes* My level was 153 which is ALOT better than the 208 I got in TN but still not great.. especially considering that River continues to grow every day. They are going to start monitoring me weekly but not until after the holiday. I have my next appointment on the 28th at 11am to talk about the diabetes and how we're going to manage it and how this going to effect the birth plans and the such like and then I have an ultrasound on the 29th at 12:30 to measure the baby's size and weight and the fluid around him. I'll be 34 weeks then.. the doctor already said she wants me to make it to at least 37 weeks but hopefully 38. Somewhere around then they are thinking about inducing. That is 5 weeks away... OMG

As for the cloth diapers.. so we decided not to do the prefolds and covers thing.. we decided to go with fitteds and covers.. much much easier. I think I just about have everything we need on the way here.. which works. I mean we need more but we have a good start with what's coming. I know we are really prepared as far as what we need for him overall but I still have this feeling that we're just not ready.. that we've forgotten something.

I spoke to my mom a few days ago. She finally caved in and asked me the sex of the baby. And then I got cussed at when I told her it was a boy. She wanted a boy and got two girls. ROFL. She ranted for a few minutes about how it was yet another thing that my father couldn't do right. I have a feeling that she'll be a little more involved now that she knows she's gonna have a grandson. i think she was full out expecting a little girl. *grin*

Spoke to my grandmother and got lectured.. *rolls eyes again* She asked if I was going to be lighting candles for Hanukkah.. I said that I didn't have a menorah and she acted like I had commited the worst criminal act known to man. She said she was going to keep my Jewish heritage in me and keep me Jewish even if no one else would. I didn't have the heart or the energy to tell her (again) that I'm Pagan. I just said yes Grandma and then she went on to a different topic. I love her but sometimes the woman drives me nuts. So I've been talking with a friend of mine who still practices Judism and she started talking about having bagel, cream cheese, lox, and onions.. so now I want them.. and I'm not allowed

I didnt' crave much the entire pregnancy up until now.. yesterday I craved Chinese food, french fries, and ice cream. LOL not together but basically I wanted them all. Doug indulged me.. I love him. Today i wanted pasta and chocolate.. we don't have either. oh well.

Anyway.. enough rambling. Good night all...


Cheli On Friday, December 16, 2005

Hey Everyone!

What have I gotten myself into???

So we were gone all day and when we got home tonight I got distracted with checking my 200 pieces of mail. Well when I finished I remembered that the prefolds we ordered were supposed to be here today so I pull up the tracking on UPS and sure enough they were delivered today.. which set Doug and I off on a package hunt of the house. After checking just about everywhere else.. we spot it.. NEXT TO OUR BEDROOM DOOR ROFL.. so we bring it in the bedroom and open it. Now I'm lost. The idea of prefolds look SO simple.. actually folding them.. yeah that's a different story.. we're practicing on bears. We are trying the newspaper fold. I think I've got it right. I think.. I have NO idea. Now I understand why people use just fitteds. LOL We are ordering fitteds too. I am trying really hard not to chicken out of the prefolds but dang it it seems like alot of work and I don't know if I'm doing it right. I wish I knew someone in the area that used CDs so I could have them show me. I wish I knew if I was doing it right. They seem so tiny! And these are supposed to be the infant size. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Cheli On

32 weeks pregnant.. Don't I look thrilled LOL

Cheli On Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hey all,

I took the NET exam yesterday.. according to the admissions rep I blew it out of the water. I got a 73 on one section and a 90 on the second section.. you needed 45 to make the list. I have a financial aid appointment on Wednesday to try and figure out how to pay for the class. If we can figure it out, I have a really really good chance of getting in this semester :)

I have a doctors appointment this morning at 9:45... finally. I hope that I get some direction as to what is going to happen with the baby (ie are they going to induce me early, c-section scheduled, or let me go to term) because of the gestational diabetes. I am also hoping that they will tell me I don't need medication and that I am doing okay enough on the reduced diet but I don't know. Hmmm wonder if I'll get to see munchkin man.. I wonder how big he is now? 32 weeks tomorrow.. Have I mentioned that I'm scared? I feel like I have to be all strong and brave for Doug because I KNOW he's nervous/scared about it.. but OMG.. I barely sleep at night thinking about everything (well that and it's just damn uncomfortable to sleep anymore).

Ughhh wonderful 4 hours of sleep I managed to get last night too... finally fell asleep around 2am and woke up about 6 because of the strangest dream... I went into labor (don't know how far along I was) and gave birth.. but I didn't remember any of it in my dream and afterward when I "woke up" Doug had a video of the birth to show me.. and that's when I found out.. River was A GIRL! NO idea where that dream came from.. so then they bring her in and she is just beautiful.. it's really weird.. she looked SO Much like Ciena but not.. she was beautiful.. and healthy.. and a GIRL. Isn't it a little late for gender dreams? especially the wrong gender?
OK off to go shower and such.. will update when we get back
Cheli On Sunday, December 11, 2005

I am nervous.. I have the NET exam tomorrow afternoon.. if I pass it with a really good score it is quite possible that the end of March I will be starting nursing school. I want this so bad. For me, for Doug, for River. It would be so good for us. And Doug will be starting a computer technician program in the fall that takes 8 months so we will finish about the same time. We will both be able to get good paying jobs. We will both be able to support us. We will make a good life for us and our son. I can't wait. I hope this works out. *crosses fingers* Even if I test well tomorrow I still ahve to wait until February to find out if I made it in. I HATE waiting for important things like that. Grrrrrrrr

I will be 32 weeks pregnant on Wednesday. OMG.. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday (finally). I am guessing we will have more of an idea of when I'm actually going to have River by then. He is a big boy.. I am hoping he doesn't get TOO big. I am scared to death of what's coming but SO excited too. I can't wait for him to be here (and to be done being pregnant). We picked out his coming home outfits (we picked 2 because we don't know what the weather is going to be like come the big day). I have started packing the hospital bag. Everything is coming together.. I am scared to death.

Ok we have running around to do.. will talk later.

Cheli On Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Hey Everyone,

It's 4am and I still haven't slept.. The alarm is going to go off in about 4 hours so I probably won't sleep. Oh well. I have officially reached the point in pregnancy where I am uncomfortable no matter what I do.. but I am almost there!

