Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Sunday, April 2, 2006

So week 7 of the kid's life started with a bang... he woke up at 8 am like usual and by 8:30 he was crying... by 2 he was still crying with no nap.. so we decided to go up to OP Medical because he had been crying non stop for 6 hours.. that was a waste of time.. the ER doc actually said that we shouldn't have bothered to bring him there because they don't have a peds unit.. the next time unless it's life threatening he advised us to go down to Wolfson's.. fine whatever.. he did nothing but tell us that River's ears are all better.. we get home and the kid is still screaming.. so I called the pediatricians on call and she called me back. I told her what was going on and she said take him to Wolfson's to be checked out because it sounds like his med isn't working.. we get to Wolfson's at 7:30 and because he is so young they get him right back.. they checked his eyes to see if maybe he scratched them and that's why he was crying (that was fun they had to pry his eyes open to put dye in them.. then pry them open to look at them with a special light... eyes look perfect). Next was an x-ray of his belly to see if there was something going on there.. nope looks good, lots of gas bubbles but he has always had those.. then they say they want to get blood and leave the IV in incase they need to treat him for something.. I was NOT happy about him being stuck with a damn needle when I KNEW that wasn't going to help because I knew it was his belly.. whatever.. the nurse came in.. hunted around on both hands for an IV site.. found one.. stuck him.. missed.. stuck him again.. missed.. stuck him again... missed.. gave up... the whole time he is being held down by another nurse and Doug.. I wanted to scream at them all to leave him the hell alone.. instead I cried.. so the nurse leaves to get someone else to try.. In comes the nursing supervisor of the entire hospital who was helping out in the ER.. she tried in his other hand.. twice.. couldnt get it.. so she goes to his foot.. stuck him and had to adjust the needle WHILE IT WAS IN HIM.. but got the vein.. got the blood but then couldn't get the IV to stay put so she just took it out said she'd try again if the doctor wanted an IV started.. I told her to beg him not to.

By this point it's somewhere around 11pm.. the kid is still awake and still crying on and off.. and he was 2 hours overdue for his Zantac which wasn't helping matters.. Doctor called in a dose of Zantac.. at 12 something it finally arrives.. kid is still awake.. they gave him 1.5 ml of it (he normally takes .5 ml so this was the same amount he takes in a whole day)... I swaddled him and held him close to me talking to him... 5 minutes later he was out cold.. at 2 (3? 4?) he woke up ate a little but wasn't real enthusiatstic about it and was asleep again 10 minutes later.. the doctor came in while we were feeding and says that he wants to admit River for observation for the night to try and figure out what's going on... because all labs came back fine *gee ya think??* but he hadn't been the doctor who was helping us so he didn't really care one way or another.. said the decision was ours.. we decided not to stay.. said we'd bring him back if he had another day like that.. he slept the whole way home.. I dropped him into his crib about 4:30 and he never budged.. at 10:50 this morning he woke up.. much happier baby but still fussy.. We'll be going to the pediatrician I guess to see what to do next.. for now we'll be giving him 1.5 ml 3 times a day..

They weighed and measured him too.. 13 lbs 4 oz and 23 inches long.. the boy is HUGE!.. That's almost a 6 lb gain since birth!