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Cheli On Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Samhein Everyone!! or Happy Halloween for those who aren't Pagan!






Cheli On Monday, October 30, 2006

So today was a very stressful day for me. Why??? Because I gave my first injections. Not on a patient, but on a classmate. But still.. She said I did WONDERFUL and that she didn't even feel me stick her. I don't know if she was just saying that because she is a friend of mine or if she actually meant it LOL I guess we'll figure out on Wednesday when I start my clinical rotation in the hospital and have to give them on patients who aren't my friend. LOL I actually gave a total of 3 injections which I think it ONE of the few things I was truly apprehensive about mostly because it's invasive.

We got our first grades back on our Nutrition Unit Exam 1 and I didn't do so hot. Apparently no one else did either. The highest grade was an 83 (ouch) and that wasn't mine (double ouch). I guess I need to start focusing more on Nutrition and less on Med Surg. We got our mid term evaluations today in Med Surg and I have a 91 overall grade and a 93 on the Midterm itself. YAY!!!! Only one more grade in that class which is our Final and it's 40% of our grade. Maybe... just maybe I can hold onto this A.

River and I are both really thrown off by this whole daylight savings time thing.. He wants to go to bed an hour earlier and I get up an hour earlier and we're both just TIRED. BLAH. The poor kid has a cough that just won't let up. He's had it a few weeks now but only when we are home for the most part. I think there is something here (the cats perhaps) that he is allergic to. I'm not going to make a sudden move and throw every cat out but I do think we are going to get rid of 3 of them (leaving us with 2) and see if it starts to get better.

Don't know if I mentioned already but we got a new computer. It arrived on Saturday from Dell. I love it. It's got a beautiful monitor, fast speed, lots of memory and everything. YAY!!! We'll be paying on it for the next forever but hey what else is new. It's not a big deal. We are officially caught up on bills. YAY!!! Now maybe we can start being mature people and put money away for stuff that we need and not stuff that we want. HA!

Cheli On Sunday, October 29, 2006

So we went to a picnic at the park today with a friend from school and her family. I wanted to share a few of the pics we got while we were there!


River's first time on a swing.... wasn't too sure about it at first


Decided he liked it okay.. but no one was convincing him to let go of the finger


River at the top of the slide preparing to go down (with my friend's help) and clapping his hands


River and Me... can you see how tired I am ( circles can't get much darker)


What the heck is this thing mom?


What's next??

Cheli On Monday, October 23, 2006

Let's see... we got approved for the funding for daycare.. we went from paying 155/week to 80/week. YAY!!!!!! That will most definately help out in saving up some money and what not..

Had a final today for Pharmacology. I ended up with a final grade of a 92 which is good. Last Wednesday I missed a quiz because of some problems with my carpool to school and what not and the DON told us that we would be able to make the quiz up because of the extinuating circumstances. We told the instructor what the DON had said and she spoke with the DON and the decided that we wouldn't be able to make it up because if they allowed us to make up the grade then they would have to start allowing other people who missed quizzes to make up the grade. Fine I can understand that, was also told it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Right. So I went back to my seat and factored in the 0 that I was going to recieve on the quiz and discovered that it was going to bring my 92 average down to an 82. Long story short, I freaked out, the DON and the instructor sat down and showed me how THEY figured out grades and come to find out it only brought me down to an 89. Still not a good enough grade for me. So I knew I had to get an A to end up with an A in the class.. Well I did it :) I ended up with a 94 in the test and a 92 on the final or something like that. YAY YAY! I have gotten an A in every class other than the very first class which I chalk up to trying to get back into the "swing of things". So we start nutrition tomorrow. We have 19 students left as of today... some people didn't pass the Dosage Calculation part of the test today and have to stay after tomorrow for remediation of it don't know if they will still be in class or what happens. We shall see.

This weekend was most enjoyable. Doug and I both had Saturday and Sunday off and we were able to stay home and veg on the computers and play Diablo 2 and do NOTHING. It was blissfully wonderful :)

Munchkin boy is doing good. Nothing new to report there other than the lady from the state came this week and did his 9 month Denver development test on him even though he is only 8 months. He scored no lower than 10 month level and as high as 14 1/2 month levels on the different skills they asked about and had him do. I have one smart little boy :)

Cheli On Sunday, October 15, 2006

The chuch across the street has a pumpkin patch set up for Halloween so we went over there and took some pics of the baby with the pumpkins :) Here they are!







Cheli On Friday, October 13, 2006

I hate dealing with banks in any shape or form. Absolutely can't stand it. Whenever we have a bank account we overdraw it because they pull money out of it in a strange way so that we don't have the funds to cover it so we end up with NSF fees out the butt. So we stopped using banks and started using a Pre-paid Visa card.. no over draft fees right? HA.. yeah but they let you go into the negative balance and not tell you about it. We've been siting in the negative by 60 bucks for 3 months since we stopped using that card while Doug was out of work. When Doug got his paycheck a few weeks ago we put it in the card and surprise surprise it was a LOT smaller than it should've been. So we made sure not to go over this time. Well this a few days ago we get a call from VyStar (the bank we have our car loan through) saying they never recieved their September payment. LIKE HELL THEY DIDN'T. I have the reciept to prove it so they can shove it. UGHHHH I hate banks.

