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Cheli On Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Well my heart jumped into my throat today.. a nurse at the OB/GYN center called today while Doug and I were out. She told me that they want to put me on another medication. For the next 4 weeks. It's Progestrone.. basically my body isn't making enough of it to be safe which puts me at a greater risk of a miscarriage. Progestrone is what makes the lining of your uterus that the embryo implants to or whatever and it's not thick enough or something like that. So this will take my chance of having a miscarriage from above normal to even below normal chances (normal is 15% of all pregnancies). I have to take it twice a day.

When I got the call from the nurse my hearts was pounding in my throat... then she said that they had gotten my test results back from the lab.. and I just about died. I was SO afraid they were going to say something was wrong with the baby. She says everything is fine. That if they didn't already have an ultrasound scheduled she was going to schedule one.. so yeah.. just one more med to take.. in the morning.. when I can barely drink liquid.. YAY...

On a completely different note.. we got a call today from Persia.. well Doug did. He talked to her for a GOOD while.. almost 2 hours.. About 20 minutes before they got off the phone Doug was commenting about some pictures that she had sent him.. so of course I was curious and I came over.. WOW they were pictures from the weekend that Persia and I first met in person.. I was 16.. LOL OMG I was such a freak and geeky.. What ever she saw in putting up with me and being a friend to me I just don't know but I am greatful for it. I had Red hair that was bordering on orange, braces, and was still wearing highschool clothes.. nautica and jeans and such.. hehehe. And seeing the pictures of her on that first day.. just took my breath away.. someone in here still loves her.. and I guess we always will.. She was our first real love and we owe making it to adulthood to her.

OK off to Ci-Ci's because I'm craving pizza.. talk to you all later.

Cheli and the gang

Cheli On

Hey Everyone,

Morning sickness SUCKS.. Learned something new though.. morning sickness constitutes any time (night or day) during pregnancy when a woman feels nausiated, queezy, or throws up. Didn't know that.. I seem to have most of the day sickness and it sucks.. Haven't actually thrown up.. think that would be sweet relief from this but oh well.. Have taken to sleeping propped up on the couch because if I lay down for too long I start to feel sick. Ughhhh I also heard that this can last your entire pregnancy but usually ends about the time the 1st trimester does.. OMG PLEASE let it end. There have been other little things that Doug or I have noticed too about the changes... very strange. I'll be 8 weeks on Thursday... this is going to be a long 7 more months LOL

Had to be at DHS this morning to make sure I have TennCare for the rest of the pregnancy. She said I am automatically approved for TennCare she just has to wait on a few papers to get back to her before she can finish processing it. She also said that Doug and I qualify for FoodStamps.. that should help until we get started with these jobs.. if that ever happens. We are still waiting to hear back from them after taking the drug tests on Friday.

Last night we went to Starbucks to meet some friends for the first time.. they both are GREAT women and alot of fun.. when Starbucks closed we went over to IHOP and sat around and talked for another 1 1/2 hours.. before any of us realized it was 1:30.. so we said goodbyes and left with promises to see each other again soon. I hope we do! Got to see one of them again this morning.. it was a pleasant surprise.

Hope everyone is doing well :) Had a great time with our friends this past Friday.. was nice to be able to sit and talk and hang out with great people. Have a good week

Cheli On Friday, June 24, 2005

Hey Everyone,

It's only 11am and it's already been a long day... I ended up going to the emergency room the night before last. For the last few weeks I have had cramping/abdominal pain.. when I found out I was pregnant I put it off thinking it was just stretching or whatever.. well that night it was SHARP pain and I kinda freaked out.. So at 1am I made Doug take me to the ER. They got my right back there.. they did a uranalysis to confirm pregnancy (again) and then a blood work to test my HcG levels. After that they did a pelvic exam.. OMG that HURT. The guy was a royal asshole. The nurse was really nice though.. so then after the pelvic they leave me there for like 45 minutes.. come in.. and she's like we need to put in this Foley and then we'll take you down for an ultrasound.. they put in a fucking catheter for a damn ultrasound.. OMG and I thought the exam hurt.. So off to the ultrasound department.. they won't let Doug come because the tech doesn't allow anyone but the patient in there. They did a transvaginal ultrasound.. if you have every had one of these done.. they are not comfortable and to make it even more uncomfortable the catheter is still in place. So then after that was done the tech says he is going to fill my bladder up with some solution so they can get a better look at my uterus.. COLD COLD COLD water.. ughhhhhhh and finally he tells me that when I can't bear it anymore to let him know.. So I did.. that is when he starts PRESSING the ultrasound wand into my stomach.. OWWWWWWW

