Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, September 19, 2005

Hi Everyone,

Ughhhh it's Monday!!! I hate Mondays!!!

I am sitting in the computer lab at the college, bored because I don't have my next class until 12:55 and that's still 40 minutes away.. so I figured I'd come update while I have time. I was supposed to test out of my Computer class on saturday but I looked at one of the parts of the test and I just didn't feel I knew it well enough so I figure I'll just get an easy boost on my GPA for the semester.. can't hurt. I figured out today that if I can mange to take 2 classes next Semester and 4 classes the Semester after that I can apply for nursing school Jan of 2007 when it's officially allowed. I'm technically allowed to apply next Summer but I wouldnt be accepted until January anyway and wouldn't start until the following semester. I'll find something to take that Semester so that I can continue to get the Pell Grant.. we'll see.

Last night was.. stressful but exciting. Went to work like usual and while at work I started cramping really bad.. and naturally I freaked out. So I told my supervisor I was going to go to the ER and off Doug and I went. Well the ER ran blood work, uranalysis, did a pelvic exam (whoo hooo :( ) and then sent me up for an ultrasound to make sure baby was measuring where it was supposed to be. We get up there and the tech starts doing measurements... femur, head circumfrance, tummy, and pointing out different things like heart and nose and so on and so forth. He says everything looks GREAT! Then we ask him the question I've been DYING to know.. CAN YOU TELL WHAT IT IS..... So he starts looking.. and looking and looking.. and every time he'd get a glimpse baby would flip around or shift.. finally he thinks he gets a good view and says "is there a certain sex you were hoping for?" and Doug is like "yes.. a girl" and the tech just goes "oh" LOL Doug's face was priceless.. tech said it LOOKED like a boy.. then said "wait wait" hit a button on the machine and made the blood flow show up and goes "never mind that's the cord". Keep hunting... after about 10 more minutes he says well lets put it this way with the angles I was getting I couldn't see any boy parts... I'd be betting on a girl if I was you.." SO we are thinking GIRL for now.. Doug is so happy.. me too :) We'll go for the official sonogram Next Tuesday and hopefully get confirmation if she'll cooperate. The tech did say that she and I are both measuring 19 weeks .. I'm only supposed to be 18 weeks. He says she weighs approximately 10 oz and she has long legs :) LOL I'm so happy!!!!! I will post pictures when I get them on the 27th :)

OK off to my last class 20 minutes early.. have a good day all