Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, January 27, 2006
I actually walked out of the clinic today with a smile (and tears) LOL. I had my NST this morning first thing and he was reactive.. perhaps a little TOO reactive.. LOL I indulged in a cup of coffee this morning and he went NUTS. But he was healthy. My BP was 120/75. Then I had my ultrasound.. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! MY SON HAS HAIR!!!!!!! Albeit just peach fuzz but it's hair!!! We measured everything on him all over again.. he is perfect. Estimated his weight at 7 lbs 6 oz. And he was ALL about showing us his manhood today (or as the tech said.. his goods) everytime she moved the wand there it was. ROFL so yeah we are about 300% sure that he is definately a he. Which is good with some of the strange dreams I've had lately. We got pictures of his profile, his face, a foot (toes included), his boyhood (I think I now have about 7 of these ROFL) and a picture of his hair. She said he's got a big head and long legs.. WOO HOOO. His HB was 130 on the dot. She tried to get a good picture of his face but his hand is directly in front of it splayed out and when she jiggled him to try and get him to move it he punched me and put his hand back. She said she doesn't even think he has enough room to really get his hand down (up whatever) anymore.. I was right on with how he's positioned :) He is head down facing left with his butt way up under my right boob and his knees down near my belly button. We did find out that when we feel him move most what we are feeling is the side of his leg and his knee as he tries to kinda do a frog move.. she said he's cramped and letting me know it. She tried getting him to cooperate with a few shots of different things but she decided that he is definately a stubborn boy because he could not be made to do anything. She said that this was officially my last ultrasound because she doesn't think I'll go much longer (she got a picture of my cervix and you could see it was opened a few cm).

We called Lisa Ross yesterday and they said they faxed the records at 11am so hopefully by Tuesday the doctor will have reviewed them and the ultrasound and NST information and will finally give me a plan of action.