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Cheli On Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hi All,

Had my 6 week post partum today.. have lost 29 lbs since the baby was born as of today. Lots to go for me to be anywhere close to target weight but it's a start. Doctor did a quick breast exam and pelvic exam (oh the fun).. said that everything looked good and I was all healed. We talked about the coloscopy and he told me what to expect etc.. I go on the 12th for that. We waited longer for the appointment then we were in the appointment.. and I didn't even see the doctor I was supposed to. LOL.. Oh well.. I asked the doctor about bi-polar meds.. basically got told to get a different doc and ask them to get me on some or go to a psychiatrist.. nifty..

River is over tired.. he keeps doing it.. he'll take a morning nap and then no afternoon nap so that by 5 pm he's so overtired he just can't stop crying and he makes everyone (including himself) miserable. *sigh* And he just wont sleep.. *sigh*