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Cheli On Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hey Everyone,

6:30 comes entirely too early when you go to bed at 1:30 and can't sleep because you are too hot and too uncomfortable.. it's going to be a busy morning.. we are taking Ashyn to get neutered today.. I feel guilty as hell but he's started spraying the house and thinks he is the alpha male even with the other cats outside who are used to being outside.. not a good combo.. so we're getting him neutered today. He has to be there at 7:30. Then we have to drop Linda off at work directly afterward so we can have the car to drive into Jacksonville to go to Shands. I have my NST first thing and then my 38 week appointment. Ashyn has to be picked up at 3:30 and Linda around 5:00. And we have a few other places to go today. *yawn* I'm tired.. I feel like crap.. I am so not a morning person.. neither is munchkin apparantly.. last night he was SOOOOOOO active. Anyway.. will update about the appointment when I get home

Just picked Ashyn up from the vet... he is groggy as hell but he wants OUT.. poor baby..

As for the appointment....

NST went fine.. River was reactive.. and we were worried that he had flipped upright somehow because of how high they found his HB.. but when we checked his fluid levels he was still head down. YAY!! I lost 4 lbs which brings my total back down to 16. My BP is 131/58. I'm measuring right on for 38 weeks. They upped my dose of glyburide again. And when I asked them about induction she started giving me the run around that she never said they would be inducing at 39 weeks and when I basically called her a liar she went to her supervisor and he said that they would induce at 39 weeks but that Lisa Ross (the midwife clinic I was seeing in TN) never faxed the records and with out an early pregnancy ultrasound confirming the date they wouldn't feel comfortable inducing at 39 weeks when I might not really be 39 weeks. *rolls eyes* So I filled out yet ANOTHER consent for. Called Lisa Ross for them and got the fax number... we'll see. My GBS came back negative. Urine was fine. And the schedule me for an ultrasound on Friday at 10 to see how big River is which is an hour after my next NST so it works perfectly :)

Then I got a call from my grandmother when i got home.. she bought the crib and mattress for the munchkin and I just need to find a way to go to BRU and pick it up.