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Cheli On Friday, September 2, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Never have time to get on here anymore and actually write an entry.. okay let me rephrase that.. have the time occasionally but no energy to give toward it. I am sitting in the computer lab of the college and have decided to dedicate the last 10 minutes I have before my last class to writing you all and updating :)

I am 16 weeks pregnant now. Had an inpromptu appointment with the midwife the other day... checked everything out and everything looks great. Found baby with little problem and the HB was 153. 25 days until we go for the fun ultrasound :) Cant wait. I have my real appointment with the midwife on September 15th. She says I am dehydrated and I'm not gaining enough weight or eating right. *sigh* I drink CONSTANTLY all i want to do is drink. I am always thirsty. Eating is a different story.. I MIGHT eat 3 times a day.. MIGHT.. I am just not hungry at all and food has no desire for me.. it honestly makes me sick to my stomach thinking about eating most of the time.. but I know I need to. And as for weight.. I way .7 lbs more than I did when I got pregnant. I figure if I don't gain alot it'll be all baby and maybe I'll be one of those women that walks away from pregnancy having gained no weight. LOL wouldn't that be ironic.

As for school... i take 4 classes... I have an English class first thing in the morning and I basically took the class when I was in HS (I was in Advanced Placement English 4) my last year which is the same as ENG1010 but that was 5 years ago and I got a C so I needed a better GPA so I opted to take it again. That is the one class I have with Doug this semester. 10 minutes after that class I have my Algebra class.. I HATE math but the stuff we are doing in there right now is boring the hell out of me. I am about a chapter ahead of what she is teaching.. the rest of the class is struggling with the stuff she is going over.. but there is no testing out of the class *sigh* oh well.. The class after that is my Intro to Ethics.. it's definately interesting.. the professor is eccentric to say the least. I am a little worried though because he focuses a lot on the religion and ethics part of it.. and yeah well he doesn't really acknowledge polytheism unless referrinng to Greek times... because we live in the stupid Bible Belt.. *sigh* then I have about 2 hours to do nothing but study and homework and then I have my last class which is my Computer class (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)... the professor actually told me Wednesday I should try and test out.. so I am turning in the form this afternoon and will take the test on Saturday the 17th to try and opt out with credit. It doens't hurt me if I don't make it so what the hell.. :)

Work is work... makes the money to pay the bills to go to work.. fun fun.. gas sucks.. no regular unleaded left in West Knox basically so we filled up on Mid Grade last night at 3.19 a gallon and the attendant said he had 400 gallons left of the midgrade and then all he had was premium and he had no idea when he was getting more... fun fun..

Off to class... talk to you all later!