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Cheli On Friday, February 24, 2006

River's 2 week check up

Well we went for River's 2 week well baby check up... first his stats

He weighs 8 lbs 3 oz which is a 12 oz gain from birth.. he is in 25% for his weight

He is 21 1/4 inches which is 1 1/4 inches bigger than birth... he is in the 75% for height

His head is 14.5 which is the same size his head was at birth.. 50%

His exam went well.. he has to go back next week for an ultrasound because there is a click in his hip.. she said basically it means that his hip comes out of the socket when it's rotated.. the ultrasound will show us if it's sometimes or all the time and how severe.. if it's more severe then a 20 degree he'll either have to wear a brace at night for a while or we'll have to double diaper him. That is going to be scheduled for sometime the beginning of next week and then we'll go to the pediatrican the day after to have her explain the results.

His rash is almost gone but thanks for all the advice.. the doctor said it's just an explained rash.. it actually had a name but I don't rememeber what it is.. she said alot of babies get it the first few months of life and it can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks but it doesn't bother them at all. Everything else went great as far as his exam.. my baby is 2 weeks old tomorrow!!!

Cheli On Wednesday, February 22, 2006
This kid is going to give me gray hair before he's one I swear it....

River broke out in some kind of rash today.. I noticed it this afternoon.. it was all over his arms and his upper back and neck... called the pedi and they said bring him in. Off to the ped we go.

Doctor doesn't know what's causing the rash... said to go home and wash everything really thoroughly and see if that helps. Keep the appointment for 2 days from now (his 2 week check up) and we'll go from there.

He did a mini exam.. which of course woke River up who was HUNGRY and screamed the entire time.. so the doctor made us hold his hands down and his head down which pissed him off even more.. he said that River's screaming (a new development) might be the beginning of Colic since it happens at the same time every night and nothing helps.. said that his belly is nice and soft which is a good thing when you have a crying baby. Checked his nose, ears, and eyes... all of which are clear and good.

They weighed him but didn't take any other measurements but that will be done on Friday with his well baby check up. But....

At discharge on Thursday 2/16 he was 7 lbs 8 oz
As of today 2/22 he was 8 lbs even. WOO HOOO Half a lb gain in 6 days.. YAY!!!

He is still having latching problems but after a few minutes we get it figured out and he nurses well which is all I care about.

Will update again on Friday with all the stats :)
Cheli On Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Quick update..

Everything is going good here. We have officially weaned River completely off the bottle. WOO HOO! He is doing great so far. He has a crying spell every night from 8pm (Sarah that must be that fussy period you were telling me about) until about 8:30. And then he'll sleep for 4 hours.. wake to feed... sleep for 4 hours wake to feed and sleep again until we get up about 7. Not too bad.. the only problem. He will NOT sleep in his own damn bed... just with us. Why? because the stupid people shove down your throat that it's "back to sleep" and the munchkin HATES sleeping on his back.. put him on his stomach and he sleeps for 2-3 hours on his own. I am thinking about just screwing what they say and putting him to sleep on his stomach.. but then I'll worry about SIDS. AHHHHHH

He goes in on Friday for his 2 week check up and we're taking him tomorrow for his first professional pictures.. *grin* I'll send e-mail out when we get the pictures or proofs or something. We also got birth announcements that my great aunt had made for us.. she sent us like 25 of them.. I don't think we have 25 people to send them to LOL Oh well.

I feel almost human again. I don't hurt anymore. The stitches are still there.. don't have any idea when they will go away but hey at least I can pee with out pain now. Yep it's the small things.. LOL I have noticed that occasionally my back and neck will spasm for a moment 2 or 3 times a day.. I think it's from the epidural but I'm not sure.. I'm going to mention it to the doctor when I go in for my Depo shot on Tuesday.

We went ahead and got on WIC to help make sure we get the foods that help supplement breastfeeding mothers. They have to weigh you as part of their records and what not.. I have lost 13 lbs since River was born.. 7 more to go. My grandmother gave me a giftcard to Motherhood Maternity to get some nursing tops and bras.. I had NO bras that fit anymore.. apparently Motherhood Maternity barely had bras to fit me.. I am in the largest size they sell in store.. if I go any larger I'll have to order on-line. *sigh*

So other slightly psychotic and slightly sleep deprived.. I'm not doing too bad.. How is everyone else?
Cheli On Sunday, February 19, 2006
Hormones and bi-polar unmedicated SUCK.

