Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Sunday, February 19, 2006
River had an upset tummy all day yesterday.. no idea why.. my best guess is all the stress from being out in the world and not in the NICU and them giving him Similac and me giving him exclusively breastmilk. Either that or he was eating to the point of making his tummy hurt.. so we cut back on his feeding amount. We are cutting him off at about 2 1/2 oz. Seems to me that after that he is just sucking to suck not because he's hungry. Paci works just as well for the sucking. and boy does he LOVE his paci! *giggles*

About 10:30 or so last night he his a fussy spell.. NO idea what it was about.. he just WOULD NOT be consoled.. hed stop for about 2 minutes and then start screaming again. I hope he is not headed toward colic and it was just an over do of his upset tummy.. however.. once I stripped him down to his diaper and swaddled him up and started rubbing his bottom gum.. he fell asleep almost instantly. He couldn't be teething this early could he? I didn't feel anything but the gum rubbing seemed to be magic. Once we got him to sleep the first time he slept with me for about 2 1/2 hours and then was hungry and needed to be changed.. then fell back asleep. I woke Doug up about 4 for a shift change and basically he and Doug have been sleeping ever since.. it's now almost 10.. poor little man..

We took my mother in law out of for her birthday last night. My sister in law and her husband were down here to see River and to drop my neice off with her dad so the 5 of us all went to a Japanese Resturant. Linda's birthday isn't until March 1st but I figure we have the money now and her best friend will probably want to take her out on her birthday so we claimed her first. I got to have a Pina Colada.. a real one.. with alcohol.. WOOT.. I couldn't drink it all.. apparently 10 months with no alcohol has turned me into a light weight. *giggles*

Once Doug wakes up we've got a few errands to run and i want to go by JCPenny's to make an appointment to get Rivers pictures done.. we got a bunch of coupons in mail for free sittings and free 8x10's with a traditonal package for like 8 dollars.. can't beat that.

Off to go check my overflowing e-mail box while there is quiet.. have a good day all!