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Cheli On Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This year was River's first year trick-or-treating. He was a figher piolet :) We took him to the mall because it was raining a bit here and it was a horrible experience.. It was more of an assembly line of kids around the mall have candy thrown in buckets :( So we left and went to the neighborhood next to our street and walked about 2 blocks worth (about 15 hours participated) and got candy that way. River had alot of fun! He wouldn't talk to anyone at all though LOL So maybe the "trick or treat" saying will be next year. :)




Here's a picture from River last Halloween :) He was 8 1/2 months old :)
Cheli On Wednesday, October 24, 2007
IT'S A BOY!!!!!

Cheli On Saturday, October 13, 2007
River got his first boo boo today :(
He was trying to get something from behind a book shelf and I guess there was just enough room for him to get his head back there but not enough room to get it back out and he got stuck. While freeing himself this is what occured :( It bled and everything... my poor baby.

And this was taken yesterday. 19 weeks 3 days
Cheli On Saturday, October 6, 2007

I just realized I never updated about the job interview.

I got the job :) It's stating as a PRN LPN which is "as needed". I basically fill in when they don't have enough staff or someone calls out. It pays 19 dollars an hour :) Which is awesome starting salary for a first time nurse :) And then they have a position opening up in a few weeks for 11p to 7a, which is the shift I decided would be best for my family right now. I have orientation Monday morning and then I can start taking shifts. I also have two 5 hour shifts Tuesday and Wednesday for a local agency that does flu clinics. Really easy work, doesn't pay worth crap but it's something anyway. So maybe, just maybe we will be on the road to getting our life together.

I got my ultrasound appointment rescheduled for October 22nd at 1:15pm. So barring any unforseen circumstances, that will be the day. I feel better about that anyway. I'll be 1 day shy of 21 weeks so if they were give me a guess on the sex, I'd probably be a lot more likely to be accurate.

Cheli On Thursday, October 4, 2007

OK so we don't know what the baby is, we didn't get to have an anatomy scan where we were supposed to because there was a problem with the insurance @@ I will be calling the insurance people tomorrow and reeming them. I ended up in tears for about 20 minutes. My poor midwife didn't know what to say and she felt bad.. once I was done completely loosing it, she asked for a hug ROFL. I love my midwife.

I am measuring 19 weeks instead of 18. Not a big deal. Urine was clear. The girl took my BP when I was still crying so my BP was through the roof but she meant to retake it before I left and forgot. I lost another lb. So I'm 3 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight at the moment. YAY. Baby's heart rate is in the 140's now. I go back November 2nd for my next appointment and hopefully sometime between now and then I'll get to have my ultrasound.

Cheli On Wednesday, October 3, 2007

OK tomorrow is the big day as far as the ultrasound goes but today could be pretty big as well... I have a job interview at 10:30 at a local nursing home. I have already spoke with the hiring DON and she sounded very very happy to hear from me. She knows I've only been an LPN for 2 weeks and that I have no experience and she still wants to meet with me. The nursing home is about a 10 minute drive from here on the backroads (no traffic). I really really hope I can get this job. If not, I am scheduled to do some flu clinics next week through a local agency but the pay really and truely sucks. Bare minimum this nursing home will pay 4 dollars more if they offer the lowest amount possible for the position. I'm really hoping to make a dollar or 2 more an hour than the lowest possible.. so we'll see.

I turned 18 weeks yesterday. Where the heck is the time going? I remember when I was pregnant with River the pregnancy seemed to drag by. Of course that could be because I spazzed out at every little ping and pang. But this time.. it feels like I just found out I was pregnant a month ago and it's already been 3 1/2 months since I found out. WOW! I'm really really excited about tomorrow. I hate this time period of pregnancy because 4 weeks takes forever between appointments and by the 3rd week I start worrying that something is going on. Yes I am a freak. I keep trying to compare this pregnancy to the previous and it's damn near impossible, mostly because it was 2 years ago that I was at this stage with River and I really don't remember exactly when things started happening with him. So therefore I hold my breath and wait until they find the heartbeat with the doppler each time and thank the gods that it's there each time. I'm really hoping the baby cooperates tomorrow. I am no good at surprises and am just DYING to know what I'm having. At the beginning of the pregnancy I thought I was having another boy but everythingis pointing to a girl and I've been having girl dreams lately too so we'll see. Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my grandmother. It was a whole box full of gender neutral baby clothes. There was some really cute stuff in there :) And we have officially started a baby drawer in the spare bedroom to hold all the baby's stuff until it gets closer to D day :)

River is doing excellant. He is talking more and more each day. He needs some coaxing with it though. It's almost like he doesn't want to try and say the word until he's sure he can say it. He talks very low when he says the words as if he's worried about being wrong.. poor kiddo! But he's up to about 10 words maybe 15 that he can say. Our main problem as of lately is that he won't say them when he needs to convey what he wants. For example... he'll bring us his empty cup and hand it to us and point and whine. We'll say, "what do you want?" and he'll point and whine. "Do you want MORE?" he stomps feet and points. "Can you say MORE?" he throws himself on the ground and rolls around while whining and kicking. We set the cup down and ignore him until he's done (about 2.5 seconds once he realizes we aren't paying attention). He stands up and grabs cup, throws it into our lap and repats the above steps 2 or 3 times... then the last time he'll get up and go "MORE!" and point at the cup. He gets lots of praise for saying it and when we hand him the cup back with more in it we say "Here's MORE for you River" and he just takes it and runs. My child is stubborn.

The other day we took him out in the rain to dance around. He LOVED IT! It's still in the 70's here so it was plenty warm enough. We got a few pictures that I'll try and post later and he was very distraught when it was time to come in and we closed the sliding glass door. His head goes against the glass very soft and mournful like. He bangs on the glass with his hand and then turns his head to the side to look at me and says "Bye bye Momma, bye bye" all sad and sorrowful. ROFL. Drama and he isn't even 2. BUT he said it and said it when he wanted something so we gave him a few more minutes in the rain and then brought him in and got him dried and changed. He was much happier with that arrangement. LOL

Doug and I will be married 2 years next month. Handfasted for 3 in December. His birthday is also next month so I'm really hoping to have some extra money to do something nice for our anniversary and his birthday. So please keep your fingers crossed that today goes well....