For those who don't know.. Doug and I moved to Florida last week. Doug lost his job back in October and I quit about 2 weeks before then.. We had paid ahead in our bills to the end of the lease so we were able to stay there for a while in hopes of finding a job but apparently no one in Knoxville was hiring right now that would pay anything that we would be able to survive on. So we talked about it and tried to figure out some way to do it but we just couldn't come up with one that sounded even remotely like it would be a good idea. So Doug called his mother and asked if we could come stay here for a little while to get everything situated. We were going to stay to finish out the semester but after talking with our professors and what not we discovered we really didn't need to for various reasons and the extra time would give us time to try and get things straight here.. and being as far as I am in the pregnancy.. extra time is a good thing.

So we packed up the apartment and drove down here last Monday. It took us forever because we had to stop twice so I could sleep.. but we made it safe.

Since we've been here we've been running all over the place trying to get things done. I am trying to get seen by a doctor but most won't take me because I am high risk. We founda a clinic that is attached to a major hospital here that has a wonderful high risk staff and a Level 3 NICU incase something goes wrong and I will hopefully be seeing someone there really soon. We had to go to the ER today because I was in pain and had alot of pressure. They hooked me up the machines, tested my blood, and did an ultrasound. My blood work came back good, sugar was really good... 89.. the doctor was not happy when I told her the midwife didn't do a 3 hour on me but she said that she does think I have GD so she's treating me as such. She said that the monitors picked up 4 or 5 contractions in the hour she was monitoring me but that they were mild.. she checked my cervix and it's still closed and thick which is good. The ultrasound went great.. River is BIG. She measured his head, abdomen, and femur and he is measuring about 32.4 weeks and he weighs 1962 grams or 4.3 lbs (the average size of a 33 week baby).. I will be 31 weeks on Wednesday.

I have an interview this afternoon with a director of a nursing program at the university.. if it goes well I might be able to start the program in March and have my LPN license by June 07. We looked into getting Doug into this 8 month Computer Systems Technician program but it's 11,000 dollars.. and even with all the finiancial aid we can get it still leaves us with almost 3000 dollars out of pocket. I really want him in that program. It looks like he'll have to take a few classes at the community college this semester and then the program in the fall when the Pell Grant gets reissued.

4:40am and I can't sleep.. still have contractions and pressure.. And am having nightmares anyway.. this sucks

Cheli On Thursday, November 17, 2005
ppointment went well. I gained 2 lbs this month and have gained a total of 13 lbs :) I am measuring 27 weeks which is fine. River is doing beautifully, his heart rate was 140 :) The glucose tasted horrible but I didn't throw it up so that was good.. will find out tomorrow about the results. My next appointment is in 2 weeks.. December 1st.. WOOO HOOO.. I getting closer...
Cheli On Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WOOOOO HOOOOOO I am officially in my 3rd trimester as of today :) 28 weeks!!

I have my midwife appointment tomorrow at 8am *Ughhhh* and I have to get up an hour before that to drink the stupid glucose crap for the test. I don't wanna *shudders* but other than that I am looking forward to the appointment.

Will update tomorrow when I get home.

Cheli On Sunday, November 13, 2005

OK so I decided to take more belly shots yesterday since it's been 4 weeks since the last ones.. most of you have seen me at Temple recently so it's nothing new but for those who haven't...... this is me at 27 weeks 4 days

Cheli On Friday, November 11, 2005

Hi Everyone....

I am officially a MARRIED WOMAN!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Doug and I got married yesterday.. I'll see if I can scan the certificate or something :) YAY!!!!! He keeps calling me Mrs. Greene.. LOL too cool. I am so happy.. I love him so much!

We got up today to go change my name at the social security office, post office, etc.... yep.. realized when we got to the post office that it's Veteran's Day... we don't get out much apparently. We were supposed to go to class this morning.. alarm went off at 6:30.. neither of us moved.. Doug asked if I wanted to skip class.. we slept until noon. It was great :)

I went up to the school today to update my records and to print out my credit report that I got from Equifax so I could start tackling the hell that is my credit... I knew it was bad.. I had NO idea it was that bad. Nice to know that the mistakes I made while living with Tina are still with me.. 2 of the credit cards she signed up for while we were together I stupidly signed as an authorized user.. she defaulted LONG ago on them.. they are on my credit... almost 10,000 dollars just in those 2.. then in medical bills... I have another 2,500 dollars. 12,500 dollars of credit debt at 21.. OMG. So we started looking at debt consolidators.. found one.. will hopefully be signing up with them in the next week.. 232 dollars a month will clear out all of the mistakes that I made with Tina.. they won't let me put the medical bills on there except for 1 of them because they had to be over 750 dollars a piece before they could go on there.. whatever.. they are going to cut my bills down to 5800 instead of 11,000 for those bills.. it'll take me up to 25 months to pay it off but could take less... 2 years to clear my credit.. I can do that..

I have 4 days left of the 2nd trimester.. I take the gestational diabetes test on Thursday.. UCK.. not looking forward to it. However I am looking forward to the appointment. I was measuring right at my weeks the last appointment.. can't wait to see what I'm measuring now.. Little Man is doing great.. getting stronger every day.. getting more of a personality of his own every day.. kicking ALOT but all in the same damn spot.. right behind my belly button.. not exactly comfortable.. and I think he's punching my cervix. Oh joy. I am so ready to hold him in my arms!!!!!

Only 11 more class days left until finals.. WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!


Cheli On Sunday, October 30, 2005


Hey Everyone,

Doug and I took a road trip for a few days.. up to DC to see my mother. She has never met Doug and I figured once River gets here, we won't have much time for traveling and the day my mom comes down here to see me would be a cold day in hell.. so we went up there and saw her for about a total of 30 minutes the whole 3 days we were there and I took Doug into the city to see some sites. One Friday we went to see my godmother.. I haven't seen her in at least 5 years. It was really good to see her. Found out that my cousin is pregnant again.. (she has a 4 year old daughter and is being induced November 30th with her second) and she was having a babyshower yesterday but I didn't feel like staying in the area for another day so I bought her some stuff off her registry and left it with my godmother on Friday. While we were there we got to talking about what we need for River.. and I was saying how we had gotten almost all of the major stuff bought already except for the travel system... so she had me show her what I meant by a travel system and which one we liked and she BOUGHT IT FOR US!!!!!! It's being delivered sometime at the end the week or begining of next week...

