Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The munchkin has been asleep for almost the last 5 hours.. I WOKE him at 6:15 to eat and he fell right back asleep.. I KNOW I should wake him so he sleeps tonight but I don't want to listen to him cry anymore *sigh*

We went to the doctor today for the results of his ultrasound on his hip.. everything came back good.. his hip does rotate out of socket but they said it's just positional and will correct itself with time so he doesn't have to wear a brace or be double diapered or anything.. YAY. They weighed him stark naked when we first got there.. 9 lbs 15 oz.. *grin* he's growing. And she confirmed that he does have colic (no shit). And said that 99% of the babies with it outgrow it by 3 months of age.. watch my son will be the other 1% LOL She didn't offer any advice.. *shrug* I love him so much.. I HATE seeing him in pain or discomfort that I can't fix :( We went up to the mall about 3pm this afternoon.. I decided to wear him in the snugli and he slept the ENTIRE time we were there.. never flinched when I put him back in his carrier or got him back out when we were at Linda's work or when I put him back.. he ate and went to bed in his crib.. I wish every day could be like the last 4 hours.. Yes I know.. wishful thinking.

Doug put foil on the windows in our bedroom yesterday.. nice and dark.. I love it.. We also went to the beach on Sunday.. ok so we were only actually there for about 5 minutes (I didn't want River out in the sun) but I got to see the ocean finally (it's been years). I love the ocean.. so calming. Today we were going to go by to see an old friend of Doug's.. someone from his old coven.. another member of their coven (his friend's husband) passed away last week :( Doug is upset about it... he really wanted to see him again before he passed.. but we were told that he passed quietly with no pain.. They are taking him to Fairyglen for a service.. I wish we could go.

It was 85 here today.. 85 in MARCH what the hell???? And of course the humidity was like 200 or some shit.. BLAH Florida sucks. I swear people (like me) who leave Florida and come back must have some sort of amnesia or something or else why the hell would anyone come back to this humidity?? YUCK.. it is already getting close to the point that the instant you step out your front door you want to go take a shower to get the sticky off you.. Summer is gonna suck.

All of the kittens are gone except for the one we are going to keep. We've decided to name him Akele (A-key-lee) and he already has quite a little attitude.. but he is SOOOO sweet :)

Ok I think that is all the mindless babble for one evening.