Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, March 10, 2006

Long night last night.. River woke up at 1:30 and basically never went back to sleep.. he took cat naps all night but never slept more than 30 minutes at a time. And wanted to eat constantly.. I have no idea what's going on with him but I do not want another night like last night. Someone suggested that we try Gripe Water.. so we went out last night and found some.. tried it.. it calmed him down but he was WIDE awake for hours and hours.. nothing works on this kid..

We have a long day today.. River has a 10:30 follow up appointment with his pediatrician for the hospital stuff. Then he has an ultrasound for his hip at Wolfson's this afternoon. Then he goes BACK to the doctor on Monday for the follow up from the ultrasound..River is going to hate doctors before he's a year.

My baby turns 1 month tomorrow!! OMG