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Cheli On Saturday, May 31, 2008
OK so I guess it's time for a real update as it's been a while since I've done one and have just posted pictures and stuff.. (who knew that it would be so hard to find the time to post a nice update once you had another kid LOL).

My new goal is to lose weight. I hit an all time high on delivery day with Journey of 217 and I only gained 4 lbs during the pregnancy so I couldn't really blame the pregnancy. I am only 5 foot 1 so my ideal weight is 105-132. I currently weigh 185.8 so I am slowly losing but still have a LONG way to go. My first goal is 157 which brings me out of the "Obese" BMI range and into he "Overweight" range. I have been exercising daily (walking 1 mile a day) and watching what I eat and it's coming off.. it's just going to take time. *sigh*

Doug got hired on at Massage Envy for evenings and weekends but he can't start working until he gets liability and his license (which we still haven't received from the state board). He's really excited about starting at the company and I'm excited to see his dream come true :) He has been exercising and watching what he eats (some) with me to try and lose a few lbs as well.

River is doing great. We started him back on his allergy medicine because he has his cough and snotty nose back. BLAH. He started a new daycare about 2 weeks ago. His former daycare decided they didn't want to take children under the age of 3 any more so we found a new daycare. He seems to really enjoy it and they are so impressed with him. He is talking in complete sentences now and I would say we understand him the majority of the time. He loves watching Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go currently. We banned Caillou from his TV watching as I think the show is teaching him bad behaviors. He has turned into a picky eater all the sudden. He is barely eating toddler portions of meals and he won't touch any vegetables anymore. We have taken to just asking him to try a bite of each food and if he doesn't want it he doesn't have to have it. Normally once he takes a bite he'll decide he likes it but vegetables he won't even attempt. Oh well. He is so tall. I measured him the other day when he was able to reach up and touch the freezer door on our fridge to help close it. He is now 38 inches tall! He is a normal 2 year old that is pushing limits and driving us nuts. He doesn't listen at all and pretty much does the exact opposite of what we ask. He has discovered the word "No" all over again and will pretty much say No, no matter what we ask/say to him. His favorite bedtime book currently is a Nursery Rhyme book and we'll go through the songs and sing them for her bedtime book. One of his favorite is "This little piggy" because we tickle him at the part that say "wee wee wee all the way home". He then will ask for "tee coo" which is tickle. He can sing the words to Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, "most" of his ABCs. He LOVES any songs that have hand motions to them. He absolutely LOVES being outside and is even starting to get a bit of a tan LOL

Journey is 15 weeks old now. He'll be 4 months old in about 2 weeks. He still isn't doing much LOL He has no intention of rolling over or anything else. He has decided that he is perfectly content to be held for the rest of his life LOL He is a beautiful sweet little baby who loves to smile when he's in a good mood. He sleeps great at night and loves to spend time laying with daddy. Nursing is going well. He loves to eat. Not much else to report..
Cheli On Thursday, May 29, 2008
We got Journey's 3 month pictures done on May 20th :) He did SOO well. We finally got the link to see them today so I thought I'd go ahead and share them with you :)
We got 5x 7 and wallets of the first one and the 3rd one and we got our 8x10 of the 4th one.:)

Cheli On Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Sunday we had an awesome day. We started the day by taking the boys to the zoo in the morning for about 3 hours... River was SO much fun to watch this time around because he was much more aware of he animals etc and really enjoyed it. We left before it got too hot and came home for some lunch and a few minutes down time before we drove to Daytona beach to meet a friend of mine from the March 08 message board I'm on. He got to play in the ocean and sand for a while and had a BLAST we will definately be going back to the beach here soon. Journey got to meet a little girl who is actually smaller and younger than him LOL Miley is 5 weeks younger than him and about 2 1/2 lbs less ( We got him weighed today BTW and he was 13 lbs even :) ) LOL. There are TONS of pictures so here are a few :) ENJOY!

Here is a Cheetah :) Or as River calls it "Kitty" LOL

And an Elephant. River can name this one and will also tell you the sound it makes accompanied by raising his arm into the area like a trunk. It is so cute!

Journey and I. ( I am getting better and better at the sling and he LOVES it, it is almost instant baby coma every time he goes in.

River admiring the fish. He was totally impressed and didn't want to leave the tank to see anything else.

No trip to the Jacksonville Zoo would be complete with out seeing the Jaguars ;)

LOL and some monkeys. Again ask River what sound a monkey makes and he can tell you :)

He was SO excited by the ocean. He was shaking he was so excited. He was a little ball of endless energy is was ALL over the place

Playing in the waves. The water was cool but not cold and the tide was just starting to come in. A wave would come in and as it was going back out he would lose his balance and end up falling over and he's laugh uncontrollably and then get up and do it again.

Sifting the sand with daddy

Daddy showing off his "Survivor Man" skills. LOL

Where's Journey???

LOL River AFTER the water. LOL He kept stealing EVERYONE'S soda.

Journey and his friend Miley. The would not look at each other at all LOL

LOL she popped him right in the face... blanket time was over after that LOL
Cheli On Thursday, May 15, 2008
If you are interested in cloth diapering I would suggest doing some research on what method you want to use. You can do prefold/covers, fitteds/covers, pockets, or AIOs (all in ones... these are the ones most like disposables). I would suggest going to http://www.newtoclothdiapers.com/ which has a ton of information for you. Once you know what type of system you want to use it's just a matter of finding a brand you like and buying them. We use prefolds and covers. Prefolds are the old time cloth diapers that many people use to burp the babies but we buy them from a place that actually uses them for the purpose of cloth diapering. Then the covers are made by tons of different work at home moms (WAHMs) it's just a matter of finding what works for you. We use onese from http://www.wigglewormbottoms.com/ and http://www.theserenedreamshop.com/ exclusively. But there are tons and tons of choices LOL. Basically I would suggest finding someone that doesn't mind answering a ton of questions cause you'll have them. But that will get you started.. if you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.. and here are a few pictures just for you Alle ;)

Cheli On
3 Months today... here we are with my new ring sling
Cheli On Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's been a while since I've shared pics so here ya go.. tons of them ;)
Journey is 1 week shy of 3 months old. He'll be 12 weeks old tomorrow. It's flying by. I wish it wouldn't. He is an amazing little dude. He sleeps through the night now (7 hours a night). River is finally feeling better.. we think he has developed a lactose intolerance. We've eliminated dairy from his diet and he's doing much better. We'll try and reintroduce it this weekend and see what happens. Doug took his national exam and PASSED!!! He is now a Licensed Massage Therapist! YAY!!!! He goes tomorrow for a job interview, I'm hoping he gets it. Other than that.. not much to report.
Journey chilling in his bouncy seat (A rare thing around here)

River being an awesome big brother

Journey decided that maybe the star above his head isn't that bad of a distraction.. at least for 5 minutes.

Mommy and Journey hanging out on the couch

Hi Brother!!!

What's that flash!?!

Almost would have been a great picture if Journey had been looking

My little BROWN eyed boy... when did his eyes go brown??

And my blue eyed boy.. I wonder if his eyes will stay that color?