I had a mini breakdown earlier. Doug is supposed to start work Wednesday if everything goes right.. will be the first time since October that he's been gone for more than a few hours and this time I am in charge of a little person who is having some latching issues. Doug asked what was wrong and I told him several times I was okay.. got in the car and he asked again and I told him.. then started crying and couldn't stop. It just flooded out of me. The fear of having to be here alone in the house ALL day with the baby. The being tired. The experience of the last 10 months. Everything.. I'm drained.

I don't know what I would do without Doug. He is my rock. He keeps a level head (for the most part) when River freaks out. And if he doesn't I do.. it's like we know that we can't both lose our sanity at the same time. I love him so much. He has given me so much in the last 2 years that I never thought I would have. Marriage, a baby, a husband, a friend, a life.. a family.. he has given me so much and I owe him the world.. for now all I can do is say I love you every chance I get and hope he knows how deep that goes. A friend of mine said that she never thought it was possible that having a baby would strengthen her and her husbands relationship.. but when she had her daughter that's exactly what it did.. I didn't believe her.. but now I see it's true. I am connected him. I see him in a different way now. There is nothing like watching your husband and son sleep chest to chest in the morning.. what's even better is catching it on camera *grin*

We are weaning River off the bottle slowly. The NICU insisted that he be given a bottle so they could monitor how much he was eating... then when we brought him home I was afraid that he wouldnt be getting enough and we wouldn't know it.. but I am sure he'd get enough and breastfeeding is something I have wanted to do from the moment I found I was pregnant. So we are cutting bottles from most of his day and night (except for the few hours that Doug lets me sleep and an occasional supplemental feeding if he empties my breasts and still seems hungry.. although earlier he wouldn't take the bottle afterward).

I love my son so much. it's only been a little over a week and already he means everything to me. My family. My life. I am so happy.. Thank you Doug.
Cheli On
River had an upset tummy all day yesterday.. no idea why.. my best guess is all the stress from being out in the world and not in the NICU and them giving him Similac and me giving him exclusively breastmilk. Either that or he was eating to the point of making his tummy hurt.. so we cut back on his feeding amount. We are cutting him off at about 2 1/2 oz. Seems to me that after that he is just sucking to suck not because he's hungry. Paci works just as well for the sucking. and boy does he LOVE his paci! *giggles*

About 10:30 or so last night he his a fussy spell.. NO idea what it was about.. he just WOULD NOT be consoled.. hed stop for about 2 minutes and then start screaming again. I hope he is not headed toward colic and it was just an over do of his upset tummy.. however.. once I stripped him down to his diaper and swaddled him up and started rubbing his bottom gum.. he fell asleep almost instantly. He couldn't be teething this early could he? I didn't feel anything but the gum rubbing seemed to be magic. Once we got him to sleep the first time he slept with me for about 2 1/2 hours and then was hungry and needed to be changed.. then fell back asleep. I woke Doug up about 4 for a shift change and basically he and Doug have been sleeping ever since.. it's now almost 10.. poor little man..

We took my mother in law out of for her birthday last night. My sister in law and her husband were down here to see River and to drop my neice off with her dad so the 5 of us all went to a Japanese Resturant. Linda's birthday isn't until March 1st but I figure we have the money now and her best friend will probably want to take her out on her birthday so we claimed her first. I got to have a Pina Colada.. a real one.. with alcohol.. WOOT.. I couldn't drink it all.. apparently 10 months with no alcohol has turned me into a light weight. *giggles*

Once Doug wakes up we've got a few errands to run and i want to go by JCPenny's to make an appointment to get Rivers pictures done.. we got a bunch of coupons in mail for free sittings and free 8x10's with a traditonal package for like 8 dollars.. can't beat that.

Off to go check my overflowing e-mail box while there is quiet.. have a good day all!
Cheli On Saturday, February 18, 2006
So our first night home was a little rough, munchkin slept only about 3 hours total the entire night which meant NO sleep for mom and dad.

Last night was MUCH better.. We figured out that part of the reason that River didn't sleep was because it was too quiet.. being in the NICU for 5 days he got used to lots of noises all the time.. and it was silent at night here.. So last night baby and I slept on the couch from 11pm until 4am.. and the daddy took over and changed him and what not and Daddy and baby slept on the couch from 4 until 7:30. So we got 8 hours of sleep a piece.. OMG sooo needed.

