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Cheli On Thursday, February 16, 2006

The doctors are KILLING me!!!! We were told to call up there this morning around 10:30 to see when and if munchkin could be discharged today.. we called.. 2:00.... another 3 damn hours... I am going NUTS!!!!! I want my son! We have cleaned the entire house this morning, cleaned ourselves, packed a bag for him, got everyhting ready... and now all we can do is wait.. *screams* I want him NOWWWWWWWWW!

We went up there last night for his 9pm feeding and the nurse was FRANTIC and SOOOO apologetic.. she didn't know we were coming and at 8:20 River started DEMANDING food.. 40 minutes ahead of schedule.. so she gave in and fed him.. she had just finished wen we got there at 8:45. She was so afraid we'd be mad. Poor woman. He had 65 CC's!!!!!!!! That is 2 oz.. that is the most he has ever had!!! I'm so proud of him!! And then we walk over to look at him and they took the IV out of his arm completely and he just has a little band-aid and they took the tube out of his nose.. the only wires he has now are the stupid leads for the heart and respitory monitoring as a precaution.

She said that he did loose weight yesterday.. .7 oz.. which brings him to an even 7 lbs 8 oz. WOOO HOOO. Healthy boy! We stayed there for a good hour and a half just holding him. Soaking him in.. he is beautiful.. yeah I know what mother doesn't think her kids are beautiful but he is beautiful!!! So then we realize that he probably isnt' going to fit in the outfit we had picked out for him so we had to rethink the outfit choice.. that and it's 70 here today.. the outfit would be too warm for him.

So yes I am going crazy waiting but he IS DEFINATELY coming home today.. WOOOO HOOOO!!!!

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