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Cheli On Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back to the pediatrician....again

So as some of you know.. River has had a rough few days... 2 days ago about 6pm he started crying.. figured it was just his normal colicky time... he didnt' stop crying for more than 15 minutes every 2 hours until 10 pm last night. We called the pediatrician and she said if it didn't get better bring him in the morning.. so in we go... he's got fluid behind his ear... he's on amoxicillin for that for 10 days.. and she wants to try him on Zantac for a month to see if that helps with his tummy.. and then she said she wanted us to bring a stool sample up to her ASAP because almost all of the signs he's presenting are signs of milk protein allergy.. which she doesn't THINK it is but she wants to rule it out.. she said only about 5% of babies actually test positive for it and that very few of those 5% are breastfed babies... BUT if it is a milk protein allergy that is most definitely the end of breastfeeding as he will have to go on at the lease a soy based formula and at the most a prescription hypoallergenic formula and of course be bottle fed.. which should be interesting because he won't even take EBM in a bottle... she said she's seen 6 week olds go up to 20 hours with out eating because they want the breast but that eventually they do eat.. so basically I'll have to starve him until he gives in if it comes to that... UGHHH... so we are going to take a sample up to her in a few minutes and will know about 5 minutes later if it's an allergy.. please keep your fingers and toes crossed that it isn't
BUT in good news.... they weighed him like usual.. and at birth he was 7 lbs 7 oz, at 2 weeks he was 8 lbs 3 oz, at 1 month he was 9 lbs 15 oz and today at almost 6 weeks he is 11 lbs 4 oz! He is growing like a weed!