Hehe it's so cute! We also went out today and bought the diaper pail that we wanted, some pacis, and a paci holder for the dishwasher.. we hardly need anything except for CLOTHES and some diapers and medicines.. everything else I think we have.. unless of course there is something major I'm missing?? Ahhhhhh... I am almost 26 weeks.. closing in on the last trimester. Can't wait.

Cheli On Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hey Everyone,

We had a doctors appointment today.. to see about the cyst that they found on River's brain back in September. Good NEWS!!!!!! The cysts are completely gone. She was able to get a good picture of his mouth and nose (see below) and was able to get some good pictures of his heart and everything is exactly where it should be and as it should be.. She also confirmed again that he is still a boy LOL (good thing since everything we have is for a little boy). She said that he weighs 1 lb 10 oz :) And he is measuring right at 24 weeks but in the 91st percentile in his weight and height for his age she said that she wouldn't worry TOO much right now because its still early BUT that once we hit 3rd trimester he will gain about 1/2 a pound to a pound a week so he has the potential of being a BIG boy. I gained another 2 lbs.. since my appointment in September which puts me at a total of 8 lbs this pregnancy. WOOOO HOOO..

We got the co sleeper today from ArmsReach FINALLY.. ordered the damn thing on October 13th. And we've already put it together and put it up next to the bed so I can get used to having it there and so the cats can get bored with it. We also bought a swing last night at Wal-Mart because it was really cheap.. I managed to put it together ass backwards until the last piece wouldn't fit.. realized what I did and had to undo it all and rebuild it.. stupid thing. But it's SOOOOO cute!!!!! We also bought another pack of diapers (so we have over 200 diapers now in size 1... one more package and I think we'll start buying 2's) How many diapers does the average newborn go through? And we bought some wipes.. I can NOT WAIT FOR HIM TO GET HERE!!!!!!

Anyway.. here are some pictures :)

Cheli On Friday, October 21, 2005

Hey Everyone,

It is 1:15am.. I have to be up for school at 6:30.. why am I still up??? because I have been eaten alive by mosquitos!!!! OMG isn't there some kind of limit as to how many bites one person can have??? I have at least 10... that I can see So I can't sleep because I itch too bad.. poor Doug is going to Wal-Greens or Wal-Mart to try and find something to make it stop itching!

Had a midwife appointment on Tuesday.. I gained 1 whole pound in 4 weeks.. WOOO HOOOO puts me at a grand total of 7 lbs this pregnancy. YAY!!!!! I am measuring right on schedule.. it was the first appointment that she actually measured the uterus from the outside. We listened to River's heart beat and it was in the 150's.. as best as she could get because he is soooooo damn active. She also gave me the stupid Glucose drink.. which they can now only get in orange :( I have to take that before my next appointment on Novemer 17th. That will be my LAST 4 week appointment and then I move to ever 2 weeks :) YAY!!!!! Ultrasound on Tuesday.. can't wait.. want to know if the cyst has gone away. Want to know how much he weighs.. want to see him...

School is going okay.. Doug and I have both gotten letters from the lender for the loans.. both of us got approved. I recieved a letter Wednesday that the check had been mailed to the school. So I will hopefully pick that up tomorrow and then Doug's will probably be there next week we are thinking.. I hope so... Yesterday was a hard day... Doug went to work like usal and about 6:30 I got a call from Vicky.. one of the ladies who works there.. asking me if Doug was okay.. I had NO clue what was going on... Vicky was like "Oh he hasn't made it home yet??" and I knew.. Doug got fired.. *sigh* He is pretty beat up about it.. I'm scared about it but I KNOW we will be okay.. we will do whatever it takes. So it looks like I will be going back to work for a while.. *sigh* whatever it takes to make this work.

We went up to Caremark today for an open house thing.. they are apparently hiring ALOT of people because Open Enrollment season is coming up and they need people. So we signed up for an interview and filled out on-line applications.. they pay 10.60/hr and have 2nd shift shift differental of 10% putting our pay at 11.60/hr.. WOOO HOOOO.. that would put us making 3200 dollars a month between the two of us.. even if i stop working in January.. if we can start the next training class (which is next month). We will get at least 4 pay checks a piece before I stop working and Doug will make 1600 on his own a month... and with loans and grants and his paycheck and available overtime for him.. OMG we would be doing so good.. We go next week for interviews.. wish as luck!

The baby's stuff is coming along nicely.. we have clothes (but need more), we have a bouncer seat, an infant tub, a boppy, some diapers (1 pack of size 1 Pampers)and we ordered the co-sleeper (which should be on the 25th according to UPS)... I want him here!!!! I can't wait.. and yet I'm scared to death LOL

Cheli On Thursday, October 13, 2005

Comcast sent us a webcam... about 2 months ago. Doug just installed it yesterday so I thought I would take some pictures with it. So I took a belly shot... 23 weeks pregnant...

And then today Doug and I went shopping for the baby.. we bought a bunch of clothes and a bath and a bouncer and a boppy.. so I took some pictures of the clothes :)

And we also ordered the baby's bed today.. should be delievered next week some time. And my grandmother is sending us 2 packages of clothes that should get here tomorrow.. We have baby stuff!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Cheli On Monday, October 10, 2005

I hate Monday's!!!!!

Doug didn't get home last night until about midnight. We needed food. We went grocery shopping.. didn't get home until 1am. Had to put up groceries, help Doug finish his English paper that was due today, take a shower, and because we went grocery shopping of course I had to EAT something. Finally got to bed about 2am. Alarm apparently went off at 6:30.. I didn't hear it. Doug hit the snooze and get back in bed. Alarm went off at 6:40.. heard it that time but wished I hadn't. 6:40 is way to damn early to be getting up. The sun isn't even up damn it! Grabbed an apple and off we went to class. We turned in our essays today but not before we got to sit with the professor and have her look them over. She made a total of 3 corrections on mine and they were all trivial. WOOO HOOOO. Now watch I'll still get marked down for something LOL.

