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Cheli On Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey All,

Well I THOUGHT we were almost ready diaper wise for River.. now I'm not so sure.. I mean we have a good start but we need almost double of what we have... We have 16 fitteds (which are basically the inside of the diaper) everyone says that a newborn goes through about 10 of them a day.. which mean I'd have to do laundry every day.. I'm going for every other day so they don't wear out as fast.. which means if I have 2 days of dirty I need to have at least half a day of clean.. so I need to have about 25 fitteds.. 9 to go...

Then it says we need to have 2-3 covers for every 6 fitteds.. so 8 to 12 covers.. we have 9. So a few more covers and we should be good.

We got a couple of AIO's which are All In Ones.. basically just like disposables only you don't throw them away when they are dirty.. these are supposed to be really good at night.. if they are really good we'll buy more of these..

Everything I've bought is supposed to go up to 15 lbs.. everyon says that even if says 15 lbs it usually fits to almost 20. That would be good....

In other news.. we are switching doctors.. again. There is a doctor that is closer then where I'm going now and he specializes in high risk/ gestational diabetic pregnancies and he is willing to take me this far in pregnancy. I have an appointment with him next Tuesday. It means I wont' be delivering at the hospital I thought I was but I don't think the hospital I am going to be delivering at is a bad one..

I'm 33 weeks.. 7 weeks go or less.. YAY!!!!!!! Come on little man bake faster!!!!!!