Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, January 27, 2006
had an appointment today with the new doctor.. yeah... it will be my ONLY appointment with the new doctor. I got there and my records never got sent for so they had nothing to go on other than what I said. So I signed another release form and when they heard that I was being seen over at Shands they said that they doubted they would ever get the records from them. BP was checked, urine taken, weight taken ( I gained a whole lb.. total of 13 1/2 lbs). Got put in the exam room and waited for 25 minutes...

Doctor comes in.. listens to my heart and lungs, says my BP is high but won't tell me what it is because he "doesn't want to concern me over something that's probably nothing", checks the fundal height and tells me nothing, checks the baby's HB and says he sounds fine. Asks me for my GD records.. explained to him what we've been through and he writes an Rx but doesn't tell me anything else about how, when to check or what it should be at. @@ Glad I already knew this. Says he wants to schedule me for a 3 hour and I lost it... I told him I have already done all of this.. more than once this pregnancy and all it does it make me sick and nothing gets done.. meanwhile my son is HUGE my sugar is out of wack and no one wants to help me correct it. And he basically all but runs to get out of the room after saying "it's not his fault and one more week won't hurt". So I told him that I'd been told ONE MORE WEEK for the last 6 weeks and something HAD to be done. So he wants to see me next week. He wants me go for a U/s on Thursday.. I already have on scheduled from Shands.. I go to schedule the appt with the receptionist and she makes my appt for the U/s and I over hear her telling the person on the phone that I am measuring 36 weeks.. so 2 weeks bigger than I should.. I havent' measured big this entire pregnancy so that worries me... *sigh* So I have an appt tomorrow morning with Shands and an ultrasound on Thursday.. hopefully I'll know more Thursday.