We gave the muchkin his first sponge bath at home last night.. he was LESS than happy about the whole ordeal even though he was half clothed the entire time and held by daddy.. so when I had to do the bottom half.. he peed all over daddy. *grin* But he smells much better :)
Cheli On Thursday, February 16, 2006
He is home.. we are so happy.. he is perfect.. has cried twice both times was feeding time.. he latched on with NO problem what so ever which is GREAT since they have been giving him bottles for the last 5 days. I am so in love.
Cheli On

The doctors are KILLING me!!!! We were told to call up there this morning around 10:30 to see when and if munchkin could be discharged today.. we called.. 2:00.... another 3 damn hours... I am going NUTS!!!!! I want my son! We have cleaned the entire house this morning, cleaned ourselves, packed a bag for him, got everyhting ready... and now all we can do is wait.. *screams* I want him NOWWWWWWWWW!

We went up there last night for his 9pm feeding and the nurse was FRANTIC and SOOOO apologetic.. she didn't know we were coming and at 8:20 River started DEMANDING food.. 40 minutes ahead of schedule.. so she gave in and fed him.. she had just finished wen we got there at 8:45. She was so afraid we'd be mad. Poor woman. He had 65 CC's!!!!!!!! That is 2 oz.. that is the most he has ever had!!! I'm so proud of him!! And then we walk over to look at him and they took the IV out of his arm completely and he just has a little band-aid and they took the tube out of his nose.. the only wires he has now are the stupid leads for the heart and respitory monitoring as a precaution.

She said that he did loose weight yesterday.. .7 oz.. which brings him to an even 7 lbs 8 oz. WOOO HOOO. Healthy boy! We stayed there for a good hour and a half just holding him. Soaking him in.. he is beautiful.. yeah I know what mother doesn't think her kids are beautiful but he is beautiful!!! So then we realize that he probably isnt' going to fit in the outfit we had picked out for him so we had to rethink the outfit choice.. that and it's 70 here today.. the outfit would be too warm for him.

So yes I am going crazy waiting but he IS DEFINATELY coming home today.. WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

New pictures on my album
Cheli On Wednesday, February 15, 2006
OK so I finally have time and a little energy to type of the birth story.... here we go...

We got to the hospital at 7:15am and had to fill out 500 forms of crap.. finally get to the room at 8:10. They got me all hooked up the monitors and started an IV fluids and then no one came back for 3 hours..
At 11:50 the induction was officially started.. the dilated me with a pill to soften my cervix which was still thick and used mechanical dilation to get me to a 3. Said they would check the dilation in 4 hours.. and left. By 1:15 when the nurse came in to check vitals and what not I was at 3cm and 25% effaced.. Pitocin was started at 3:10 and they gave me the epidural at 4:30.. they took 3 tries before the student doing it got scared when I started to cry and cuss ( I was having intense contractions every 2 minutes lasting almost 90 seconds and she kept missing where she needed to be making the pain even worse)... the real anetheologist took over and had it in in less than 5 minutes.

Everything was great for a while and then at 5:35 River's heart went from 130's to the 70's after a contraction and didn't come back up.. doctors rushed in 2 nurses and an OR tech... i was put on my side and given oxygen and when that didn't work I was put on the other side.. still didn't work.. they stopped pitocin officially at 6pm and his heart rate came back up. They said that the contractions were too long and too intense and he wasn't having a chance to recover. They decided to give him an hour and possibly start pitocin again on lower drip... never did have to start it again.

My water broke at 8pm and the pedi came in to discuss our birth plan with us. I was checked again at 8:45 and was at 8cm.. officially hit 10cm at 11:10 pm and was allowed to push 5 minutes later. After about 30 minutes of pushing I still wasn't making enough progress so the nurse grabbed a towel and said we were going to play tug-o-war.. which mean when I had a contraction she would hold one end I would hold the other and I was supposed to pull her while she placed all her weight on the towel.. and she said and whatever you do.. DO NOT let go of the towel because you'd kill your nurse. LOL

At 12:15 she told me she was calling the doctor on the next push.. I started to push and she said she was calling now.. ran to the phone and actualyl told me to STOP pushing.. made an over head page "Doctor to Room 3 for Delivery"... yep one problem.. I was in rooom 10.. 2 minutes later.. doctor, 2 nurses, an intern and someone else ran into the room.. wiithin 3 minutes the doctor had gowned up, put on a mask, got all the tools set up for delivery got a bag/sheet under me.. and was ready.. turned to me and less than 1 minute later River was born. He was born at 12:21am on February 11th, 2006.
Cheli On
First the good news...