Ohhhhhhh! Last night (this morning.. whatever) Doug and I were laying in bed trying to fall asleep and he had his hand on my belly. I told him he needed to tell his son to go to sleep because he has decided that night time is a good time to practice soccer or something. So Doug pressed down on my belly a little bit and just lay there. The baby kicked and I asked him if he felt it. He said he wasn't sure. Baby kicked again.. almost directly in the same spot just below his hand and he felt it!!!!!! Doug got to feel the baby kick for the first time hehe. YAY!!! We are officially behind on getting stuff for the baby compared to all my pregnant friends due at the same time as me. It's all good.. it'll happen soon. I hope. Or this kid is going to be sleeping in the bed with us (not that he probably won't be anyway) :) *yawn* I'm tired..


Cheli On Friday, October 7, 2005

Hey Everyone,

I am so beyond exaughsted mentally and physically right now. Midwife never called.. I called her at 11am and they said that they had sent a referral over to the physical therapy place but that the other midwife had never said anything about another ultrasound and that as far as she knew the next ultrasound was the follow up ultrasound on the 25th "to look at the choroid plexus cyst on the baby's brain".. WTH!!!!!!! NO one ever told me my son had a cyst! They told me I needed to come back on the 25th for a follow up because they hadn't gotten a good look at his heart.. I freaked out. Midwife gets off the phone real quick to go call the other midwife to see about the ultrasound. Calls the ultrasound place immediately and they say I can come in but only if I haven't eaten in 8 hours.. which I hadn't because I hurt too much. So off to Fort Sanders Patient Services for an ultrasound to look for a cyst on my overies and too look at the baby. Well the radiologist calls the midwife who says instead to check for "gallstones" and then sends me home afterwards.. never checked the baby never checked my ovaries because that wasn't what the order was for.

So I spent an hour in tears and freaking out after the appointment. I called my mother's girlfriend who is an RN and told her what was going on and she basically said it doesn't matter what they said *I* need to chill out and take care of myself before I go into preterm labor and lose the baby. Well gee thanks that helps. I've been TRYING to get the help and take care of myself but it's like talking to walls. Doug brings me home and drops me off so he can go to work.. and throughout the night I have progressively felt worse and worse.. I have a sore throat, a fever, alot of sharp abdominal pain and pressure, and back pain. I can barely get off the couch and when I do it's to go to the bathroom and take a shower to cool off. I feel horrible and all the midwife can say is physical therapy and pain meds.. I'm not supposed to take pain meds during this stage in pregnancy and the pain meds they keep prescribing I'm not supposed to take at ANY time during pregnancy.. so the most I am taking is extra strength Tylonel and it just isn't cutting it.

Everyon keeps saying I need to take care of me and I need to take care of the baby and because the stress and everything the baby can feel.. that's what I'm TRYING to do but doesn't being in constant pain put stress on the baby too? Or is that not important? *sigh* there is no way to be comfortable right now.. I can't lay down because everything hurts I cant sit because it hurts... if I have to be like this for the next 18 weeks I am going to go insane.

Cheli On

Hey Everyone,

I am at school, waiting for the midwife to call me to tell me what's going on. I was back in the ER last night. I called the midwife yesterday afternoon and told her I was still in alot of pain and nothing I was doing was helping. Basically the midwife on duty told me she didn't know what to tell me, it didn't sound pregnancy related so all she could say was to relax, take a warm bath, use a heating pad and take Tylonel. I wanted to scream at her that I'd been doing these things since Friday when it all started and it wasn't getting better it was getting worse. Instead I thanked her and got off the phone. I talked to Doug and talked to some friends of mine about what was going on. Doug tried to make an appointment with a GP but the insurance book that I have that is supposed to have the names of the physicians who take my insurance is really out dated. Most of the ones we called weren't taking new patients or weren't taking my insurance. *sigh* So finally we decided to go back up to the ER and just tell them that the midwife had already said it wasn't pregnancy related as did 2 different hospitals. So we go up to Fort Sanders and tell them just that and they said it didn't matter. I was over 20 weeks pregnant I was going to L&D to be cleared before they could do anything. So up to L&D where I am again hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and a contraction machine for 2 hours. The baby is fine.. his heart beat was a little faster than normal but he is fine. No contractions. They call the midwife and speak with a different midwife. She says basically don't send me to the ER send me home and they will set up appointments with a physical therapist and an emergency ultrasound. The only other thing "medical" they can think of that might be pregnancy related is possibly a uterine cyst or an ovarian cyst. Lovely. So I was told to go home, get some rest, and someone from the center will call me before 11am today. Went home.. was in so much pain I took a Tylonel 3 and finally fell asleep for 2 hours.. woke up every hour after that until the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. *yawn* Got up this morning and took 3 extra strength tylonel.. feels like I barely took any. No call from the midwife yet. I am sure when they do call it'll be to tell me that no one can see me until next week and I'll just have to deal or take more pain medication which is not good for the baby or me at this point in the pregnancy. I want to scream. Or cry.. perhaps both.


Cheli On Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Hey All,

Well school is going really well.. I have an A in all 4 of my classes. I got my first Ethics exam back today.. and got 1 point deducted.. I got the best grade in the class and the teacher felt the need to point that out. I about wanted to die. I took my chapter 6 test in Math.. got an 83% not my best score but hell it's good enough. I am almost done with Chapter 7's homework and then I have the test on Friday. Once I take Chapter 7 I just have to take the final exam and then I'll have the credit for that class. I then have the option on whether or not to take the Intermediate Algebra class this semester so that my next semester that I take classes I can just take my Elementary Probablity and Statistics for college credit. The English class is going really well.. out of every assignment total I have only been marked down .25 on one paper.. YAY... and computer class is just a damn joke.

