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Cheli On Friday, November 30, 2007
I had my 26 week appointment today. I'm still below my pre-pregnancy weight :) But i did gain weight this go round.. could be because I ate the breakfast before I went too LOL So we'll see. My BP was 120/76 and my glucose was 155 :X Then I remembered that I drank some coffee this morning so she said she'd check it again at the end of the appointment before she decided whether to send me for a 3 hour at the lab or not. It was 123 at the end of the appointment about 20 minutes later so no GD for me this time around :) I have to go to the lab to get my hemoglobin checked one more time but other than that WOO HOO. I'm measuring 28 weeks LOL and Journey was active and HB sounded great.. he wouldn't stay still long enough for us to get a number on him LOL. I go back December 21st which is 3 weeks from now and then I'll be on the normal 2 week appointment schedule.
Cheli On Monday, November 26, 2007

99 days left until my due date!!

Happy Birthday Doug!!!!!

Cheli On Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Somehow it's already been another 10 days since I updated.. no idea how it got to be that long again LOL and honestly not too much to update on.

I'm 25 weeks 1 day pregnant today. Go Me! I've almost reached the double digits in the count down. And less than 2 weeks and I'll be in my third trimester. The pregnancy is flying by. Which in some ways is a blessing and other ways it stinks. Journey is growing more and more every day and getting stronger by the minute it seems. He is a very active little one and already developing a personality of his own. He can't stand when anything presses again my belly.. someone's hand, the bed when laying on my side, anything... and will kick right at the pressure every time. LOL We are pretty much done shopping for him. We have one or two small things left to get him and then we're good to go and it becomes a waiting game. I'm so ready to see this little one and the next 3 1/2 months are going to take FOREVER. I go back to the midwife a week from Friday for my last monthly appointment. WOW

I've been busy with work lately. I started work at a facility full time on the 3-11 shift. I LOVE my job. I didn't think I'd ever be able to say that about a job but I really do.. I love it. I look forward to going in every day and that's great. It makes it easier to go even when I don't feel so hot. The other nurses have been wonderful about helping me get my footing so to speak and don't mind helping me out on the things I'm not sure about or can't do because of the pregnancy. They keep saying what a wonderful nurse I am and what a good job I'm doing.. :) It makes me feel good. I'm planning on working up until the beginning of February at least.. we'll see though. I'm working as much as possible right now to try and make sure we are financially caught up on bills and what not before I have to stop working so that there isn't that burden to worry about as well.

River is doing AWESOME. He is on Singulair for his chronic allergies now and it is working so much better for him! He's talking up a storm and so amazingly cute. He is having some issues with not wanting to listen lately but eh, what kid doesn't. We are quickly putting a stop to it and he's getting better. As for the bitting and hitting. He's done alot better with these two things as well. We've changed his schedule around some and revamped some things that weren't working and the biting has pretty much stopped. WOOO HOOO. He has learned how to talk on the phone now. He'll hold imaginary conversations on his play phones (our old phones) and then gets very excited when the real phone rings and will come running from wherever he is shouting "Hed-o" (Hello) LOL He's so cute. I would say his vocabulary is up to somewhere around 30-40 words now :) My smart little man. And he had a follow up with the pediatrician for the bronchitis and it's now gone. He had to have a 3 day stint of antibiotics but it's gone and so is the cough and congestion so we're happy. He's growing like a weed.

Doug is doing great in school. He's in his 5th mod now (out of 9). After this mod is over he gets to order his table :) His estimated graduation date is April 5th. Which means we'll be moving back up to Knoxville no later than May 1st. We can't wait!!!

Cheli On Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hi Everyone,

It's been about a week or so.. I think since I updated. So let's see.

Yesterday was my and Doug's 2 year wedding anniversary WOOO HOOO Go us :) We went out for Sushi and saw a movie. We never get to go out anymore and it was much enjoyable. We saw "30 Days of Night" and while it was good movie if you are into the lore of vampires... I can't say it was worth the cost of tickets and what not. *shrug* The sushi was WONDERFUL.

Today River is 21 months old. Not much longer and he'll be 2 years old. WOW it's flying by. He's becoming such a little person lately. Talking much more every day. And he is very opinionated (What toddler isn't). He has started hitting and biting lately and we are at a loss as to how to stop him from doing it. We've tried a 2 minute time out, we've tried stern no's, we've tried ignoring it. We are teaching him "nice" and he seems to get the concept of being nice. He'll say "nice" and stroke the side of his face or your face and say "nice" again. But then he still hits or bites. I hope this is just a short lived phase.

I'm sick. I don't know exactly what's going on with me. I thought I had bronchitis as River had it last week. But todat it all seems to be in my head not in my chest so I don't know. Because of the pregnancy I'm kind of restricted on what I can take and have been miserable for closing in on a week now. *sigh* I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant now. 6 months. Where has it gone!?! It won't be long at all and I'll be holding a squishy newborn. I can't wait!! We only need about 2 or 3 more things for the baby and we'll be set. I love feeling ready. It makes me feel at peace with everything.

Cheli On Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We took River to the doctor yesterday. He has had a cough for weeks now and the last 2 or 3 days it's really been horrible. Then on top of that he's had diarrhea and no appetite for about 48 hours. So We took him in. She said as far as the stomach issues go.. just keep him hydrated and don't force him to eat, which we'd been doing anyway. She was a little concerned about his coughing though and sent us over to an imaging center for a chest x-ray.

We got a call this morning. He has bronchitis. I'm pissed. Linda (my mother in law) smokes. In the house. I hate it. She smokes in her smoking room and no where else (when we are up and around). But lately she has been leaving her door open, coming into the kitchen in the mornings before we get up with a cigarette, and just generally not giving a crap. Essentially.. she is the reason why River is sick. She will NOT smoke outside. She won't stop smoking at the house. We have no choice but to continue to live here until Doug graduates school and we can move back to Tennessee. And she doesn't care that River's always sick other than to say "awww poor baby".

They want River to get a nebulizer treatment every 4 to 6 hours. They put him on albuterol. They put him on singulair. And they sent him for blood work. My poor kiddo.

In other news.. I'm 23 weeks today. I'm starting work for a facility tonight part time (with full time potential) and I'm psyched about it. I'm still working for 2 other agencies for supplemental work but this will be consistant work and consistant paycheck. YAY!

I have some stuff I need to get done before going to work so I'll update more later.

Cheli On Friday, November 2, 2007
I had my midwife appointment today. Everything went great. I lost another pound LOL Which makes my total weight loss 4 lbs since I started the pregnancy. YAY! Journey's heart rate was in the 140s we think. Couldn't tell because he wouldn't stay still.. every time she put the wand on my belly he'd flip over, kick at the wand and move away LOL My BP is 117/72 and pulse was 85. I had protein and leukocytes in my urine today when I tested but she said both are common in vaginal secretions which increased during pregnancy and since we don't do clean catches there that's probably why. She says they don't worry unless it really gets outrageous and mine was just a trace. I take the GTT next time I go in. It's just a meal that I have to eat 2 hours before my appointment and I looked at the meal and it's really not bad at all so I think I'll do it instead of deny it. She said even if it comes back high they'll just send me to a lab for a blood draw to find out exactly what's going on and modify my diet as needed unless it's outrageously high and then I'll be risked out.. (I had GD with River) but my blood sugars have been running on the low side this pregnancy so I think I'm okay. My next appointment is November 30th and that will be my last monthly appointment. :)