Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, October 21, 2005

Hey Everyone,

It is 1:15am.. I have to be up for school at 6:30.. why am I still up??? because I have been eaten alive by mosquitos!!!! OMG isn't there some kind of limit as to how many bites one person can have??? I have at least 10... that I can see So I can't sleep because I itch too bad.. poor Doug is going to Wal-Greens or Wal-Mart to try and find something to make it stop itching!

Had a midwife appointment on Tuesday.. I gained 1 whole pound in 4 weeks.. WOOO HOOOO puts me at a grand total of 7 lbs this pregnancy. YAY!!!!! I am measuring right on schedule.. it was the first appointment that she actually measured the uterus from the outside. We listened to River's heart beat and it was in the 150's.. as best as she could get because he is soooooo damn active. She also gave me the stupid Glucose drink.. which they can now only get in orange :( I have to take that before my next appointment on Novemer 17th. That will be my LAST 4 week appointment and then I move to ever 2 weeks :) YAY!!!!! Ultrasound on Tuesday.. can't wait.. want to know if the cyst has gone away. Want to know how much he weighs.. want to see him...

School is going okay.. Doug and I have both gotten letters from the lender for the loans.. both of us got approved. I recieved a letter Wednesday that the check had been mailed to the school. So I will hopefully pick that up tomorrow and then Doug's will probably be there next week we are thinking.. I hope so... Yesterday was a hard day... Doug went to work like usal and about 6:30 I got a call from Vicky.. one of the ladies who works there.. asking me if Doug was okay.. I had NO clue what was going on... Vicky was like "Oh he hasn't made it home yet??" and I knew.. Doug got fired.. *sigh* He is pretty beat up about it.. I'm scared about it but I KNOW we will be okay.. we will do whatever it takes. So it looks like I will be going back to work for a while.. *sigh* whatever it takes to make this work.

We went up to Caremark today for an open house thing.. they are apparently hiring ALOT of people because Open Enrollment season is coming up and they need people. So we signed up for an interview and filled out on-line applications.. they pay 10.60/hr and have 2nd shift shift differental of 10% putting our pay at 11.60/hr.. WOOO HOOOO.. that would put us making 3200 dollars a month between the two of us.. even if i stop working in January.. if we can start the next training class (which is next month). We will get at least 4 pay checks a piece before I stop working and Doug will make 1600 on his own a month... and with loans and grants and his paycheck and available overtime for him.. OMG we would be doing so good.. We go next week for interviews.. wish as luck!

The baby's stuff is coming along nicely.. we have clothes (but need more), we have a bouncer seat, an infant tub, a boppy, some diapers (1 pack of size 1 Pampers)and we ordered the co-sleeper (which should be on the 25th according to UPS)... I want him here!!!! I can't wait.. and yet I'm scared to death LOL