Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Monday, October 10, 2005

I hate Monday's!!!!!

Doug didn't get home last night until about midnight. We needed food. We went grocery shopping.. didn't get home until 1am. Had to put up groceries, help Doug finish his English paper that was due today, take a shower, and because we went grocery shopping of course I had to EAT something. Finally got to bed about 2am. Alarm apparently went off at 6:30.. I didn't hear it. Doug hit the snooze and get back in bed. Alarm went off at 6:40.. heard it that time but wished I hadn't. 6:40 is way to damn early to be getting up. The sun isn't even up damn it! Grabbed an apple and off we went to class. We turned in our essays today but not before we got to sit with the professor and have her look them over. She made a total of 3 corrections on mine and they were all trivial. WOOO HOOOO. Now watch I'll still get marked down for something LOL.

Ohhhhhhh! Last night (this morning.. whatever) Doug and I were laying in bed trying to fall asleep and he had his hand on my belly. I told him he needed to tell his son to go to sleep because he has decided that night time is a good time to practice soccer or something. So Doug pressed down on my belly a little bit and just lay there. The baby kicked and I asked him if he felt it. He said he wasn't sure. Baby kicked again.. almost directly in the same spot just below his hand and he felt it!!!!!! Doug got to feel the baby kick for the first time hehe. YAY!!! We are officially behind on getting stuff for the baby compared to all my pregnant friends due at the same time as me. It's all good.. it'll happen soon. I hope. Or this kid is going to be sleeping in the bed with us (not that he probably won't be anyway) :) *yawn* I'm tired..