Munchkin man comes home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to the hospital this morning for his noon feeding at 11... i was DYING to see him. And apparntly so were my boobs because I turned the corner.. said Hi baby.. he started making his hungry sign and I leaked everywhere.. wonderful.. When we got there he was off of the bililight. He was off the IV still and his sugar levels were good.. so good in fact that they had completely removed the IV shunt and board that was on his arm.. first time I've seen his little arm free of crap since he was born! YAY!!! They said he was still eating like a champ but that it wasn't time to feed him yet so Doug and I went over to the pump room to express milk.. yeee haw.. and as we were finishing up and cleaning things and what not one of the nurses came over and said I needed to get over there because my son was DEMANDING me. *giggles* Back over there we go and he is all swaddled and comfy just looking around waiting.. I said hellp baby boy.. and he starts clicking his tounge again.. Doug fed him his bottle.. he got 35 ccs down in less than 5 minutes.. I told the nurse that he wanted more and she actually said it wasn't in his orders to be given anything other than the 35.. I told her that they had let him have more than that if he wanted it the last two times we fed him.. she argued that it had to be a written order.. River started screaming.. she said she'd call.. got the OK and he took another 20 ccs.. 55 ccs total.. WOOOT!!! that is just shy of 2 oz.

Then as we are sitting there the doctor comes in and tells us that as long as he stays eating at least the 35.. he can come home tomorrow!!!! *dancing* so we are going up there the same time tomorrow to pick him up!!!! 5 days in the NICU but my baby boy is coming home!!!!!!!!

Now I am freaking out.. I am so scared I am going to screw him up.. not hear him.. not know what he wants.. not be able to give him what he wants.. do something.. AHHHHHHHH how to people do this??????? And yet... the only thing in this world that I want is to hold my little boy in my arms with no wires and know that no one else can take him away.

Now the bad.. well not bad.. just... bitching...

My boobs Fing HURT!!!!!!! My milk came in last night apparently.. GOOD GOD!!!! And to top it off.. the nipples are too big for the pump we have so it has rubbed one of them into having blood blisters which makes it hurt so bad I can't pump which makes it get so full it hurts.. BLAH!!!!!

I was gonna complain more but I need to go get ready to run to the hospital to drop off milk and spend time with the munchkin before bed.
Cheli On Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Just got back from the hospital.. andit was a great trip.. just seeing him made us both feel so muchbetter.. when we got there Doug peaked around the corner before hescrubbed in and about had a shit fit.. River was under a billilight andhad sheilds over his eyes... he apparently has developed a minor caseof jaundice so they are being over zealous and treating him for it fullout so we don't have to worry about it later.

I went off to go pump (wooo hoo) andDoug stayed with munchkin man to get ready to feed him his first allbreastmilk bottle.. the doctor requires 35 CCs minimum.. they said ifhe didn't take the 35 they would have to supplement witht he tube whichis why it's still in place but that if he wanted more he could haveit.. the last two feedings of formula he barely choked down therequired amount.. this time when I got back he was STILL eatingvigorously and was almost done with the 35 CCs. So we used some of the60 I had just pumped and gave him another 15 CC... yep that's right hetook ALL 50 CCs and probably still would have taken more but the nursedidn't want to give him TOO much.

As of the 12pm feeding he is off theIV drip. His blood sugar was 91 *they require 70 but it can drop downto 60 before they worry* and he was regulating his own temp. He will bemonitored before every feeding for the next 24 hours and if that isgood and the billilight does it job.. he'll be allowed to come homeshortly there after.. so it is POSSIBLE that he might get to come hometomorrow evening or Thursday morning.. *crosses fingers* We're going togo up there this evening for his 9pm feeding so I'll update more then.
Cheli On
I need to sleep.. I know I do.. but I can't.. I miss my little boy.. I want to hold him.. touch him... smell him.. be near him.. I want him home!!! How is it possible to miss someone so much that you've only known for 3 days?? (OMG it's been 3 days) He is my life.. he is my everything.. *cries* I am an emotional wreck *sniff* I want my baby!!!