The pregnancy is going okay too... 22 weeks today. Lots of stuff to buy and lots of stuff to do and we are running out of time.. if I carry to my due date it's only 18 weeks away.. OMG... so now I'm starting to freak out about labor and delivery.. 18 weeks away and I'm already freaking out.. I oughta be a damn wreck by the time it happens LOL I am in alot of pain lately.. I have the stretching going on around the sides and it feels like my hips have come out of their sockets now when I walk which is very comfy (NOT) but then on top of that I have been having alot of on again off again pressure and cramping.. Actually spent 5 hours in labor and delivery the other night hooked up to machines.. I was having mild contractions according to the more umm... well kept... hospital and absolutely nothing according to the other one.. Of course the 2nd one said that they couldnt' get a reading on my son's heart beat either because he was too active.. but ParkWest had no problem getting a reading on him.. 143-148. Stupid hospital. Stupid doctors.. I think it migh be a kidney infection or something. I am calling a family practice tomorrow and making an appointment with a regular practitioner.

The other big news.....I quit work today. Everyone has been telling me for weeks that I need to slow down,that I was pushing it too hard.. so when I went to school today I fell asleep after my computer class waiting for Doug to get out of his class and then had trouble walking.. I cant' stay awake during the day anymore and I don't sleep through the night. So I figured it was best for me and the baby if I took some time off.. and since I can't drop school because I'm too far in.. work was the only other option... It'll be tough but we can do it as long as we are smart. I cried for a good 30 minutes.. my boss said she will put me down as rehirable and write an extenuating circumstances letter for HR so they will rehire me when I want. So now I don't know what to do with myself.. I am going to see if I can find something to do from home or something.. maybe babysit a kid or something part time.


Cheli On Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Hey Everyone,
We had an ultrasound appointment today. I am going to be 21 weeks tomorrow. They won't move my due date but they said I will probably go between the 8th and the 10th. :) The baby is HEALTHY. A heart beat of 154 and a weight of 13 oz. :) Everything looks great. I have to go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound because we couldn't get a look of the baby's heart. Oh yeah and we know 100% what the sex is.. it was confirmed... and boy were we suprised to find that...
Cheli On Monday, September 19, 2005

Hi Everyone,

Ughhhh it's Monday!!! I hate Mondays!!!

I am sitting in the computer lab at the college, bored because I don't have my next class until 12:55 and that's still 40 minutes away.. so I figured I'd come update while I have time. I was supposed to test out of my Computer class on saturday but I looked at one of the parts of the test and I just didn't feel I knew it well enough so I figure I'll just get an easy boost on my GPA for the semester.. can't hurt. I figured out today that if I can mange to take 2 classes next Semester and 4 classes the Semester after that I can apply for nursing school Jan of 2007 when it's officially allowed. I'm technically allowed to apply next Summer but I wouldnt be accepted until January anyway and wouldn't start until the following semester. I'll find something to take that Semester so that I can continue to get the Pell Grant.. we'll see.

Last night was.. stressful but exciting. Went to work like usual and while at work I started cramping really bad.. and naturally I freaked out. So I told my supervisor I was going to go to the ER and off Doug and I went. Well the ER ran blood work, uranalysis, did a pelvic exam (whoo hooo :( ) and then sent me up for an ultrasound to make sure baby was measuring where it was supposed to be. We get up there and the tech starts doing measurements... femur, head circumfrance, tummy, and pointing out different things like heart and nose and so on and so forth. He says everything looks GREAT! Then we ask him the question I've been DYING to know.. CAN YOU TELL WHAT IT IS..... So he starts looking.. and looking and looking.. and every time he'd get a glimpse baby would flip around or shift.. finally he thinks he gets a good view and says "is there a certain sex you were hoping for?" and Doug is like "yes.. a girl" and the tech just goes "oh" LOL Doug's face was priceless.. tech said it LOOKED like a boy.. then said "wait wait" hit a button on the machine and made the blood flow show up and goes "never mind that's the cord". Keep hunting... after about 10 more minutes he says well lets put it this way with the angles I was getting I couldn't see any boy parts... I'd be betting on a girl if I was you.." SO we are thinking GIRL for now.. Doug is so happy.. me too :) We'll go for the official sonogram Next Tuesday and hopefully get confirmation if she'll cooperate. The tech did say that she and I are both measuring 19 weeks .. I'm only supposed to be 18 weeks. He says she weighs approximately 10 oz and she has long legs :) LOL I'm so happy!!!!! I will post pictures when I get them on the 27th :)

OK off to my last class 20 minutes early.. have a good day all


Cheli On Thursday, September 8, 2005

17 weeks today.... slowly getting there 19 days and counting until we find out what baby is.. YAY Have started feeling movement and little kicks.. too cool :) Got another package of onesies today *cute little sayings on them* One says "I'm a baby what's your excuse", another says " Party...2am.. My Crib" and the last one says "If I'm not sleeping... NOBODY'S SLEEPING" LOL *grin* We have almost a whole drawer full of clothes..

Picked up another class because I am testing out of my computer class next Saturday and figured why not have the 4 classes and get another class in... so I am getting my speech credit.. WOOO HOOOO I HATE HATE HATE GETTING UP IN FRONT OF GROUPS... I am never going to need to give a speech to patients in a large group.. WTH is the point of it.. so whatever.. I go on Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 and get 3 credits at the end.. that will leave me with Microbiology, Psychology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, and 2 more math classes before I can apply for nursing school... I plan on applying in Jan of 2007 which means I would start Fall of 2007 and be done Spring of 2009 *sigh* 3 1/2 years.... I will have a 3 year old!!!! OMG

So excited about tomorrow.. so excited about this weekend overall.. now if only we didn't have to work.. oh well we will make late appearances but with the crowd we hang out with.. midnight isn't late LOL

OK off to go finish eating and checking e-mail and then off to shower and sleep.. to get up in 6 hours.. love you all!


Cheli On Friday, September 2, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Never have time to get on here anymore and actually write an entry.. okay let me rephrase that.. have the time occasionally but no energy to give toward it. I am sitting in the computer lab of the college and have decided to dedicate the last 10 minutes I have before my last class to writing you all and updating :)

I am 16 weeks pregnant now. Had an inpromptu appointment with the midwife the other day... checked everything out and everything looks great. Found baby with little problem and the HB was 153. 25 days until we go for the fun ultrasound :) Cant wait. I have my real appointment with the midwife on September 15th. She says I am dehydrated and I'm not gaining enough weight or eating right. *sigh* I drink CONSTANTLY all i want to do is drink. I am always thirsty. Eating is a different story.. I MIGHT eat 3 times a day.. MIGHT.. I am just not hungry at all and food has no desire for me.. it honestly makes me sick to my stomach thinking about eating most of the time.. but I know I need to. And as for weight.. I way .7 lbs more than I did when I got pregnant. I figure if I don't gain alot it'll be all baby and maybe I'll be one of those women that walks away from pregnancy having gained no weight. LOL wouldn't that be ironic.

