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Cheli On Monday, January 23, 2006
Hey Everyone,

I'm still pregnant.. just shy of 38 weeks. I'm sick of being pregnant. I'm glad I've carried him this far as it's important for him and I know this but it seems like EVERY day there is something else that makes me feel like crap. My sugars will NOT get under control.. they have upped my dose of glyburide twice.. I am now taking 2.5 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening. and yesterday all 4 of my tests were high and today I woke up with a low fasting level but then after breakfast it was 222. *sigh* At what point do they decide that perhaps he needs to come out???

River has been unusually quiet.. I felt him last night before I went to bed.. and haven't felt him all day today.. he did have the hiccups earlier so I know he's still alive (thank the goddess) but he's not moving which is really weird for him especially lately.. he's been way active for the last few days and now NOTHING.

Then on top of all the "wonderful" aches and pains of pregnancy.. I have a yeast infection that just won't die!!! And it's making me MISERABLE. I have now had it for 6 days.. it's not AS bad as it was but it still feels less than lovely.. I'm showering twice a day and I still feel gross. I don't sleep well because its uncomfy or I have to pee or other stuff.... BLAH!!!!!

If I thought it would do any good I'd go up to Shands tonight and beg them to take him. They are planning on inducing me if I don't go on my own before next Wednesday according to the doctors so it's not like 8 days earlier would really hurt. I'm full term. I made it to the all important date of 37 weeks.. I'm DONE! I want to be done being pregnant so that I can get back on medications.. the bi-polar has been getting worse and worse this last trimester because of the mood fluccuations that come with pregnancy and I know that after the baby is here I run a very high risk of PPD and I don't want that at all... but I can't take anything that actually helps with the bipolar while I'm pregnant because none of it's safe.

I'm trying to decide if not feeling River actually move and just feeling the hiccups and feeling like general crap all day and just off is enough reason to go up to Shands.. Doug has already offered to take me but they just stress me out worse when I go up there because they hook me up the monitors and dont' come back for 1-2 hours and then they say the baby is fine go home.. so I waste 3-4 hours for nothing.. Grrrrrr... I guess I should just sit here and wait.. I have an appointment tomorrow..

Here is a picture... 37 weeks..