Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Quick update..

Everything is going good here. We have officially weaned River completely off the bottle. WOO HOO! He is doing great so far. He has a crying spell every night from 8pm (Sarah that must be that fussy period you were telling me about) until about 8:30. And then he'll sleep for 4 hours.. wake to feed... sleep for 4 hours wake to feed and sleep again until we get up about 7. Not too bad.. the only problem. He will NOT sleep in his own damn bed... just with us. Why? because the stupid people shove down your throat that it's "back to sleep" and the munchkin HATES sleeping on his back.. put him on his stomach and he sleeps for 2-3 hours on his own. I am thinking about just screwing what they say and putting him to sleep on his stomach.. but then I'll worry about SIDS. AHHHHHH

He goes in on Friday for his 2 week check up and we're taking him tomorrow for his first professional pictures.. *grin* I'll send e-mail out when we get the pictures or proofs or something. We also got birth announcements that my great aunt had made for us.. she sent us like 25 of them.. I don't think we have 25 people to send them to LOL Oh well.

I feel almost human again. I don't hurt anymore. The stitches are still there.. don't have any idea when they will go away but hey at least I can pee with out pain now. Yep it's the small things.. LOL I have noticed that occasionally my back and neck will spasm for a moment 2 or 3 times a day.. I think it's from the epidural but I'm not sure.. I'm going to mention it to the doctor when I go in for my Depo shot on Tuesday.

We went ahead and got on WIC to help make sure we get the foods that help supplement breastfeeding mothers. They have to weigh you as part of their records and what not.. I have lost 13 lbs since River was born.. 7 more to go. My grandmother gave me a giftcard to Motherhood Maternity to get some nursing tops and bras.. I had NO bras that fit anymore.. apparently Motherhood Maternity barely had bras to fit me.. I am in the largest size they sell in store.. if I go any larger I'll have to order on-line. *sigh*

So other slightly psychotic and slightly sleep deprived.. I'm not doing too bad.. How is everyone else?