I am going to go TRY and get some sleep.. will post more later..
Cheli On
Well here ya go.. these are some of the pictures of the last few days.. :)

Welcome to the world River!!! This is our very first picture together right after he was born and they placed him on my chest..

Fussy boy..

Eyes open... and look at his feet!!! Baby feet!!!! He's so modest ROFL...

First picture with Daddy (about 20 minutes later once Daddy felt like he could hold him).. all nice and snuggled..

River in the main nursery getting ready for his bath. He was less than happy...

OK now he's ready to let the world know exactly what he thinks about this whole bath thing. What's going on!!!

Ahhhh that's better.. all nice and snuggled up again.. time to sleep...

Mommy and River in the NICU (hence the cord behind him).. forgive my looks EEEKKK

Awwww my handsome little munchkin!!

Daddy getting a good look at his son... yep he's already hooked (I LOVE THIS PICTURE)

The first picture of all 3 of us.. poor munchkin all hooked up to the machines..

Mommy getting ready to be discharged.. saying goodbye for the 4th or 5th time.. LOL

Cheli On Monday, February 13, 2006



BORN: FEBRUARY 11TH, 2006 @ 12:21 AM




That's right.. our little man made his way into the world on Saturday morning... after a very very long labor.. Induction was started at 11am on the 10th.. River was born 13 1/2 hours later after little over an hour of actual pushing.. I only used pitocin for about 2 hours because River gave us a scare when I hit the 6cm mark by dropping his heart rate into the 70's. Once the pitocin was stopped and I was given oxygen and put on my side though.. it came back up.. I did tear.. in 2 places but not badly..

It was the most amazing thing in the entire world and totally worth every moment.. although I was sure i was going to die toward the end of it.. and I think everyone in the hospital heard me scream *grin* He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and such a precious little boy.

I was released from the hospital this morning... River unfortunately was not able to come with us because he was born hypoglycemic and is having some trouble acclemating to having to produce glucose on his own now because of my gestational diabetes. He is currently in NICU Stepdown.. or Level 2 NICU.. he is being given food through a tube in his nose. Partly because I don't want him having bottles and partly because the one time I let them try he absolutely refused and spit the formula right back out and turned his had from the bottle. Apparently my boy is a natural breast feeder. *grin* He also is being given glucose water through an IV.. he was on 13cc's but now he's only on 2 which is the lowest level. He was also having a hard time regulating his own body temp which is common with low blood sugar but as of last check he was right at the cut off of where he needed to be and holding steady.. so we shall see. He keeps going up and down.. we dont' know when he'll be able to come home.. hopefully in the next few days.. but they won't say because of how unsteady he's being.

We will post pictures as soon as we get the computer fixed so that we can put the digital pics on the computer.. we are still using the library computer. It was so wonderful to hear from zoe and Sarah.. it made me smile and feel loved.. :) I will give a more detailed update on the whole thing when I have had some rest..

Cheli On
OK so needless to say as soon as Doug had a chance to do anything he wanted he jumped on the computer and was determined to make it work.. after about 30 minutes of watching him tinker with a bunch of archaic looking screens.. I got tired ROFL and went to bed.. at 9:15... I don't think I have been to bed at 9 in forever.. *grin*... by 9:30 I was asleep and didn't wake up until Doug crawled into bed at 1:30.. which made me realize I had to pee and pump... oh the joys.

Before I fell asleep we called the NICU and got an update on munchkin.. he was doing okay.. his sugars were in the upper 60's, low 70's.. they require around 70 as a minimum before they will think about weaning him off the drip. He is barely taking anything from the drip and still maintaining but he was still being tube fed because he wouldn't take the bottle.. my stubborn boy.. and they weighed him (he gets weighed every evening when the ped comes in and makes rounds of all the little ones). He weighs 7 lbs 8.4 oz.. so after 3 days he is UP an ounce from birth.. hehe go little man!!!