As for school... i take 4 classes... I have an English class first thing in the morning and I basically took the class when I was in HS (I was in Advanced Placement English 4) my last year which is the same as ENG1010 but that was 5 years ago and I got a C so I needed a better GPA so I opted to take it again. That is the one class I have with Doug this semester. 10 minutes after that class I have my Algebra class.. I HATE math but the stuff we are doing in there right now is boring the hell out of me. I am about a chapter ahead of what she is teaching.. the rest of the class is struggling with the stuff she is going over.. but there is no testing out of the class *sigh* oh well.. The class after that is my Intro to Ethics.. it's definately interesting.. the professor is eccentric to say the least. I am a little worried though because he focuses a lot on the religion and ethics part of it.. and yeah well he doesn't really acknowledge polytheism unless referrinng to Greek times... because we live in the stupid Bible Belt.. *sigh* then I have about 2 hours to do nothing but study and homework and then I have my last class which is my Computer class (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)... the professor actually told me Wednesday I should try and test out.. so I am turning in the form this afternoon and will take the test on Saturday the 17th to try and opt out with credit. It doens't hurt me if I don't make it so what the hell.. :)

Work is work... makes the money to pay the bills to go to work.. fun fun.. gas sucks.. no regular unleaded left in West Knox basically so we filled up on Mid Grade last night at 3.19 a gallon and the attendant said he had 400 gallons left of the midgrade and then all he had was premium and he had no idea when he was getting more... fun fun..

Off to class... talk to you all later!


Cheli On Monday, August 22, 2005

Level 2 Ultrasound is scheduled for September 27th at 9am!!!!!!!

We will find out the sex of the baby then if baby cooperates

I have my guess as to what it is... Doug has his desire for what it is.... what do you think???????

Cheli On Friday, August 12, 2005

Big changes big changes... good changes. I registered for classes today at Pellissippi.. I figured there is no time like the present to get to started.. so I enrolled in 12 credit hours this semester. My English Comp.. I got the highest score possible. Elementary Algebra (basically started from the Algebra beginning because I SUCK at Math so if anyone is any good at Algebra 1 let me know and I'll PAY for tutoring LOL) I am also taking my computer class which is required for my major which is basically an overview of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (should be an easy class anyway) and my last class is a Philosophy class Introduction to Ethics.. I am REALLY looking forward to this one.. I hope that it isn't too conservative.. we shall see. I got the pell grant.. 4000 something dollars a year or 2025 a semester just like Doug which means come the end of September we should have a nice couple of checks coming. YAY!!!!

Budget still on track, still looks good, all bills paid on time or before and soon we hope to move ahead.. those people who helped us with rent a few months ago will be paid back by next month and things look good. We'll keep working hard and saving up.. hopefully when Baby comes I will be able to take the full 6 weeks off with out worry of financial hardship if I choose to (but am thinking 4 weeks will probably be good). Still not sure who is going to watch baby while we're at work. We are looking into daycares of course but not too many daycares offer services until midnight. So if anyone in the area knows anyone (or themselves) who might be interested in setting up some type of schedule with us.. a couple days a week or something.. we'd find a fair pay (and who couldn't use extra money). I just feel so much safer with the idea that we will KNOW the person watching the baby and trust them.

Next week I have 2 baby appointments. I have one on Monday with the midwife which is my normal monthly thing and then I have an appointment on Tuesday with my old doctor who also happens to be the one who does the ultrasounds for the birthing center. He did the first trimester testing and I go in next week for the results and will most likely schedule the 2nd trimester testing then as well.. usually done around 16 weeks I think.

And best of all.......


Cheli On Saturday, August 6, 2005

Baby update!!! We went to Wally-World and get the sonogram pictures we got last week updated onto a disc so we can show everyone :) Thought I'd go ahead and post them... 11.5 weeks in the pictures... 12.2 weeks now.... will the first trimester EVER end???

Cheli On Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Hi Everyone! I had a doctor appointment today for an U/s WOOO HOOOO! Everything looks wonderful.. they said I am actually measuring about 12 weeks but they are going to leave me where I'm at as far as due date and all so February 17th is it looks like. We got to see and hear baby! OMG baby has gotten SOOOOO big!!! Heartbeat was 166 and we got a video and pictures!! We also got to see the baby's face!!! OMG it was sooooo amazing!!!! YAY!!! I have lost 1 1/2 since last appointment which they say is fine and the doctor told me not to take the prenatals for the next few weeks and see if I stop the morning sickness and if I do they will switch me to Flintstones vitamins and supplements as needed. I had the first trimester screening today which was why I had the U/s.. they drew blood and took measurements of baby. Doctor says the nasal bone was there and in place and the fluid at the base of baby's neck is measuring normal so that gives me 85% chance of having a non-Down Syndrome baby and then after the lab work comes back in a few days if all is okay it take me to 95%. I go back around 16 weeks for the 2nd trimester testing for Spina Bifida and another one.. and then again at 20 weeks for Anatomy!!! Doctor sheduled another appointment with him in 2 weeks.. don't know why because I am seeing a midwife now but whatever.. double the care, double the appointments, double the chance of seeing baby :) Just thought I'd share ;)

Cheli On

So it's official.. I'm a moron.. I am on a pregnancy board (all the women are due around the same time as me) and they have all gotten fetal heart monitors and heard the heart beats.. so I got one.. stupid me. I tried for 3 days and no baby so I got scared and went the local hossy last night to make them ease my mind. Explained what had happened and the moron doctor used a doppler to try and find baby.. couldn't.. told me not to worry and go home and get some rest.. YEAH RIGHT. So Doug just took me to a different hospital and they called someone down from OB and she tried the doppler.. after about 5 minutes.. there was baby. I felt dumb but I was SO relieved and she just smiled and said that with where she found the baby's heart beat she would guess that I'm further than the 11 weeks the doctor is saying. ROFL..She said I'm probably closer to the date that cooresponds with my last period which would put me at 13 1/2 weeks almost 14 weeks. Guess we'll find out tomorrow since I have my first trimester testing and an ultrasound.

