Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Sunday, June 19, 2005
Hi Everyone,

First of all... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!

This is definately going to be a Father's Day Doug and I will never forget.. I found out today that I'm pregnant. We haven't been to a doctor yet (obviously) but we took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I am taking another one in the morning to be sure and making an appointment with both TennCare and the doctor... have no clue how to find a doctor that can help... have no clue how to find a doctor that i trust and that I can afford. Should be interesting. So then after telling Doug the news. We started calling people and telling them... we both called all our friends (or most of them) and both called our mothers. My mom freaked out.. like I thought she would. She didn't yell but you could hear the dissapointment dripping off her words. She told me how I was screwing up a good life that I had started for myself finally and how Doug and I were just getting set up and I was being stupid.. yeah... so then she said she needed to get off the phone to digest the information and she'd talk to me later. *sigh* I dunno.. I guess I'll give her space.

So life is going to be changing big time.. no more drinking no more smoking.. eating right, playing safe, and all sorts of stuff.. Have so much to learn. i want to know everything.

Work starts tomorrow. Guess I better go get ready for bed.. guess I better eat first..

Question.. for all the mothers out there.. what are you ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to do when you are pregnant? I've heard all sorts of things..