Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, December 19, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Doug has an interview tomorrow afternoon with Comcast.. we are really hoping he gets it. It's good pay, good perks... hell it's pay. I know he really wants AOL but I am beginning to wonder if they are ever going to call back. We went up there last week to find out why they never called him or anything and they said that they had requested his file from the home office and that the wrong file had been sent so they are waiting on his file to be sent and then someone will contact him. He is stressing about not working.. and I'm stressing a little bit too but I don't blame him for anything going on. He and I are both doing everything we can at this point (unfortunately there isn't much I can do). So if everyone could keep fingers crossed for him tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.

The pregnancy is going well.. as far as I know. I'll be 33 weeks Tuesday/Wednesday (depends on which due date you go by). I got a call from the doctor on Friday.. they got my second glucose one hour screen back and surprise surprise it came back that i have gestational diabetes *rolls eyes* My level was 153 which is ALOT better than the 208 I got in TN but still not great.. especially considering that River continues to grow every day. They are going to start monitoring me weekly but not until after the holiday. I have my next appointment on the 28th at 11am to talk about the diabetes and how we're going to manage it and how this going to effect the birth plans and the such like and then I have an ultrasound on the 29th at 12:30 to measure the baby's size and weight and the fluid around him. I'll be 34 weeks then.. the doctor already said she wants me to make it to at least 37 weeks but hopefully 38. Somewhere around then they are thinking about inducing. That is 5 weeks away... OMG

As for the cloth diapers.. so we decided not to do the prefolds and covers thing.. we decided to go with fitteds and covers.. much much easier. I think I just about have everything we need on the way here.. which works. I mean we need more but we have a good start with what's coming. I know we are really prepared as far as what we need for him overall but I still have this feeling that we're just not ready.. that we've forgotten something.

I spoke to my mom a few days ago. She finally caved in and asked me the sex of the baby. And then I got cussed at when I told her it was a boy. She wanted a boy and got two girls. ROFL. She ranted for a few minutes about how it was yet another thing that my father couldn't do right. I have a feeling that she'll be a little more involved now that she knows she's gonna have a grandson. i think she was full out expecting a little girl. *grin*

Spoke to my grandmother and got lectured.. *rolls eyes again* She asked if I was going to be lighting candles for Hanukkah.. I said that I didn't have a menorah and she acted like I had commited the worst criminal act known to man. She said she was going to keep my Jewish heritage in me and keep me Jewish even if no one else would. I didn't have the heart or the energy to tell her (again) that I'm Pagan. I just said yes Grandma and then she went on to a different topic. I love her but sometimes the woman drives me nuts. So I've been talking with a friend of mine who still practices Judism and she started talking about having bagel, cream cheese, lox, and onions.. so now I want them.. and I'm not allowed

I didnt' crave much the entire pregnancy up until now.. yesterday I craved Chinese food, french fries, and ice cream. LOL not together but basically I wanted them all. Doug indulged me.. I love him. Today i wanted pasta and chocolate.. we don't have either. oh well.

Anyway.. enough rambling. Good night all...