Morning sickness has come back with a vengence... I think I am allergic to the pills they have me on or something.. if I don't take them I feel WONDERFUL if I take them.. with in 30 minutes I am praying to the toilet gods.. which is wonderful since I have to work and they keep track of my log times on the phone and every time I go into busy status to go puke it take away from the time.. I am going to talk with the OB tomorrow and with the midwife when I see her on the 15th. Hopefully they will tell me to nto take the stuff and just take supplements.

I got that book "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy... Everything your doctor won't tell you" it is the funniest thing I have read in a long time and SO true. Well it's 1am.. guess I'll go finish this second bowl of cereal and bananas and go to bed so I can be up bright and early tomorrow for the baby appointment.

Cheli On Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Also, decided to go ahead and post baby pics.. there were taken July 5th, 2005 and I was 7 weeks 4 days pregnant... I go back next Tuesday for another ultrasound I think and then I'll be 11 weeks 5 days pregnant! So I'll post pictures when we get them!

Cheli On Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Haven't felt much like writing the last few days but I have been reading. I finished the Harry Potter book yesterday... I guess I KNEW it was gonna happen but I still don't like the way it happened.. and I'll leave it at that for those of you who haven't read it yet.

I am nervous and excited and all sorts of stuff today.. I started working on the 11th FINALLY for Jewelry Television/ACN and so far I LOVE IT.. the people are great, the customers.. *giggles* are interesting to say the least.. the products are beautiful. So this weekend is this HUGE special on the channel.. Christmas in July.. it started at 7am this morning and goes until Monday at 7am... the mentor that I've been siting with for a few days told my supervisor that she thinks I am ready to be on the phone on my own.. he turned around immediately and asked if I wanted overtime this weekend... LOL extra money??? why would I want that?? OF COURSE I do.. so I said yes.. he said commit to only a few hours just in case you can't handle it.. so I commited to 3-7pm both Sat and Sun.. (that was Thursday). I come in yesterday and one of the team leads says that there is no overtime for me per the head honcho.. UGHHHH I told my mentor who was training Doug yesterday and she went and talked to the supervisor.. who apparently fixed it or whatever because when we came out of a meeting he said.. if you still want overtime you are welcome to it but come in after 5 so I am here. So I come in at 5 today and 5 tomorrow.. and per the supervisor and the head honcho.. they won't be kicking me out any time soon LOL.. So OVERTIME!!!!! YAY

Finally made it past the stupid 9th week.. for the 3rd time.. told the midwife that if we do another ultrasound on August 2nd (which we are) and it comes back saying I'm again not as far along as we thought.. she better not tell me because I am not doing the 9th week again LOL. The nausea has finally subsided... as long as I eat every few hours.. and with Tylonel the sciatic nerve thing hasn't been too too bad either... was supposed to go to physical therapy yesterday morning but due to the fact that I haven't been sleeping much this week.. we rescheduled for Tuesday.

OK off to go take a shower and eat and all that stuff before I head into work.. have a good weekend everyone!

Cheli On Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Hey Everyone,

We went to the OB today for an ultrasound and a check up to get a better idea of due date and all that. Found out that baby is doing BEAUTIFULLY.. we got pictures if anyone would like to see we would be glad to send them to you just drop an e-mail in my inbox. And WE GOT TO HEAR THE HEARTBEAT!!!!!! It was 145 and STRONG. The doctor said that we are both doing beautifully and wants to see me again August 2nd. They did adjust my due date however... pushed it back to February 17th, 2006... but anyway.. had to share... hope everyone is doing well :)

Cheli On Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Well my heart jumped into my throat today.. a nurse at the OB/GYN center called today while Doug and I were out. She told me that they want to put me on another medication. For the next 4 weeks. It's Progestrone.. basically my body isn't making enough of it to be safe which puts me at a greater risk of a miscarriage. Progestrone is what makes the lining of your uterus that the embryo implants to or whatever and it's not thick enough or something like that. So this will take my chance of having a miscarriage from above normal to even below normal chances (normal is 15% of all pregnancies). I have to take it twice a day.

When I got the call from the nurse my hearts was pounding in my throat... then she said that they had gotten my test results back from the lab.. and I just about died. I was SO afraid they were going to say something was wrong with the baby. She says everything is fine. That if they didn't already have an ultrasound scheduled she was going to schedule one.. so yeah.. just one more med to take.. in the morning.. when I can barely drink liquid.. YAY...

On a completely different note.. we got a call today from Persia.. well Doug did. He talked to her for a GOOD while.. almost 2 hours.. About 20 minutes before they got off the phone Doug was commenting about some pictures that she had sent him.. so of course I was curious and I came over.. WOW they were pictures from the weekend that Persia and I first met in person.. I was 16.. LOL OMG I was such a freak and geeky.. What ever she saw in putting up with me and being a friend to me I just don't know but I am greatful for it. I had Red hair that was bordering on orange, braces, and was still wearing highschool clothes.. nautica and jeans and such.. hehehe. And seeing the pictures of her on that first day.. just took my breath away.. someone in here still loves her.. and I guess we always will.. She was our first real love and we owe making it to adulthood to her.

OK off to Ci-Ci's because I'm craving pizza.. talk to you all later.

Cheli and the gang

Cheli On

Hey Everyone,

Morning sickness SUCKS.. Learned something new though.. morning sickness constitutes any time (night or day) during pregnancy when a woman feels nausiated, queezy, or throws up. Didn't know that.. I seem to have most of the day sickness and it sucks.. Haven't actually thrown up.. think that would be sweet relief from this but oh well.. Have taken to sleeping propped up on the couch because if I lay down for too long I start to feel sick. Ughhhh I also heard that this can last your entire pregnancy but usually ends about the time the 1st trimester does.. OMG PLEASE let it end. There have been other little things that Doug or I have noticed too about the changes... very strange. I'll be 8 weeks on Thursday... this is going to be a long 7 more months LOL

Had to be at DHS this morning to make sure I have TennCare for the rest of the pregnancy. She said I am automatically approved for TennCare she just has to wait on a few papers to get back to her before she can finish processing it. She also said that Doug and I qualify for FoodStamps.. that should help until we get started with these jobs.. if that ever happens. We are still waiting to hear back from them after taking the drug tests on Friday.

