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Cheli On Friday, August 12, 2005

Big changes big changes... good changes. I registered for classes today at Pellissippi.. I figured there is no time like the present to get to started.. so I enrolled in 12 credit hours this semester. My English Comp.. I got the highest score possible. Elementary Algebra (basically started from the Algebra beginning because I SUCK at Math so if anyone is any good at Algebra 1 let me know and I'll PAY for tutoring LOL) I am also taking my computer class which is required for my major which is basically an overview of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (should be an easy class anyway) and my last class is a Philosophy class Introduction to Ethics.. I am REALLY looking forward to this one.. I hope that it isn't too conservative.. we shall see. I got the pell grant.. 4000 something dollars a year or 2025 a semester just like Doug which means come the end of September we should have a nice couple of checks coming. YAY!!!!

Budget still on track, still looks good, all bills paid on time or before and soon we hope to move ahead.. those people who helped us with rent a few months ago will be paid back by next month and things look good. We'll keep working hard and saving up.. hopefully when Baby comes I will be able to take the full 6 weeks off with out worry of financial hardship if I choose to (but am thinking 4 weeks will probably be good). Still not sure who is going to watch baby while we're at work. We are looking into daycares of course but not too many daycares offer services until midnight. So if anyone in the area knows anyone (or themselves) who might be interested in setting up some type of schedule with us.. a couple days a week or something.. we'd find a fair pay (and who couldn't use extra money). I just feel so much safer with the idea that we will KNOW the person watching the baby and trust them.

Next week I have 2 baby appointments. I have one on Monday with the midwife which is my normal monthly thing and then I have an appointment on Tuesday with my old doctor who also happens to be the one who does the ultrasounds for the birthing center. He did the first trimester testing and I go in next week for the results and will most likely schedule the 2nd trimester testing then as well.. usually done around 16 weeks I think.

And best of all.......