Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, January 3, 2006

So I spent the morning cleaning the house, rearranging the bedroom etc.. Ate breakfast kinda late because I forgot.. so checked my sugar 2 hours later and it was 170.. they don't want it over 120.. called the clinic and she asked what my levels have been like over the last few days. I told her.. she said they'd fit me in at 1:30 and she'd like me to be there.. So off we go to Shands.. get there 10 minutes before my appt.. at 2:45 they FINALLY call me back.. BP is 117 over 78, keytones in my urine are high and there are traces of glucose in my urine. So then after that they put me in the exam room and I wait.. and wait... 3:40 the doctor comes in VERY apologetic.. says that they did get the results of my 3 hour and I tested abnormal on all 4 draws.. so they have offically diagnosed me with GD *rolls eyes* She also said with how outrageous the draws were and with my last few days of testing she is going to go ahead and put me on Glyburide.. the lowest dose once a day. She wants me to continue to log my levels each draw and take the pills and keep my appt on Thursday. She also listened to muchkin man who was rather incorporative.. kept kicking the wand so she couldn't hear his HB well.. but decided he was active so she let it go after it catching him a few times. She measured me.. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow and I'm measuring 36-37. She checked my cervix and I am dialated a whole CM and thinning but she didn't tell me what precent.. and didn't seem concerned.
So I go back Thursday at 9 for the NST and then my regular appt is right after.. next week I'll be starting 2 NST's a week and a weekly appointment.. I am going to be living at Shands until this kid comes :)
Happy Birthday to Me!! hehe