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Cheli On Sunday, January 29, 2006
OK so I think I either peed myself after laughing at Doug or my water broke.. I have a migraine.. went to take a hot bath in the dark while Doug went and got me a hot towel to put on my forehead.. I was sitting on the top of the toilet seat when Doug came in and I guess he didnt' see me but I spoke up telling him I was next to him and he screamed like a girl.. I couldn't help it I laughed.. laughed so hard I thought I was gonna die.. stopped laughing and sat there a minute or so.. then got up to get undressed and all.. well as I was standing up water/fluid/pee just poured down my leg.. my nightshirt, the toilet seat cover, and the floor mat are all wet.. I tried to make it "stop" flowing (you know how you can cut off the flow or whatever.. sorry for TMI) and I couldn't.. I got in the bath.. when I got out I smelled my shirt and the toilet seat cover.. neither of which smell even remotely like pee to me.. I don't know any other way to tell if that's what it is.. *sigh* HELP!