Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Wednesday, February 15, 2006
First the good news...

Munchkin man comes home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to the hospital this morning for his noon feeding at 11... i was DYING to see him. And apparntly so were my boobs because I turned the corner.. said Hi baby.. he started making his hungry sign and I leaked everywhere.. wonderful.. When we got there he was off of the bililight. He was off the IV still and his sugar levels were good.. so good in fact that they had completely removed the IV shunt and board that was on his arm.. first time I've seen his little arm free of crap since he was born! YAY!!! They said he was still eating like a champ but that it wasn't time to feed him yet so Doug and I went over to the pump room to express milk.. yeee haw.. and as we were finishing up and cleaning things and what not one of the nurses came over and said I needed to get over there because my son was DEMANDING me. *giggles* Back over there we go and he is all swaddled and comfy just looking around waiting.. I said hellp baby boy.. and he starts clicking his tounge again.. Doug fed him his bottle.. he got 35 ccs down in less than 5 minutes.. I told the nurse that he wanted more and she actually said it wasn't in his orders to be given anything other than the 35.. I told her that they had let him have more than that if he wanted it the last two times we fed him.. she argued that it had to be a written order.. River started screaming.. she said she'd call.. got the OK and he took another 20 ccs.. 55 ccs total.. WOOOT!!! that is just shy of 2 oz.

Then as we are sitting there the doctor comes in and tells us that as long as he stays eating at least the 35.. he can come home tomorrow!!!! *dancing* so we are going up there the same time tomorrow to pick him up!!!! 5 days in the NICU but my baby boy is coming home!!!!!!!!

Now I am freaking out.. I am so scared I am going to screw him up.. not hear him.. not know what he wants.. not be able to give him what he wants.. do something.. AHHHHHHHH how to people do this??????? And yet... the only thing in this world that I want is to hold my little boy in my arms with no wires and know that no one else can take him away.

Now the bad.. well not bad.. just... bitching...

My boobs Fing HURT!!!!!!! My milk came in last night apparently.. GOOD GOD!!!! And to top it off.. the nipples are too big for the pump we have so it has rubbed one of them into having blood blisters which makes it hurt so bad I can't pump which makes it get so full it hurts.. BLAH!!!!!

I was gonna complain more but I need to go get ready to run to the hospital to drop off milk and spend time with the munchkin before bed.