Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, May 18, 2009
Journey went today for his official 15 month WCV.
Are ya'll ready for this???
He was 22 lbs 12 oz (22nd percentile) and 31.5 INCHES (57th percentile!!!!!) I made them measure him twice because that means he went up 3.3 inches in 3 months! Weight wise we seem to have hit that point where the weight slows down. He only gained 12 oz in 3 months.
He got 2 shots. The pediatrician wasn't happy with how far he's falling behind on his shots. Oh well. We'll get the religious excemption form so they will leave us alone about it.
And we got a referral for a 2nd opinion for Journey's therapy. She feels that he needs at least twice a week theapy sessions in both occupational and speech therapy. She is going to allow us to get him evaluated at the place River goes to. YAY! Figures now that we're switching pediatricians she decides to actually DO something. Oh well.

In other news.
Our car died on Mother's Day. We found out Monday that the timing belt snapped and because of the way the engine is built it basically destroyed the engine. Repair costs? over 3000 dollars. We decided not to waste the money on a car that already had 105,100 miles on it and we went out on Tuesday and went car shopping. We are the owners of a 2006 Chevy HHR and it only has 21,500 miles on it. The car payments are a bit more than we wanted but we can handle it. We are very happy with the car.
School has been going very well. I'm almost half way through the 3rd semester. It's ALOT harder than I thought it would be to do this program with 2 children. The work load is alot more strenuous and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I'm really hoping to maintain the 4.0 for the semester but we'll see. My diet on the other hand hasn't been going very well. I've been stressed out over school and what not and just have not been adhering to proper eating habits. The scales showed it. I'm back on track today but I'm also expecting that wonderful monthly visitor at some point in the next few days so I'm not expecting the scales to be very kind for the next week or so either.
River is doing SO MUCH BETTER. We still have our issues every so often and he's still very opinionated, demanding, and tiring but he's doing alot better. He gets his temper under control alot more. We have to tell him NO or STOP alot less. He is doing much better with articulating his words and it's making it much easier to understand him. Now that it's sunny and warm most days we have the boys outside ALOT and that's helping him mellow out as well I think. He starts school August 24th, we are SO ready.

Oh and just incase you are curious as to what his shirt says it says "I run on Super Power" LOL
Cheli On Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Took little man to the doctor today for a recheck of his ears. They look GREAT. THANK GOD.
He'll be 15 months old in 2 days so we went ahead and got weight and height on him even though it wasn't his 15 month appt just yet. He is 23 lbs even ( with a onesie and a diaper on so probably like 22 lbs 13 oz or something) and 29.5 inches. Which means he's at 23rd percentile for weight and 6th for height. (wooooot still on the charts.. although height might not be accurate as he was fidgeting.. he'll get re measured next week). So his weight has slowed way down (he dropped 10% on the charts from 12 mon to 15 mon visits) and his height is tracking along at the same rate. On the adjusted charts for NS he's in the 50th :) WOO HOO.

He will go back next week for whatever shots we decide to get.

River is 42 inches and 40 lbs right now LOL.. off the top of the charts for height and at the top for weight.
Cheli On Monday, May 4, 2009
WOW has it really been 2 1/2 weeks since I last posted.. what a slacker I am. LOL Not that it matters, no reads this anyway I thnk.
I got on the scale this morning. Not that that's anything new. But the number on the scale was something I don't ever remember seeing I was THRILLED. So of course.. I got a picture. I'm going to move my scale picture day from Thursdays to Satrudays I think. Thursdays are one of the days that I have to get up early for school and I don't want to have to remember the picture and all that morning so Saturdays it is.. anyway..

I can not tell you the last time I weighed in the 150s. I'm SO excited. Mostly because I have 1.3 lbs to go before I am OUT of the OBESE catagory. YAY!!!!!
I started the 3rd semester of school last week. Boy oh boy did I get used to not having to study or do anything school related. I have 4 classes this time. Communications, Transitional Nursing, Chemistry, and Sociology. And All but the Communications comes with a crap load of homework. UGHHH Did I mention that getting homework done with a 3 year old and a 15 month old is close to impossible? I've been spending alot of time over at my friend Cindy's house. She doesn't have any kids just a couple of yorkies so it's nice an quiet over there. So far it seems to be working as I have a 4.0 average. My goal is to keep it through this semester.
River has been doing well. He is doing therapy for the sensory integration issue twice a week. They say he's doing great. I've noticed a SLIGHT improvement in his behavior recently. But maybe it's because I WANT to notice a difference in his behavior. I don't know. We enrolled him in preschool and he'll start in mid August or so going 8am to 2pm Mon-Fri. It will be GREAT for him. It will be GREAT for us. It will be GREAT for Journey. I'm excited for him. He does so much better with a stricter schedule and the school will provide him with that. Just 3 more months! He is getting so tall it's scary. We're in the process of buying winter clothes for this coming winter and we're having to buy 4T pants and 4 or 5T shirts. River Just turned 3 back in February. He's such a big boy :)

Journey finally started therapy through Early Intervention 2 weeks ago. His therapist comes to our house once a week for an hour for now. She's both his feeding and speech therapist but the more I watch him the more I don't think he needs the therapy for feeding quite so much anymore. He still has issues with liquids but I'm not really sure there is anything she can do for that. The feeding itself seems to be doing much better. The speech on the other hand.. leaves a lot to be desired. He says NOTHING. He will occasionally babble dadada or bababa but he doesn't put meaning to them and he doesn't say them during the right times so not one word. We are working on teaching him sign. We're working on "More" he's not impressed. His weight is doing good but his height still seems to be at a stand still. We went today to the pediatrician because he's been sick all weekend. He has yet another ear infection. So we have no been referred to an ENT. I got her to refer us back to the same ENT that did his tongue clipping back in December becausae I liked him. I'd rather drive down to Neumours downtown then use the ENT at the nemour outpatient clinic here in my city. I'm sure with the family history of ear infections and Journey's Noonan Syndrome (chronic ear infections are common due to the positioning of the ears) they will want to put tubes in his ears. We go back May 18th for his 15 month well check.
Doug's business has been doing well. We're starting to get repeat clients back which is GREAT and the clients are telling their friends and co-workers so hopefully we'll start getting even more with out having to do much advertising. It's great having the flexibility of being able to do schedule or not schedule as the need arrises. This is working well for us with the crazy hectic schedule we have right now.