When Doug came to bed he said that he had called the NICU again to check on him.. his sugar was 78 WOOO HOOOOO and the bigger news.. he took 37 CCs by the bottle at his midnight feeding.. WOOO HOOOOO go little man!!!!!!
Cheli On Thursday, February 9, 2006

Well we decided to make a trip to the library one more time before eviction day :)

There is 20 hours left before I have to be at the hospital to be admitted.. less than 1 day.. OMG Are we ready for this??? (not that we have a choice)

I ended up going to L&D last night.. when we got home from dinner with Linda I was having SHARP stabbing pains in my upper abdomen (about where they say my placenta is) and I was worried that it was seperating from the uterine wall or something.. I tried taking a bath and it didn't help.. actually continued to get worse.. went up to L&D just incase (and secretly hoping they would go ahead and let me have him since it was less than 2 days before induction anyway). We were there from 8pm until 1:30am.. they drew blood. The tech was horrible at it.. she tried to stick me somewhere I KNEW she wouldn't get a vein and told her where they find veins every time.. she stuck me where she wanted to anyway (right above my wrist bone on my upper arm).. got nothing.. rooted around until I yelled in pain.. threw away the needle and went to get another one. Again I told her where they find it.. again she ignored me and this time went for the other wrist.. the back of the hand actually.. she managed to find a vein that time.. got the blood work.. they were afraid I had an infection or inflammation of the spleen or appendix or something else equally as "wonderful".. hour and a half later.. the doctor comes in.. tests came back fine.. no reason to hold me.. according to the monitors about 11pm I start contracting.. went from 3 contractions in the 3 hours we'd been there to 90 second contractions every 4 minutes.. she checked my cervix and said if it changed she would admit me and give me meds and what not.. no change.. so I got sent home or appendicitius watch (didn't even know that existed) told to rest and take tylonel.. yeah because tylonel was going to help contractions *rolls eyes*

Had a mini-break down in the car on the way home.. Doug and I had a little screaming match.. I ended up in tears.. I was in the wrong.. I know I was.. doesn't matter.. I freaked.. I think being 40 weeks pregnant, stressed, emotional, scared shitless gives me the right to loose it.. we apologized to each other this morning for our behaviour.. I'm still on the verge of a panic attack. Still having contractions.. but hey.. 20 hours to go. *sigh* I can NOT believe he'll be here tomorrow.. we'll be holding our little boy.. *cries* I'm so not ready for this!!!! Yeah I know.. too late...

Thanks to everyone who posted on the last entry.. Zoe.. thank you so much for making me laugh :) And to everyone for the encouragement and the cheering section... it helps.. We are getting the computer fixed.. Doug ordered the recovery disk today.. it'll be here by V-Day.. can't wait.. once the computer is up and running I'll post pictures.. we'll make calls to those whose numbers we have tomorrow evening after we get settled back down in the recovery room with the munchkin.. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

40 LONG LONG WEEKS... but it will all be worth it and it'll all be over in 24 hours...YAY!!!

Cheli On Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I'm due today.. offically.. no baby.. surprise surprise.. BLAH.. I did my time.. carried him 40 weeks.. he needs to come out now!!! I'm seriously thinking about castor oil but the idea of taking it to start contractions makes me want to gag and what's the point they would probably still send me home.. they hate me. I know there is only a day left but I want him OUT now.. *sigh* I want to cry.. but I don't think it would do any good. *sigh*

Love to you all.

Cheli On Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Well I had my LAST prenatal appointment today WOOT!!!!

I am due tomorrow officially but I don't forsee River making his appearance then. *shrug* Eviction day has been officially confirmed by the clinic and L&D for Friday... We have to be there at 8am YAY!!!! So Friday afternoon we will have a munchkin!!!!! *dances*

The appointment went fine.. NST was reactive, fluid levels were perfect, his heart beat was in the 120's. He is head down.. and we got a picture of him sucking his thumb *giggles* He looks beautiful.. the NST nurse scheduled another NST for friday just incase the clinic decided not to induce (Thank the Gods they decided to go with it). The regular appointment went beautifully for a change as well.. I officially gained 22 lbs this pregnancy WOO HOO.. 8 of it is the baby and then alot of it is water weight *my poor legs and feet* Doug so kindly pointed out I look like I have elephantitus.. Gee I love my husband *rolls eyes*. My BP was 132/73. There was trace protein in my urine. They checked my blood sugar and it was 109.. told me to just stick with the glyburide. I am measuring 40/41 weeks. And the next appointment I go to will be River's first pediatric appointment and then my post appointment. *dancing*

