Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, June 24, 2005

Hey Everyone,

It's only 11am and it's already been a long day... I ended up going to the emergency room the night before last. For the last few weeks I have had cramping/abdominal pain.. when I found out I was pregnant I put it off thinking it was just stretching or whatever.. well that night it was SHARP pain and I kinda freaked out.. So at 1am I made Doug take me to the ER. They got my right back there.. they did a uranalysis to confirm pregnancy (again) and then a blood work to test my HcG levels. After that they did a pelvic exam.. OMG that HURT. The guy was a royal asshole. The nurse was really nice though.. so then after the pelvic they leave me there for like 45 minutes.. come in.. and she's like we need to put in this Foley and then we'll take you down for an ultrasound.. they put in a fucking catheter for a damn ultrasound.. OMG and I thought the exam hurt.. So off to the ultrasound department.. they won't let Doug come because the tech doesn't allow anyone but the patient in there. They did a transvaginal ultrasound.. if you have every had one of these done.. they are not comfortable and to make it even more uncomfortable the catheter is still in place. So then after that was done the tech says he is going to fill my bladder up with some solution so they can get a better look at my uterus.. COLD COLD COLD water.. ughhhhhhh and finally he tells me that when I can't bear it anymore to let him know.. So I did.. that is when he starts PRESSING the ultrasound wand into my stomach.. OWWWWWWW

Once we done there.. back to the ER.. at least this guy was nice enough to cover me up with a warm blanket. Get back to the ER and NO ONE comes in for almost an hour.. the whole time I have the stupid catheter in and it's very uncomfortable.. Doctor comes in around 4am.. tells me that the pregnancy looks fine and that everything is doing what it's supposed to. Baby is where baby is supposed to be.. Follow up with OB/GYN ASAP (already had an appointment scheduled for this morning) and he gave me an Rx for Tylonel 3.. did you know it's a safe narcotic to take while pregnant?? *shrug*.

This morning I got up at 7 to be at the appointment by 8. The appointment lasted about 2 hours.. another pee test, more blodd work, another pelvic exam and a Papsmear. They did tell me everything looks good as far as they can tell. Want me to come back July 5th for an ultrasound for a more precise due date and to take a look at baby but for now the EDD is set at February 9th, 2006 Which makes me 7 weeks. Woooo hoooooo.