Last night we went to Starbucks to meet some friends for the first time.. they both are GREAT women and alot of fun.. when Starbucks closed we went over to IHOP and sat around and talked for another 1 1/2 hours.. before any of us realized it was 1:30.. so we said goodbyes and left with promises to see each other again soon. I hope we do! Got to see one of them again this morning.. it was a pleasant surprise.

Hope everyone is doing well :) Had a great time with our friends this past Friday.. was nice to be able to sit and talk and hang out with great people. Have a good week

Cheli On Friday, June 24, 2005

Hey Everyone,

It's only 11am and it's already been a long day... I ended up going to the emergency room the night before last. For the last few weeks I have had cramping/abdominal pain.. when I found out I was pregnant I put it off thinking it was just stretching or whatever.. well that night it was SHARP pain and I kinda freaked out.. So at 1am I made Doug take me to the ER. They got my right back there.. they did a uranalysis to confirm pregnancy (again) and then a blood work to test my HcG levels. After that they did a pelvic exam.. OMG that HURT. The guy was a royal asshole. The nurse was really nice though.. so then after the pelvic they leave me there for like 45 minutes.. come in.. and she's like we need to put in this Foley and then we'll take you down for an ultrasound.. they put in a fucking catheter for a damn ultrasound.. OMG and I thought the exam hurt.. So off to the ultrasound department.. they won't let Doug come because the tech doesn't allow anyone but the patient in there. They did a transvaginal ultrasound.. if you have every had one of these done.. they are not comfortable and to make it even more uncomfortable the catheter is still in place. So then after that was done the tech says he is going to fill my bladder up with some solution so they can get a better look at my uterus.. COLD COLD COLD water.. ughhhhhhh and finally he tells me that when I can't bear it anymore to let him know.. So I did.. that is when he starts PRESSING the ultrasound wand into my stomach.. OWWWWWWW

Once we done there.. back to the ER.. at least this guy was nice enough to cover me up with a warm blanket. Get back to the ER and NO ONE comes in for almost an hour.. the whole time I have the stupid catheter in and it's very uncomfortable.. Doctor comes in around 4am.. tells me that the pregnancy looks fine and that everything is doing what it's supposed to. Baby is where baby is supposed to be.. Follow up with OB/GYN ASAP (already had an appointment scheduled for this morning) and he gave me an Rx for Tylonel 3.. did you know it's a safe narcotic to take while pregnant?? *shrug*.

This morning I got up at 7 to be at the appointment by 8. The appointment lasted about 2 hours.. another pee test, more blodd work, another pelvic exam and a Papsmear. They did tell me everything looks good as far as they can tell. Want me to come back July 5th for an ultrasound for a more precise due date and to take a look at baby but for now the EDD is set at February 9th, 2006 Which makes me 7 weeks. Woooo hoooooo.

Cheli On Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Well... we went today to Human Services and made an appointment to see about getting on TennCare now that I'm pregnant. Have an appointment tomorrow morning but was told it could take up to 45 days before I could get on it. Went to the Health Department next.. to confirm pregnancy.. Their hours of doing the tests are from 8 til 2.. we got there a little before 2:10 and they wouldn't take us.. stupid people. While we were there though we found out that they have a Social Services outlet there at the HD and that they only take pregnant women and it's almost instant converage and all you have to bring in is a confirmation of pregnancy and your social.. so we are going to do that tomorrow when we get up. Then when we left there we went to a Pregnancy Help Center and the woman there was a complete bitch..at least I thought so.. I ended up getting up and leaving and walking about 1- 1 1/2 miles to stop crying and calm down.. She gave Doug some information and confirmed the pregnancy with a test. Lots to do tomorrow. Lots to think about.

My friend Kathy gave me a Pregnancy Book that she had.. it's HUGE and I can't wait to read it! I am going to get the "What to Expect when you're expecting"book.. I had it from before and JUST got rid of it about 3 weeks ago because I didn't figure we'd ever get pregnant.. figures.. So I was doing math and looking at the wheel and according to the wheel based on the first date of the last period.. I'm due February 8th, 2006.. when we go to the doctor I'll get a more accurate date and all that.

I spoke to my mother today.. she actually called me.. just talked about work and whatever and when Jenn (her girlfriend) brought up the pregnancy my mom basically snapped her head off and threw the phone at her. *shrug* I talked to Jenn for a while. she's funny.. And the cat is out of the bag now.. she asked how old Doug was. Neither one was really surprised.. Jenn says she wanted a grandbaby just not at this moment.. but oh well since it's happening she would put in an order for a girl.. LOL OK well it's almost 2.. I was tired about 5 hours ago but we went to a dollar movie at the new theater. So I'm going to go crash now... haven't had a cigarette since last night about Sunday night at 7pm.. YAY I have gone 30 hours without a cigarette.. See you all later.. hope all is well.

Cheli On Sunday, June 19, 2005
Hi Everyone,

First of all... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!

This is definately going to be a Father's Day Doug and I will never forget.. I found out today that I'm pregnant. We haven't been to a doctor yet (obviously) but we took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I am taking another one in the morning to be sure and making an appointment with both TennCare and the doctor... have no clue how to find a doctor that can help... have no clue how to find a doctor that i trust and that I can afford. Should be interesting. So then after telling Doug the news. We started calling people and telling them... we both called all our friends (or most of them) and both called our mothers. My mom freaked out.. like I thought she would. She didn't yell but you could hear the dissapointment dripping off her words. She told me how I was screwing up a good life that I had started for myself finally and how Doug and I were just getting set up and I was being stupid.. yeah... so then she said she needed to get off the phone to digest the information and she'd talk to me later. *sigh* I dunno.. I guess I'll give her space.

So life is going to be changing big time.. no more drinking no more smoking.. eating right, playing safe, and all sorts of stuff.. Have so much to learn. i want to know everything.

Work starts tomorrow. Guess I better go get ready for bed.. guess I better eat first..

Question.. for all the mothers out there.. what are you ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to do when you are pregnant? I've heard all sorts of things..