Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, March 31, 2006

My little boy will be 7 weeks old tomorrow... where has the time gone??? We weighed him on the scale today (not the most accurate of measurements... i was holding him and subtracted my weight from the total).. he was a little over 12 lbs.. 4 1/2-5 lbs more than when he was born and we measured him and he was about 23 inches.. 3 inches more than birth.. he's getting so big! I went through the totes of clothes we've had in the storage room that we got before he was born and pulled out all his 3-6 month clothes.. I think he has at least a few weeks maybe a month or so left in the 0-3 month size.. *sniff* he's getting so big so quick! I don't suppose there is a way I could have him stay little??? It's still coming in waves that this little one is mine.. all mine.. my little boy.. forever. I find myself looking at him when I'm feeding him and losing myself in the emotions that I gave him life and I am the one giving him what he needs to sustain life and grow.. it's amazing.. he is the most beautiful special little boy in my world. I love him so much! I am so excited to see him grow, see him learn and experience, watch his firsts.. but I really dont' want him to grow to fast. A friend of mine was saying that her son stood with the help of a push toy at 5 months and walked unassisted at 8 months... 8 months!!! that's still a baby!!! I don't want my 8 month old walking!!! OMG.. that's only 6 months away.. NOOOOOOOO LOL

We are going to see my sister in law at the end of April.. she requested that my mother in law and us drive up to see her before she moves to Texas in the beginning of May. That will be the first long distance trip we'll take with the baby.. 5-6 hours.. AHHHHHH should be fun.. when you go on a trip with a little one.. where do you put them to sleep (presuming you aren't staying at a place with a crib?).

Doug goes Monday-Wednesday to get his Florida Security Guard license.. once he gets that he can start working for one of the agencies here that employes them.. from the ads in the newspaper they need people and they pay well.. some even have insurance.. I think once Doug gets working again he'll feel alot better about the situation and himself. I hope so.. We're both homesick for Knoxville.. once we find a car and save up some money we plan on making our way back up there at least for a visit.. we miss all our freaky friends :)

We might be leaving River with a babysitter tomorrow night.. just for a few hours so we can get away.. mostly so I can get away.. since River came home I have not been away from him at all.. Doug gets to have a few times a week where he goes out on his own even if its to drop Linda off at work or to run an errand.. going out just the two of us would be really nice.. the 3 of us are going out tonight to an open drum circle in Jacksonville.. I've never been to one and Doug has been wanting to go to the one here.. should be fun :) Weather is supposed to be wonderful!

Hope you and yours are doing well ;)