Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Sunday, October 30, 2005


Hey Everyone,

Doug and I took a road trip for a few days.. up to DC to see my mother. She has never met Doug and I figured once River gets here, we won't have much time for traveling and the day my mom comes down here to see me would be a cold day in hell.. so we went up there and saw her for about a total of 30 minutes the whole 3 days we were there and I took Doug into the city to see some sites. One Friday we went to see my godmother.. I haven't seen her in at least 5 years. It was really good to see her. Found out that my cousin is pregnant again.. (she has a 4 year old daughter and is being induced November 30th with her second) and she was having a babyshower yesterday but I didn't feel like staying in the area for another day so I bought her some stuff off her registry and left it with my godmother on Friday. While we were there we got to talking about what we need for River.. and I was saying how we had gotten almost all of the major stuff bought already except for the travel system... so she had me show her what I meant by a travel system and which one we liked and she BOUGHT IT FOR US!!!!!! It's being delivered sometime at the end the week or begining of next week...

Hehe it's so cute! We also went out today and bought the diaper pail that we wanted, some pacis, and a paci holder for the dishwasher.. we hardly need anything except for CLOTHES and some diapers and medicines.. everything else I think we have.. unless of course there is something major I'm missing?? Ahhhhhh... I am almost 26 weeks.. closing in on the last trimester. Can't wait.