Tales from my life as a mom of 2 sons and 2 daughters


Cheli On Friday, June 30, 2006

I know that I am probably going to jinx it but things are starting to look up for us.. YAY!

I got the official call from Concorde the other day with those wonderful words "You have been officially accepted to the LPN program " :) I have orientation at 1 pm on the 13th and the school starts full time on the 17th. I can't wait, I'm so excited. Kethery says that if I have any problems during the school I can call her for help. Jen says the same thing. :) YAY!!!!!!!! The only part that sucks... is having to wait.

Then Doug and I have been filling out application after application for Doug to get another job. When that ended up not yielding anything promising I asked him to call the security companies that he had already had contracts with to see if they had a post that he might be able to take, at least in the interim between now and finding something that worked for us better. Thursday he got 3 calls for an interviews. He went to an interview this morning at 9am and the offered him a job on the spot. A security post which he was hoping to be able to do. It is Monday through Thursday from 5pm until 3am. Which means that it will give me time to get home and him time to get to work and then him time to get home and me time to get to work. We won't really see each other much during those days but he has a 3 day weekend and I have the weekends off. And the weekends can be left open for overtime if we decided he wants it. YAY!!!!!

River is doing wonderful :) Getting so big.. *sniff* It's funny when I was pregnant I watched a bunch of those TLC or Discovery Health channels about birth and delivery and newborns etc.. and thought.. wow.. I can't wait until the baby gets here.. that seems so far away.. and now the kid is closing in on 5 months old and that stage seems so far away too. The last two days he had a jar of Butternut Squash each day.. He likes it.. I think? He makes a weird face when he gets it in his mouth but doesn't really spit it out and then as soon as he takes a bite he puts his thumb in his mouth and sucks for a minute or so and then looks for more. Does that mean he needs to suck in order to move the food back? Should we wait a while longer? *shrug* We are going to start Green Beans tomorrow I think. Maybe.. depending on how the kiddo is feeling. He's been a bit bratty the last few days. I want to change his carseat to a convertible car seat because he absolutely dispises his infant carrier because he wants to sit up like a big boy and the carseat makes it so he cant. I think with the convertible car seat he'll be upright a little more but still facing backwards like he is supposed to be.

We are going to a small little thing here in Orange Park for the 4th of July. Close enough to the house that if River completely freaks out during the show we can come home easy enough. Looking forward to it.

Still sleeping like crap. Don't know why. I have mood stabilizers that suck as mood stabilizers but are really good as a sleepy pill. LOL So I take about a half of those before bed and they knock me out for a good few hours. If I take a whole one I'm out for 12 hours.. so tempting to take a whole one. *yawn*