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Cheli On Tuesday, August 2, 2005

So it's official.. I'm a moron.. I am on a pregnancy board (all the women are due around the same time as me) and they have all gotten fetal heart monitors and heard the heart beats.. so I got one.. stupid me. I tried for 3 days and no baby so I got scared and went the local hossy last night to make them ease my mind. Explained what had happened and the moron doctor used a doppler to try and find baby.. couldn't.. told me not to worry and go home and get some rest.. YEAH RIGHT. So Doug just took me to a different hospital and they called someone down from OB and she tried the doppler.. after about 5 minutes.. there was baby. I felt dumb but I was SO relieved and she just smiled and said that with where she found the baby's heart beat she would guess that I'm further than the 11 weeks the doctor is saying. ROFL..She said I'm probably closer to the date that cooresponds with my last period which would put me at 13 1/2 weeks almost 14 weeks. Guess we'll find out tomorrow since I have my first trimester testing and an ultrasound.

Morning sickness has come back with a vengence... I think I am allergic to the pills they have me on or something.. if I don't take them I feel WONDERFUL if I take them.. with in 30 minutes I am praying to the toilet gods.. which is wonderful since I have to work and they keep track of my log times on the phone and every time I go into busy status to go puke it take away from the time.. I am going to talk with the OB tomorrow and with the midwife when I see her on the 15th. Hopefully they will tell me to nto take the stuff and just take supplements.

I got that book "The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy... Everything your doctor won't tell you" it is the funniest thing I have read in a long time and SO true. Well it's 1am.. guess I'll go finish this second bowl of cereal and bananas and go to bed so I can be up bright and early tomorrow for the baby appointment.