Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, October 7, 2005

Hey Everyone,

I am so beyond exaughsted mentally and physically right now. Midwife never called.. I called her at 11am and they said that they had sent a referral over to the physical therapy place but that the other midwife had never said anything about another ultrasound and that as far as she knew the next ultrasound was the follow up ultrasound on the 25th "to look at the choroid plexus cyst on the baby's brain".. WTH!!!!!!! NO one ever told me my son had a cyst! They told me I needed to come back on the 25th for a follow up because they hadn't gotten a good look at his heart.. I freaked out. Midwife gets off the phone real quick to go call the other midwife to see about the ultrasound. Calls the ultrasound place immediately and they say I can come in but only if I haven't eaten in 8 hours.. which I hadn't because I hurt too much. So off to Fort Sanders Patient Services for an ultrasound to look for a cyst on my overies and too look at the baby. Well the radiologist calls the midwife who says instead to check for "gallstones" and then sends me home afterwards.. never checked the baby never checked my ovaries because that wasn't what the order was for.

So I spent an hour in tears and freaking out after the appointment. I called my mother's girlfriend who is an RN and told her what was going on and she basically said it doesn't matter what they said *I* need to chill out and take care of myself before I go into preterm labor and lose the baby. Well gee thanks that helps. I've been TRYING to get the help and take care of myself but it's like talking to walls. Doug brings me home and drops me off so he can go to work.. and throughout the night I have progressively felt worse and worse.. I have a sore throat, a fever, alot of sharp abdominal pain and pressure, and back pain. I can barely get off the couch and when I do it's to go to the bathroom and take a shower to cool off. I feel horrible and all the midwife can say is physical therapy and pain meds.. I'm not supposed to take pain meds during this stage in pregnancy and the pain meds they keep prescribing I'm not supposed to take at ANY time during pregnancy.. so the most I am taking is extra strength Tylonel and it just isn't cutting it.

Everyon keeps saying I need to take care of me and I need to take care of the baby and because the stress and everything the baby can feel.. that's what I'm TRYING to do but doesn't being in constant pain put stress on the baby too? Or is that not important? *sigh* there is no way to be comfortable right now.. I can't lay down because everything hurts I cant sit because it hurts... if I have to be like this for the next 18 weeks I am going to go insane.