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Cheli On Sunday, February 5, 2006
*sigh* it's gonna be a long night.. I'm STILL contracting.. they got more intense about 4pm this afternoon and have stayed intense if not gotten more intense as the night has progressed but I am SO afraid of going into the hospital and having them say that my cervix still isn't changing that I refuse to go.. I don't think I could handle being sent home with contractions like these.. I wish my water would just break.. then I'd know they couldn't send me home.

I now remember why I was a lesbian. You can not get pregnant in a commited lesbian relationship unless you make arrangements.. You can't just wind up pregnant. Contractions Suck.. MEN suck!!!

I really don't WANT to but it looks like I'll be going to L&D this evening when my mother in law gets back from work with the car.. my legs and feet are EXTREMELY swollen all of the sudden.. they've been swollen the whole pregnancy but the last day or so they've been alot worse.. so I'm going to go in and be checked out per a friend's request. She says if they determine that it's even a mild case of pre-eclampsia since I'm due on Wednesday they would just induce me immediately or do a c-section if they dont' think munchkin man could handle labor.. looks like a 3 hour trip to the hospital for nothing.. I don't have high blood pressure but I have quite a few of the other symptoms so I guess it's better to be safer than sorry.. And I'm still contracting so maybe they'll just take pity.. LOL yeah right.. Will update later.

Another Update:
Went to L&D.. blood pressure is all over the place.. 135/89 seems to be about the top of it.. it spiked at 135/91 and still not high enough for her to take action.. oh well. Contractions got worse while we were there.. pretty impressive on the little strip thing.. but again not enough for her to admit me. Munchkin is happy as pie.. of course.. 48 hours until due date.. 4 days until eviction.. i can do this.. i can do this.. i figure if I say it enough I just MIGHT believe it.. So the good news is no preeclampsia.. the bad news.. no baby. And the wait continues....