Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, February 15, 2006
OK so I finally have time and a little energy to type of the birth story.... here we go...

We got to the hospital at 7:15am and had to fill out 500 forms of crap.. finally get to the room at 8:10. They got me all hooked up the monitors and started an IV fluids and then no one came back for 3 hours..
At 11:50 the induction was officially started.. the dilated me with a pill to soften my cervix which was still thick and used mechanical dilation to get me to a 3. Said they would check the dilation in 4 hours.. and left. By 1:15 when the nurse came in to check vitals and what not I was at 3cm and 25% effaced.. Pitocin was started at 3:10 and they gave me the epidural at 4:30.. they took 3 tries before the student doing it got scared when I started to cry and cuss ( I was having intense contractions every 2 minutes lasting almost 90 seconds and she kept missing where she needed to be making the pain even worse)... the real anetheologist took over and had it in in less than 5 minutes.

Everything was great for a while and then at 5:35 River's heart went from 130's to the 70's after a contraction and didn't come back up.. doctors rushed in 2 nurses and an OR tech... i was put on my side and given oxygen and when that didn't work I was put on the other side.. still didn't work.. they stopped pitocin officially at 6pm and his heart rate came back up. They said that the contractions were too long and too intense and he wasn't having a chance to recover. They decided to give him an hour and possibly start pitocin again on lower drip... never did have to start it again.

My water broke at 8pm and the pedi came in to discuss our birth plan with us. I was checked again at 8:45 and was at 8cm.. officially hit 10cm at 11:10 pm and was allowed to push 5 minutes later. After about 30 minutes of pushing I still wasn't making enough progress so the nurse grabbed a towel and said we were going to play tug-o-war.. which mean when I had a contraction she would hold one end I would hold the other and I was supposed to pull her while she placed all her weight on the towel.. and she said and whatever you do.. DO NOT let go of the towel because you'd kill your nurse. LOL

At 12:15 she told me she was calling the doctor on the next push.. I started to push and she said she was calling now.. ran to the phone and actualyl told me to STOP pushing.. made an over head page "Doctor to Room 3 for Delivery"... yep one problem.. I was in rooom 10.. 2 minutes later.. doctor, 2 nurses, an intern and someone else ran into the room.. wiithin 3 minutes the doctor had gowned up, put on a mask, got all the tools set up for delivery got a bag/sheet under me.. and was ready.. turned to me and less than 1 minute later River was born. He was born at 12:21am on February 11th, 2006.