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Cheli On Thursday, September 21, 2006

I haven't been this tired in a long time... I am beyond tired... every fiber of my body aches *including the wonderful migraine* and I am irritated as hell. The baby is getting on my nerves for no reason.. he's just being a baby but it's getting to me. He's tired too and he's sick which just adds to the fun. *sigh*

Yeah, we took River to the doctor Tuesday. He has a double ear infection and the doctor thinks he has allergies. He came home on 3 prescriptions and goes back to the doctor October 3rd for a recheck. That means he now has ear infection number 3 and 4. UGHHHH he's going to end up with tubes in his ears I just know it. Still only two teeth and boy is crabby. He's chewing on everything in sight but only the two. He goes November 13th (or was it 14th) for his 9 month well baby visit. Other than that.. he's doing great. Into everything and going everywhere. He's gotten good at pulling himself up on things and is trying to master the art of cruising the furniture but we're still no too sure about that.

Doug got a letter yesterday from Comcast saying that they will be here Saturday between 11 and 2 to install our cable stuff.. WOOO HOOOOOOO. That means come Saturday night we will have every channel plus the movies and the high speed internet. I can NOT wait. I am beyond sick of no TV and dial up. He also did shift bid today. He got the last 9am to 6pm shift available. But he doesn't know what days he'll work yet. *shrug* I'm glad in one way that he got this shift because that means he'll be home in the evenings to help me study and such. And he'll have every Sunday off and every other Satuday off. But that means the baby will have to be in daycare which mean 620 dollars a month in daycare expenses until the funds from the Episcopal thing come through to help us.. *sigh* That's almost half of Doug's monthly income..

I am almost done with my first clinical rotation. I go tomorrow and that's the last day. I'm glad that we had the chance to do this as it was a nice break from the monotany of sitting in a classroom 7 hours a day but I am not sorry to not have to be getting up at 4:50 in the morning and going to take care of old people. My patient this week was a really sweet woman who didn't really need me to help her with anything but I had to help everyone else help their patients and then help patients that weren't ours. It was very strenuous. I have a whole new appreciation for what a CNA does. I'm tired. On Monday we have a Practicum Final (basically a hands on final) and then Tuesday we have a writen final. Then we are done with our first semester of nursing school. YAY!!!!! We have Wednesday off as a "semester break" and Thursday we start Med Surge and Pharmacology..should be nice and stressful.

Cheli On Thursday, September 7, 2006
Where has the time gone?????? My baby will be 7 months old on Monday and today he cut his first TEETH... not just one but 2 broke the gums (one is about half way up and the other just starting) and 2 others are RIGHT behind them.. poor kiddo. I am so glad that he got them though, I didn't get my first teeth until I was 2 and I was worried that he would be late at that too. Awwwwww He's getting so big!!!!!
Cheli On Tuesday, September 5, 2006
Yesterday was less than fun... I woke up feeling wonderful.. cleaned the house a bit so we wouldn't have to worry about it this week and then noticed that I had a sharp pain in my abdomen.. kept watching it through out the day and it kept getting worse.. About 2 it got to the point that it was hard for me to inhale because it hurt to breathe so we decided we needed to get me checked out by the doctor to make sure it wasn't something like my appendix. So up to Baptist hospital we go.. Get there about 4 or so and it takes forever to get back and get seen. First they did a urinalysis and then blood work and said my white blood count was a little high which means a slight infection but nothing too much to worry about.. decided to do an ultrasound to see if maybe I had gallstones.. that came back clear. They decided then that they can give me some pain meds and decided to give me Morphine.. I was still hurting afterward.. but I was nice and zoned LOL So they decided to do a CT scan.. which means I had to drink the Barium Sulfate.. for those who have never drank this stuff.. BE VERY GLAD.. it taste like chalky mint banana (they flavor the crap with banana to supposedly make it taste better and then call it a smoothie @@) I had to drink 26 oz of the shit in 2 hours.. I drink most of the second one and then told the nursing I couldn't drink anymore or I'd puke.. he said I didn't have to. CT Scan came back clear.. he was about to discharge me and decided to run another test.. a blood gas test which involves drawing blood straight from an artery.. oh the fun. It too came back clear.. then the doctor decides he wants to admit me for observation because he has no clue what's wrong with me. I refused and signed myself out AMA came home about 4am and took an 800mg of IBProfin and then crashed and slept until 9am got up and basically slept most of the day until we went to get the baby.. I feel much better although I still hurt some. *sigh*
Cheli On Sunday, September 3, 2006

I thought it might be time for some pictures of the the kiddo ;)

Cheli On Saturday, September 2, 2006

OK so it's been a while again.. things have been very busy around here the last few weeks..

We finished 102 in school and I ended up with a 90% in the class.. but 5 people didn't pass the class and were removed from the program.. that's rather scary.. 5 people out of 30.. we're down to 25 people. We started 103 right after that one and we are about a week or so into it. I'm doing pretty well but this is the class that scares me, it's all of the procedures that they teach you as a CNA.. it's the basics you ahve to know before you can start clinicals. After I finished the CNA training back in 2002 I took the test and passed the written with no problem.. the practicum was what I failed.. I don't want to fail this time around.. this is SO important.. Ughhhh pressure!!! We went to a Hospice center on Friday.. I have to write an essay on it and pallative care this weekend and turn it in on Tuesday when we go back. Not a big deal.

Doug started work on Monday. He likes it well enough :) He has Monday off too but it's PAID! YAY!!!! He'll get his first paycheck on the 15th and we will be able to start getting caught up on bills finally YAY!!!! I'm so proud of him for getting the Comcast job.. and I know he's looking forward to the benefits :) It's been hectic trying to fall into a routine of whoe goes where and when but I think we finally got it!

The baby started daycare on Monday.. last Friday he got sick.. Saturday he had a 102 fever and was really lethargic.. found out he's got an ear infection so he's on antibiotics for it and doing much better. He LOVES the daycare which is good. We've been having a few minor snags with the daycare but nothing major..

Anyway we aren't really doing anything this weekend other than spending time together and relaxing but I thought I would write and update while I have a chance... .who can believe it's September already!