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Cheli On Monday, August 21, 2006

OK yeah so it's apparently been a while since I updated... oops..

We had a final today in our College Math class.. I got a 95 on the final and my final grade was 94. :) So now we are just doing Fundamentals 102 for the next week.. we have a final in that next Monday. We just started the class last Tuesday.. they really move quick in this school. We go to the Hospice center on Thursday and then we get CPR certified on Friday. WOOO HOOO. Then we'll be ready to start clinicals in September. YAY

River is doing great. He's pulling himself into a standing position on everything he can get ahold of now. He still won't sit up unassisted but that's mostly because if he's sitting he's stationary and he hates to be stationary.

Doug starts work on Monday.. which means River starts daycare and things really start getting hectic. We're taking him up to the daycare sometime this week so I can get used to the idea of leaving him there and so he can get used to the idea of being there. *sniff* I don't want to but I know we don't have another choice. *sniff* Anyone want to move down here and be a full time baby sitter?

Well I need to go get things ready for tomorrow and then go to bed. I'll talk to everyone soon.

Cheli On Wednesday, August 9, 2006
River was scheduled to have his 6 month WBV yesterday at 10. At 9 am we get a call from the doctors office *the same one he has had since Birth* saying that they don't take the type of insurance we have so they have to cancel. We asked if we could pay out of pocket and they will not accept cash because we have insurance. How fucked up is that?? So because they decided not to tell us until an hour before his appointment we don't get to get his appointment done today.. I am BEYOND pissed. We are calling the doctor that they say he HAS to see even though we've never even heard of the doctor before an our lives. Whatever.. I hate being poor
So we took him to the other pediatrician so that we could continue the same shot schedule that we are on until we could get stuff straightened out with the insurance.. which I did. The pediatrician was awful.. never asked us any questions about the baby or anything just did his measurements and gave him a small physical and shots and send us on our way.. we won't need to go back there though because we get to start going to his regular pediatrician again WOOO HOOO. So he weighed River at 19 1/2 lbs and 27 inches.. didn't sound right to me so I called his normal pediatrician and they let us bring River in to be weighed and measured on the scale that we normally have him on. His official measurements are:
Weight : 18 lbs 10 (50th %)
Height : 26 3/4 inches (50th %)
Head: 17 inches (25th %)
We'll see his normal pedi on the 7th of September to discuss how he is developing and when we are going to challenge him on the formula. We'll make his 9 month appt then.
Cheli On Friday, August 4, 2006

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Week 3 is done. YAY!!! We got another test grade in A&P today.. I got a 92. My average is now like a 95 or something, not that it matters because the final makes up 50%. Finaly is on Friday. Math sucks.. we had our first test in it yesterday.. they are multiple choice math test.. WTH??? Who the hell gives multiple choice math tests?? And there were a bunch of errors on the test and the questions were worded weird but the teacher wigged out when everyone didn't do as well as she expected. I got an 88. Whatever.. I've gotten 2 chapters worth of work back in that class.. a 100 on the first and a 94 on the second.. she completely picks it apart.. any little error she finds (including labeling your answers) she deducts for it. UGHHH. And we have her for the next 3 classes or next month and a half.. FUN FUN. *sigh* It's all good.. it's FRIDAY!

We are going over to a friends house tomorrow to go swimming in her pool.. hopefully River will like it more than he did in the spring fed pool because it won't be as cold. We're going to BBQ or something. Should be fun :) The Sunday we are all going to Linda's work to help her get caught up because they took away her over time and what not so she's going in on her time off because she can't stand to be so far behind :( I told her we'd come and help her.

Cheli On Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Let's see...

Monday we had the final in our Fundamentals class.. I got a 83 on the final :( and a 86 as a final grade.. It's not BAD but it's definately a hell of a lot worse than I thought I was going to do.. I need to stay after and talk to the instructor but when I asked her about it yesterday she said I would have to go to the DON if I wanted to see the test because she'd already turned them over. Apparently someone else jumped all over her for their grade and pissed her off so she turned them in with out giving the rest of us a chance to see ours. Whatever.. I'll deal with the 86.. I'm doing much better in A&P than I thought I would. We had 2 tests so far.. I got a 94 on one and a 97 on the other! We have the midterm tomorrow :) We started Math today.. *yawn* I turned in all the homework for the entire class today... now I can ignore her because it's elementary mathmatics which will give me time to concentrate on A&P even though I am 5 chapters ahead in that too.. LOL We start Fundamentals 102 on the 14th.. 102 and 103 are the classes we have to get 80s in and can not remediate or we are out of the program.. no pressure :) We've already had 1 or 2 people drop out..

In other news.. Doug got hired on with Comcast Call Center today as Tech Support.. A job he will really love! The training class doesn't start until August 28th though so we'll have to figure out how to make it until then.. And the class is 9am to 5 pm when he does start so we'll have to put River in daycare for at least the month and a half that he is in training. *sigh* But the job pays significantly higher than Doug has been making which will really helps us make it through the next year. Hopefully once Doug is out of the training class he'll be on evenings or nights so the baby can come out of daycare. I really don't want him in daycare so we're going to see about hiring a temp nanny or something not that I like that any better. *sigh*

Well I have to be up at 5:40 tomorrow to go to a study group before the midterm so I better go to bed..