I am at the library updating because our computer crashed.. no idea what happened.. Doug is going through withdrawls but other than that we'll live.. I miss Neopets LOL and being able to check e-mail periodicly but whatever... we'll get it fixed as soon as we can. I don't know when I'll be able to update again but I am going to send an e-mail to my friends with my number just in case they want to keep in touch with us by phone. *grin* OK off to go freak out now.. 69 hours until induction.. OMG

Cheli On Sunday, February 5, 2006
*sigh* it's gonna be a long night.. I'm STILL contracting.. they got more intense about 4pm this afternoon and have stayed intense if not gotten more intense as the night has progressed but I am SO afraid of going into the hospital and having them say that my cervix still isn't changing that I refuse to go.. I don't think I could handle being sent home with contractions like these.. I wish my water would just break.. then I'd know they couldn't send me home.

I now remember why I was a lesbian. You can not get pregnant in a commited lesbian relationship unless you make arrangements.. You can't just wind up pregnant. Contractions Suck.. MEN suck!!!

I really don't WANT to but it looks like I'll be going to L&D this evening when my mother in law gets back from work with the car.. my legs and feet are EXTREMELY swollen all of the sudden.. they've been swollen the whole pregnancy but the last day or so they've been alot worse.. so I'm going to go in and be checked out per a friend's request. She says if they determine that it's even a mild case of pre-eclampsia since I'm due on Wednesday they would just induce me immediately or do a c-section if they dont' think munchkin man could handle labor.. looks like a 3 hour trip to the hospital for nothing.. I don't have high blood pressure but I have quite a few of the other symptoms so I guess it's better to be safer than sorry.. And I'm still contracting so maybe they'll just take pity.. LOL yeah right.. Will update later.

Another Update:
Went to L&D.. blood pressure is all over the place.. 135/89 seems to be about the top of it.. it spiked at 135/91 and still not high enough for her to take action.. oh well. Contractions got worse while we were there.. pretty impressive on the little strip thing.. but again not enough for her to admit me. Munchkin is happy as pie.. of course.. 48 hours until due date.. 4 days until eviction.. i can do this.. i can do this.. i figure if I say it enough I just MIGHT believe it.. So the good news is no preeclampsia.. the bad news.. no baby. And the wait continues....
Cheli On Saturday, February 4, 2006
Plenty of contractions and pressure.. no baby.. the kid is playing with me!!! I will NEVER let him forget this LOL

4 days until due date.. 6 days until he gets evicted.. he's runnin out of time to make a dignified appearance.
Cheli On Friday, February 3, 2006
Well I have been up since 3am.. i woke up to ALOT of back pain/pressure.. figured I'd slept on it wrong or baby was laying on a nerve.. tried to adjust positions and it didn't help but it did cause me to have a contraction.. laid there for a while.. realized was contracting more than usual so I decided to time it for about 20 minutes.. they are every 2-5 minutes.. some are pretty strong some are weaker.. We are leaving here in about 30 minutes to take Linda to work and then head to the hospital for my NST anyway.. maybe today is the day? HA I doubt it but who knows.. Either way.. this SUCKS


Ok so we're home.. got there WAY early... my appointment was at 9am and we were there by 8.. so was the nurse and she was more than happy to take me early because she overbooked today. Hooked me up to the monitors and Doug told her I'd been contracting since 3am and she hands me a little buzzer thing and says to press the button every time I feel a contraction.. so I did. She comes back over after a few minutes adjusts the belt and I adjusted the position I was in because I was EXTREMELY uncomfortable. She comes back after about 5 minutes and says WHOA we got them now.. you are definately contracting.. 20 minutes later she says that I am contracting technically every 2-3 minutes but that the stronger ones are every 4-7 minutes and then says she wants the doctor to check me out. Which means we have to wait around until 9am. Whatever.. Doctor gets there about 8:45.. checks me.. I am STILL a fucking 1!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am still contracting regularly but they just arent' doing shit apparently. We're going on 12 hours of contracting regularly.. this sucks big time. If only I could find a way to make them more intense... I am so ready to have this kid.. *sigh* I guess the good news is that no matter what I'm doing or what position I'm in the contractions are still coming.. normally with Braxton Hicks they stop if you change positions or walk around.. *shrug* ok wishful thinking..
Cheli On Wednesday, February 1, 2006
OK it is officially February now.. he can come whenever he is ready... I told him he can come on his own or he is being evicted on the 10th..