Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Thursday, January 5, 2006
I had my first NST today.. baby was reactive. Looked great. We got an ultrasound and will get one every NST appt until I have him. She was able to get a GREAT peak between his legs and he is most definitely a boy.. she was all proud of him when he showed us his boy parts. LOL She said usually the babies wont' cooperate this late. I go back Monday at 9:30 for the next one and then Thursday at 9:30.. twice a week for the duration.
Then I had my weekly appt... BP was 121/66 I have gained no weight since my appt Tueday. LOL but 16.5 lbs total. She looked over my sugars and said she wants me to continue to take the glyburide until my next appointment and chart my levels so we can see if it's helping or hurting worse. I bottomed out on it yesterday and freaked. She said that she doubts highly I'll carry him as far as they'll let me because I'm starting to thin out pretty well but she did say that if he doesnt' come on his own or for other medical reasons before 39 weeks they will induce me. So that means he will be born on or before January 31st. I talked with her about some of the things on my birth plan.. she really didn't know because she doesn't do the deliveries for the hospital so she doesn't know the procedures. but one thing she did know is that they do remove the baby for 2 hours normally after delivery to clean him and monitor him.. She said that if it's stated otherwise in my birth plan though as long as the baby is healthy they will adhere to my wishes. My next appointment is schedule for Tuesday at 11
So I have appointments Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday next week.. I am so ready.. and yet TERRIFIED