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Cheli On Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Well my heart jumped into my throat today.. a nurse at the OB/GYN center called today while Doug and I were out. She told me that they want to put me on another medication. For the next 4 weeks. It's Progestrone.. basically my body isn't making enough of it to be safe which puts me at a greater risk of a miscarriage. Progestrone is what makes the lining of your uterus that the embryo implants to or whatever and it's not thick enough or something like that. So this will take my chance of having a miscarriage from above normal to even below normal chances (normal is 15% of all pregnancies). I have to take it twice a day.

When I got the call from the nurse my hearts was pounding in my throat... then she said that they had gotten my test results back from the lab.. and I just about died. I was SO afraid they were going to say something was wrong with the baby. She says everything is fine. That if they didn't already have an ultrasound scheduled she was going to schedule one.. so yeah.. just one more med to take.. in the morning.. when I can barely drink liquid.. YAY...

On a completely different note.. we got a call today from Persia.. well Doug did. He talked to her for a GOOD while.. almost 2 hours.. About 20 minutes before they got off the phone Doug was commenting about some pictures that she had sent him.. so of course I was curious and I came over.. WOW they were pictures from the weekend that Persia and I first met in person.. I was 16.. LOL OMG I was such a freak and geeky.. What ever she saw in putting up with me and being a friend to me I just don't know but I am greatful for it. I had Red hair that was bordering on orange, braces, and was still wearing highschool clothes.. nautica and jeans and such.. hehehe. And seeing the pictures of her on that first day.. just took my breath away.. someone in here still loves her.. and I guess we always will.. She was our first real love and we owe making it to adulthood to her.

OK off to Ci-Ci's because I'm craving pizza.. talk to you all later.

Cheli and the gang