Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Sunday, January 29, 2006

OK the munchkin is playing games.. I've been contracting since about noon but they arent' strong enough and not close enough to warrant the trip into the city but they are strong enough and close enough to make me quite uncomfortable.. it seems to do this a few times a week now.. for last fricken month. I know these are braxton hicks and my body's way of preparing for his arrival but damn it they SUCK!!! I'm ready to meet him.. he's ready to be born.. my body just refuses to cooperate. I go back to the doctor on Tuesday for my NST and weekly check up. Hopefully I can persuade them to go ahead and induce.. I'll be 1 day shy of 39 weeks on Tuesday.. Wednesday is February.. apparently River is set on being delivered in February.. whatever works for the munchkin.. but COME ON ALREADY!!! The munchkin has been extremely active today.. I'll have a contraction and about 30 seconds later he gets all sqirmy for a minute.. I guess it's desturbing his rest now..

I got an e-mail from my "innocent" friend from my past the other day.. she'd actually written in about 2 weeks ago but sent it to an e-mail I rarely check (not sure what possessed us to check it now). She gave me some advice on how to get some of my medical bills taken off my credit. An option I didn't know even existed.. but I will be doing it. Which means I'll have to take a 3 hour drive down to Titusville (where I lived back in 2002) to go to the hospital there and get it wiped from my credit. I of course won't be doing this until after the munchkin comes.. I think the drive down there would just about kill me at this point.. but I am sure traveling 3 hours with a newborn is going to be loads of fun as well.. Oh the fun the fun.. BUT it's a start.. once that's done we'll start tackling everything else.. *rolls eyes* I need to write the credit card companies and get the account information which is going to be like pulling teeth because the cards technically aren't in my name but they are on my credit because I am an authorized user.. hopefully a social security number, full name and addy will be enough to get them to take me seriously.. but hell maybe not. I guess if they want to see any money whatsoever in response to those accounts they'll take me seriously. There is a lawyer in the next town over that said he will handle all the legal aspects of it and barter it down to half the price to settle with for a fee.. once we are on level ground again and have our shit straight we'll figure out if that's going to be our best plan of action.. Now is definately the time... limited bills and all.. I don't dare get my hopes up though.