Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Just got back from the hospital.. andit was a great trip.. just seeing him made us both feel so muchbetter.. when we got there Doug peaked around the corner before hescrubbed in and about had a shit fit.. River was under a billilight andhad sheilds over his eyes... he apparently has developed a minor caseof jaundice so they are being over zealous and treating him for it fullout so we don't have to worry about it later.

I went off to go pump (wooo hoo) andDoug stayed with munchkin man to get ready to feed him his first allbreastmilk bottle.. the doctor requires 35 CCs minimum.. they said ifhe didn't take the 35 they would have to supplement witht he tube whichis why it's still in place but that if he wanted more he could haveit.. the last two feedings of formula he barely choked down therequired amount.. this time when I got back he was STILL eatingvigorously and was almost done with the 35 CCs. So we used some of the60 I had just pumped and gave him another 15 CC... yep that's right hetook ALL 50 CCs and probably still would have taken more but the nursedidn't want to give him TOO much.

As of the 12pm feeding he is off theIV drip. His blood sugar was 91 *they require 70 but it can drop downto 60 before they worry* and he was regulating his own temp. He will bemonitored before every feeding for the next 24 hours and if that isgood and the billilight does it job.. he'll be allowed to come homeshortly there after.. so it is POSSIBLE that he might get to come hometomorrow evening or Thursday morning.. *crosses fingers* We're going togo up there this evening for his 9pm feeding so I'll update more then.