We are still behind on a few bills and even though we ARE getting caught up I feel like we aren't and it sucks. Doug got paid today and it's basically spent. I hate having no money. I can't wait to be done with school so we can stop worrying about this living pay check to paycheck thing. School is going good though which is great. We got our Midterm evaluations for Pharmacology. I have a 92. :) We have 10 days until the final and that's including the weekends. I'm ready for Pharmacology to be over and be one class closer. We are almost half way though the Med Surg class and I have a 92 in that as well which is impressive because the teacher says few people end up with A's in her class. We'll see. We lost 3 more people in class so we are down to 23 students right now. The smaller the class gets the closer we get together. :)

River is doing good. He is offically 8 months old now. He's so ready to walk he just doesn't trust himself to take the plunge and let go. He still only has 2 teeth. But the BIG BIG news of the week is that he is no longer on Nutrimagen (the 26 dollar a can formula) he is now on Soy formula. YAY!!!!!! He won't eat any table food at all. Anything with texture and he gags. I guess he's just not ready, we'll try again after a while. I'm not worried. I have videos of the kiddo I'd like to share but I have no idea how to share them :( Every time I try and put them on here Xanga freaks and stops working.

A little less than month until Doug and I's offical 1 year anniversary. Go us!

Cheli On Saturday, October 7, 2006

Here are few pictures from today :)





Cheli On Tuesday, October 3, 2006
OK so is it dumb for me to say that I finally feel like a mom? I mean I have felt like a mom of course but tonight while driving home from a friend's house with the baby sleeping his carseat in the back it just hit me full force that he was my son. That I was his mother. I nearly cried. Yes maybe it's because I'm tired but I just have never loved him so much as I do recently. When he was first born I loved him more than life itself just because he was finally here and he was (relatively speaking) healthy. But between 0-3 months.. I loved him in the "you have to love him because you are his mother" kinda way. I went through the motions because I was supposed to and I loved him because I was supposed to but I didn't feel that all powering crush you like a ton of bricks kind of love that I've heard moms talk about and I thought there was something wrong with me. I know now that it was because I had post partum depression and River was a difficult baby with being sick etc for the first few months but I felt so guilty. As he is getting older and I'm able to watch him grow and learn my love has just blossomed like I never thought possible. He is my everything.
Cheli On Monday, October 2, 2006

Tired has moved to a whole new level these last few weeks. I'm tired physically, mentally.. everything.. just tired. And whats worse is I can't sleep. Even when I can sleep in my body won't let me. I'm just tired.

School is going good I suppose. We are officially in our second semester now. We started Med Surg and Pharmacology last Thursday. We've gotten 2 grades in both classes.. in Pharm I have a 98 and 100. In Med Surg I have an 83 and don't know what the other grade is yet as we just took the quiz today but I think I did better on that assignment. I hope. Everyone told us that these two classes which last about 3 and 7 weeks respectively are the hardest two classes in the program because they are so extensive and important. Mrs. Lou our Med Surg teacher told us today that if we pass with an 80 grade we'll be happy (not us directly but the class in general) she said her class is hard. The Junior class started Med Surg with 30 students.. not one had been removed from the program. .after Med Surg they were down to only 19. They lost 11 people.. lets hope I'm not one of the 11 we lose.

Doug's work is going good. He's been there a little over 4 weeks so far. The changed his schedule for this week and next week to 2:30 to 11. Which means I am 100% responsible for River. Which means he has to stay at Daycare later every day so that I have time to study. I miss my little boy :( I know I am doing this for our future and what not but Goddess I miss him NOW. I feel like I am missing him growing up even though I'm not. He's getting so big. He'll be 8 months old in 8 days.. when did that happen? Other than that he's doing great, he is feeling better. He's cruising the couches now and just recently he started saying "dada" although he doesn't understand that "dada" means Daddy. He just says it right now. He has a doctor appointment tomorrow to follw up from his Double Ear Infection. I don't know if i'm going to go or not. I really dislike the doctor who we have to see because of the time we can get in plus I'll have to miss a little bit of school to take him and I really don't want to miss school for nothing. I'd rather save it for the next time he is sick or the next time I am.

We are almost completely caught up in bills.. A little bit left to pay on the cell phone and a little bit more to pay on the out of pocket to the school to get caught up and then we'll be good to go. Now if only Episcopal would come through so we aren't having to spend 310 dollars every 2 weeks on daycare life would be good.

I'm babbling now because I'm tired.. will talk to everyone later.