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Cheli On Thursday, February 9, 2006

Well we decided to make a trip to the library one more time before eviction day :)

There is 20 hours left before I have to be at the hospital to be admitted.. less than 1 day.. OMG Are we ready for this??? (not that we have a choice)

I ended up going to L&D last night.. when we got home from dinner with Linda I was having SHARP stabbing pains in my upper abdomen (about where they say my placenta is) and I was worried that it was seperating from the uterine wall or something.. I tried taking a bath and it didn't help.. actually continued to get worse.. went up to L&D just incase (and secretly hoping they would go ahead and let me have him since it was less than 2 days before induction anyway). We were there from 8pm until 1:30am.. they drew blood. The tech was horrible at it.. she tried to stick me somewhere I KNEW she wouldn't get a vein and told her where they find veins every time.. she stuck me where she wanted to anyway (right above my wrist bone on my upper arm).. got nothing.. rooted around until I yelled in pain.. threw away the needle and went to get another one. Again I told her where they find it.. again she ignored me and this time went for the other wrist.. the back of the hand actually.. she managed to find a vein that time.. got the blood work.. they were afraid I had an infection or inflammation of the spleen or appendix or something else equally as "wonderful".. hour and a half later.. the doctor comes in.. tests came back fine.. no reason to hold me.. according to the monitors about 11pm I start contracting.. went from 3 contractions in the 3 hours we'd been there to 90 second contractions every 4 minutes.. she checked my cervix and said if it changed she would admit me and give me meds and what not.. no change.. so I got sent home or appendicitius watch (didn't even know that existed) told to rest and take tylonel.. yeah because tylonel was going to help contractions *rolls eyes*

Had a mini-break down in the car on the way home.. Doug and I had a little screaming match.. I ended up in tears.. I was in the wrong.. I know I was.. doesn't matter.. I freaked.. I think being 40 weeks pregnant, stressed, emotional, scared shitless gives me the right to loose it.. we apologized to each other this morning for our behaviour.. I'm still on the verge of a panic attack. Still having contractions.. but hey.. 20 hours to go. *sigh* I can NOT believe he'll be here tomorrow.. we'll be holding our little boy.. *cries* I'm so not ready for this!!!! Yeah I know.. too late...

Thanks to everyone who posted on the last entry.. Zoe.. thank you so much for making me laugh :) And to everyone for the encouragement and the cheering section... it helps.. We are getting the computer fixed.. Doug ordered the recovery disk today.. it'll be here by V-Day.. can't wait.. once the computer is up and running I'll post pictures.. we'll make calls to those whose numbers we have tomorrow evening after we get settled back down in the recovery room with the munchkin.. WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

40 LONG LONG WEEKS... but it will all be worth it and it'll all be over in 24 hours...YAY!!!