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Cheli On Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Well I had my LAST prenatal appointment today WOOT!!!!

I am due tomorrow officially but I don't forsee River making his appearance then. *shrug* Eviction day has been officially confirmed by the clinic and L&D for Friday... We have to be there at 8am YAY!!!! So Friday afternoon we will have a munchkin!!!!! *dances*

The appointment went fine.. NST was reactive, fluid levels were perfect, his heart beat was in the 120's. He is head down.. and we got a picture of him sucking his thumb *giggles* He looks beautiful.. the NST nurse scheduled another NST for friday just incase the clinic decided not to induce (Thank the Gods they decided to go with it). The regular appointment went beautifully for a change as well.. I officially gained 22 lbs this pregnancy WOO HOO.. 8 of it is the baby and then alot of it is water weight *my poor legs and feet* Doug so kindly pointed out I look like I have elephantitus.. Gee I love my husband *rolls eyes*. My BP was 132/73. There was trace protein in my urine. They checked my blood sugar and it was 109.. told me to just stick with the glyburide. I am measuring 40/41 weeks. And the next appointment I go to will be River's first pediatric appointment and then my post appointment. *dancing*

I am at the library updating because our computer crashed.. no idea what happened.. Doug is going through withdrawls but other than that we'll live.. I miss Neopets LOL and being able to check e-mail periodicly but whatever... we'll get it fixed as soon as we can. I don't know when I'll be able to update again but I am going to send an e-mail to my friends with my number just in case they want to keep in touch with us by phone. *grin* OK off to go freak out now.. 69 hours until induction.. OMG