Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Thursday, March 9, 2006
We called the pediatrician on Tuesday afternoon because River was still screaming uncontrollably and his belly looked swollen. They told us to bring him in at 4:15.. so we get there and thy weigh him.. 9 lbs 3 oz.. He's gained a lb in less than 2 weeks.. I can believe it with how much he's eating. The nurse practitioner comes in and does an exam. He's got air in his belly that she can feel, his throat was really red, and he had a fever of 100.4 which is the cut off before they start to worry. So she goes and talks to the pediatrician to figure out if they want to wait until the following day or if they want to send him to Wolfson's Children that night and get the labs run in the ER... the doctor said they better just got ahead and send him to Wolfson's to be sure.. so off we go to the pediatric ER.
Once we get there they take his temp.. it was still 100.4 so they put us in a room and the doctor comes in and does an exam on him.. and tells us that because of the symptoms he's presenting he wants to go ahead and admit him for a mandatory 48 hour watch and test him for meningitis. *sigh* During the exam River got PISSED and started screaming.. and turning purple.. the doctor freaked out and tried to get a pulse oxygen on him and couldn't find an infant size thing before he had calmed down. So then they give him an IV to start antibiotics immediately even before they have tested him incase that is what it is so they can catch it before it develops further. The doctor orders a chest x-ray because of the color change.. everything fine there.. my son just forgets to inhale when he's pissed. Then they draw blood to test for everything under the sun... and they do an in and out cath to test for stuff that way too.. then the fun part.. they need spinal fluid.. the doctor basically bragged about how easy the procedure is and should only take a moment.. 4 tries later he still can't get any fluid and River is on the verge of hysteria.. so he says he's going to get his partner to try.. she comes in and gets it on the first try.. says his fluid looks clear and she doesn't think it's meningitis but they'll send it off..
They move us up to his floor at about 10:30 and people come in and get vitals then yet another doctor comes in and does an exam.. by this point River screams when anyone touches him but us. The next morning (yesterday) a doctor comes in about 7 then another one at 9 then a whole group of them about noon.. they decide that all of his cultures are coming back negative.. they'll give him a 24 hour antibiotic and let him come home. So at 3 yesterday they release us.. the fever is gone but the antibiotics gave him diarrhea.. my poor baby. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow and back to the hospital tomorrow for his ultrasound on his hip. Then back to the doctor on Monday for the results of that.. meanwhile.. he's still screaming.. but not as bad..
We tried the catnip tea last night.. not sure that it worked.. he did quiet down but he was WIDE awake for about an hour afterward and then fell asleep and slept 3 hours at a time.. woke up this morning fussy but is quiet now..