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Cheli On Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Also, decided to go ahead and post baby pics.. there were taken July 5th, 2005 and I was 7 weeks 4 days pregnant... I go back next Tuesday for another ultrasound I think and then I'll be 11 weeks 5 days pregnant! So I'll post pictures when we get them!

Cheli On Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Haven't felt much like writing the last few days but I have been reading. I finished the Harry Potter book yesterday... I guess I KNEW it was gonna happen but I still don't like the way it happened.. and I'll leave it at that for those of you who haven't read it yet.

I am nervous and excited and all sorts of stuff today.. I started working on the 11th FINALLY for Jewelry Television/ACN and so far I LOVE IT.. the people are great, the customers.. *giggles* are interesting to say the least.. the products are beautiful. So this weekend is this HUGE special on the channel.. Christmas in July.. it started at 7am this morning and goes until Monday at 7am... the mentor that I've been siting with for a few days told my supervisor that she thinks I am ready to be on the phone on my own.. he turned around immediately and asked if I wanted overtime this weekend... LOL extra money??? why would I want that?? OF COURSE I do.. so I said yes.. he said commit to only a few hours just in case you can't handle it.. so I commited to 3-7pm both Sat and Sun.. (that was Thursday). I come in yesterday and one of the team leads says that there is no overtime for me per the head honcho.. UGHHHH I told my mentor who was training Doug yesterday and she went and talked to the supervisor.. who apparently fixed it or whatever because when we came out of a meeting he said.. if you still want overtime you are welcome to it but come in after 5 so I am here. So I come in at 5 today and 5 tomorrow.. and per the supervisor and the head honcho.. they won't be kicking me out any time soon LOL.. So OVERTIME!!!!! YAY

Finally made it past the stupid 9th week.. for the 3rd time.. told the midwife that if we do another ultrasound on August 2nd (which we are) and it comes back saying I'm again not as far along as we thought.. she better not tell me because I am not doing the 9th week again LOL. The nausea has finally subsided... as long as I eat every few hours.. and with Tylonel the sciatic nerve thing hasn't been too too bad either... was supposed to go to physical therapy yesterday morning but due to the fact that I haven't been sleeping much this week.. we rescheduled for Tuesday.

OK off to go take a shower and eat and all that stuff before I head into work.. have a good weekend everyone!

Cheli On Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Hey Everyone,

We went to the OB today for an ultrasound and a check up to get a better idea of due date and all that. Found out that baby is doing BEAUTIFULLY.. we got pictures if anyone would like to see we would be glad to send them to you just drop an e-mail in my inbox. And WE GOT TO HEAR THE HEARTBEAT!!!!!! It was 145 and STRONG. The doctor said that we are both doing beautifully and wants to see me again August 2nd. They did adjust my due date however... pushed it back to February 17th, 2006... but anyway.. had to share... hope everyone is doing well :)