Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, November 11, 2005

Hi Everyone....

I am officially a MARRIED WOMAN!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Doug and I got married yesterday.. I'll see if I can scan the certificate or something :) YAY!!!!! He keeps calling me Mrs. Greene.. LOL too cool. I am so happy.. I love him so much!

We got up today to go change my name at the social security office, post office, etc.... yep.. realized when we got to the post office that it's Veteran's Day... we don't get out much apparently. We were supposed to go to class this morning.. alarm went off at 6:30.. neither of us moved.. Doug asked if I wanted to skip class.. we slept until noon. It was great :)

I went up to the school today to update my records and to print out my credit report that I got from Equifax so I could start tackling the hell that is my credit... I knew it was bad.. I had NO idea it was that bad. Nice to know that the mistakes I made while living with Tina are still with me.. 2 of the credit cards she signed up for while we were together I stupidly signed as an authorized user.. she defaulted LONG ago on them.. they are on my credit... almost 10,000 dollars just in those 2.. then in medical bills... I have another 2,500 dollars. 12,500 dollars of credit debt at 21.. OMG. So we started looking at debt consolidators.. found one.. will hopefully be signing up with them in the next week.. 232 dollars a month will clear out all of the mistakes that I made with Tina.. they won't let me put the medical bills on there except for 1 of them because they had to be over 750 dollars a piece before they could go on there.. whatever.. they are going to cut my bills down to 5800 instead of 11,000 for those bills.. it'll take me up to 25 months to pay it off but could take less... 2 years to clear my credit.. I can do that..

I have 4 days left of the 2nd trimester.. I take the gestational diabetes test on Thursday.. UCK.. not looking forward to it. However I am looking forward to the appointment. I was measuring right at my weeks the last appointment.. can't wait to see what I'm measuring now.. Little Man is doing great.. getting stronger every day.. getting more of a personality of his own every day.. kicking ALOT but all in the same damn spot.. right behind my belly button.. not exactly comfortable.. and I think he's punching my cervix. Oh joy. I am so ready to hold him in my arms!!!!!

Only 11 more class days left until finals.. WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!