Once we done there.. back to the ER.. at least this guy was nice enough to cover me up with a warm blanket. Get back to the ER and NO ONE comes in for almost an hour.. the whole time I have the stupid catheter in and it's very uncomfortable.. Doctor comes in around 4am.. tells me that the pregnancy looks fine and that everything is doing what it's supposed to. Baby is where baby is supposed to be.. Follow up with OB/GYN ASAP (already had an appointment scheduled for this morning) and he gave me an Rx for Tylonel 3.. did you know it's a safe narcotic to take while pregnant?? *shrug*.

This morning I got up at 7 to be at the appointment by 8. The appointment lasted about 2 hours.. another pee test, more blodd work, another pelvic exam and a Papsmear. They did tell me everything looks good as far as they can tell. Want me to come back July 5th for an ultrasound for a more precise due date and to take a look at baby but for now the EDD is set at February 9th, 2006 Which makes me 7 weeks. Woooo hoooooo.

Cheli On Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hey Everyone,

Well... we went today to Human Services and made an appointment to see about getting on TennCare now that I'm pregnant. Have an appointment tomorrow morning but was told it could take up to 45 days before I could get on it. Went to the Health Department next.. to confirm pregnancy.. Their hours of doing the tests are from 8 til 2.. we got there a little before 2:10 and they wouldn't take us.. stupid people. While we were there though we found out that they have a Social Services outlet there at the HD and that they only take pregnant women and it's almost instant converage and all you have to bring in is a confirmation of pregnancy and your social.. so we are going to do that tomorrow when we get up. Then when we left there we went to a Pregnancy Help Center and the woman there was a complete bitch..at least I thought so.. I ended up getting up and leaving and walking about 1- 1 1/2 miles to stop crying and calm down.. She gave Doug some information and confirmed the pregnancy with a test. Lots to do tomorrow. Lots to think about.

My friend Kathy gave me a Pregnancy Book that she had.. it's HUGE and I can't wait to read it! I am going to get the "What to Expect when you're expecting"book.. I had it from before and JUST got rid of it about 3 weeks ago because I didn't figure we'd ever get pregnant.. figures.. So I was doing math and looking at the wheel and according to the wheel based on the first date of the last period.. I'm due February 8th, 2006.. when we go to the doctor I'll get a more accurate date and all that.

I spoke to my mother today.. she actually called me.. just talked about work and whatever and when Jenn (her girlfriend) brought up the pregnancy my mom basically snapped her head off and threw the phone at her. *shrug* I talked to Jenn for a while. she's funny.. And the cat is out of the bag now.. she asked how old Doug was. Neither one was really surprised.. Jenn says she wanted a grandbaby just not at this moment.. but oh well since it's happening she would put in an order for a girl.. LOL OK well it's almost 2.. I was tired about 5 hours ago but we went to a dollar movie at the new theater. So I'm going to go crash now... haven't had a cigarette since last night about Sunday night at 7pm.. YAY I have gone 30 hours without a cigarette.. See you all later.. hope all is well.

Cheli On Sunday, June 19, 2005
Hi Everyone,

First of all... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!

This is definately going to be a Father's Day Doug and I will never forget.. I found out today that I'm pregnant. We haven't been to a doctor yet (obviously) but we took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I am taking another one in the morning to be sure and making an appointment with both TennCare and the doctor... have no clue how to find a doctor that can help... have no clue how to find a doctor that i trust and that I can afford. Should be interesting. So then after telling Doug the news. We started calling people and telling them... we both called all our friends (or most of them) and both called our mothers. My mom freaked out.. like I thought she would. She didn't yell but you could hear the dissapointment dripping off her words. She told me how I was screwing up a good life that I had started for myself finally and how Doug and I were just getting set up and I was being stupid.. yeah... so then she said she needed to get off the phone to digest the information and she'd talk to me later. *sigh* I dunno.. I guess I'll give her space.

So life is going to be changing big time.. no more drinking no more smoking.. eating right, playing safe, and all sorts of stuff.. Have so much to learn. i want to know everything.

Work starts tomorrow. Guess I better go get ready for bed.. guess I better eat first..

Question.. for all the mothers out there.. what are you ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to do when you are pregnant? I've heard all sorts of things..